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  • Thomas Curley
    Thomas Curley

    helo ginko

  • Jackson Ward
    Jackson Ward

    No... the animals... THEY’RE BREACHING THE GATES!!! WAIT... hold fire... aww this one’s so cute ☺️, BUT ITS DEADLY AGHHHHH

  • Victoria Roman
    Victoria Roman

    My fav emkay videos are with lexi

  • Lukas Hardesty
    Lukas Hardesty

    Hello Ginko

  • Nintendo

    3:05 box of shibes

  • Veljko Djokic
    Veljko Djokic

    I like that hat frogo.

  • Veljko Djokic
    Veljko Djokic

    I like that small cat,standing while eating.

  • Veljko Djokic
    Veljko Djokic

    I like Lexi's tinni tiny voice.

  • Daboredburger

    0:32 if i dip it in milk will it taste like lucky charms

  • RekeBear

    1:06 Cat breed: Maine Coon... those things are really that big trust me. My beloved family member owns one.

  • Karter Plush Productions
    Karter Plush Productions

    5:34 he has a hat

  • entity animations
    entity animations


  • Velocity

    Jack and Robin im sorry but Lexy is my favorite

  • Luchu

    I needed this video a lot. No context.

  • carolyn Schreibvogel
    carolyn Schreibvogel

    I have 1 cat and 3 kittens are that 1 cat gave her for 3 kitten and they are highly adorable I love them but I do not wanna get any of them away but my grandma wants me to give some of them away she just is allowed that's a keep 1 but we don't want to they're just so gosh name cute

  • consoleguy64

    1:29 blep smol blep

  • Anxious Nightmare
    Anxious Nightmare

    At this point Lexi’s reactions are just as cute as the pictures

  • chiknrollz

    Ginko is thick

  • Gamer boy 2093
    Gamer boy 2093

    Hello ginko

  • Zivion

    We need a r/dog episode with Lexi

  • Zivion

    Is it Zachary Binks? I salute

  • Xyla_

    ah yes, time for my favorite time of the day, the time when i hear a wonderful person scream about cute animals. Ah, good times.

  • Nexusverse - WONE
    Nexusverse - WONE

    I didn't know lexi was a female and she kinda sounds like a weird man???

    • William Moody
      William Moody

      Lexi is a trans woman.

  • ~SarahDraws~

    I love how everyone is talking about Lexi our queen 👸

  • ~SarahDraws~

    Am I the only one who is so happy when lexi is the narrator???

    • Dancing on the moon
      Dancing on the moon

      She's my favourite narrator

  • Paige Scott
    Paige Scott

    Dog: is a XL husky Lexi: what breed is that? Me: an XL good boi

  • Simon the lobotomized monkey
    Simon the lobotomized monkey

    6:05 I think that’s a dire wolf

  • Dino Kenny
    Dino Kenny

    Lexi I sent you messages on reddit ;)

  • Ann-Maree White
    Ann-Maree White

    My first word was “dog”, I love dogs. And I also have a memory of me when I was like 4. I got knocked over by a pupper. Unfazed I sat up, giggling, and screamed “do it again, do it again”.

  • House with 100 names
    House with 100 names

    The int

  • Dana Jensen
    Dana Jensen

    hello Ginko! * i think thats how you spell it ;-; *

  • Eevee GOD
    Eevee GOD

    I have a dwarf hamster named mochi he’s a good bean and I love him and his chonky body and yes it’s cute that they curl their tails around your finger

  • Autumn Gonzalez
    Autumn Gonzalez

    DATME: ok.me/ehOj -p-o-r-n--s-e-x----۞ CHOOSE YOUR DREAM GIRL !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、 #かならりやばかったですね! #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑) #やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾

    • Dancing on the moon
      Dancing on the moon

      Shut Up

  • samantha darbon
    samantha darbon

    lexi is adorable

  • xxcope1 YEET
    xxcope1 YEET

    so uhhh that picer of dogs hugging well THERE NOT HUGGING

    • Dancing on the moon
      Dancing on the moon

      They are

  • Spectaclesoot

    What pronouns does Lexi use? I don’t want to misgender them on accident.

    • ~SarahDraws~

      @Spectaclesoot :^

    • Spectaclesoot

      Thank you!! ^^

    • ~SarahDraws~

      I think she/they

  • Ultimate Ibuki Kinnie
    Ultimate Ibuki Kinnie

    Me going from r/eyebleach tor/TIHI real quick: *My goals are beyond your understanding*

  • A Man Of Secrets
    A Man Of Secrets

    4:14 BREAD

  • A Man Of Secrets
    A Man Of Secrets

    2:45 or it was a black cat and the white is c-

  • thër S
    thër S

    This is not an eyebleach thing...

  • OverBakedCookie

    Hey guys i just want you to search ermine in google images Have a good day.

    • Dancing on the moon
      Dancing on the moon

      Have a good day too

  • Ryan Conley
    Ryan Conley

    My chest hurts because I wore my chest binder too long yesterday and it’s somewhat painful to laugh but this was worth it. 😊

  • ruuruu chan
    ruuruu chan

    lexi is your voice ok 🥺

  • R S
    R S

    Hi ginkgo!

  • Mystical Crossing
    Mystical Crossing

    “No no you can’t do that mister dog, you-I-………. I-I’m impressed-“

  • Jackson

    Hi Ginko!!

  • Randomizer

    Hi Ginko

  • Andru

    I missed watching emkay

  • SadHoe

    Hi Ginkgo! 0o0

  • SURFChii

    I am a penguin

  • Calhare Sirros
    Calhare Sirros

    It was Tony Hawk.

  • BlackDragon1211

    Deer with 4 baby's never seen that

  • Cornelius Cheese
    Cornelius Cheese

    4:22 "ITS A TRAP!!!" Dont. Rub. The. Belly. You'll die if you do.

  • makindom Kom
    makindom Kom

    3:19 MCDAVIS

  • Shinelin Aung
    Shinelin Aung

    hi ginko

  • Dark Phoenix
    Dark Phoenix

    Hi ginco

  • Ballonstudios

    Hello ginko :]

  • Droobcoob moobflooby •CM•
    Droobcoob moobflooby •CM•

    Hi Ginko

  • Ayden Evans
    Ayden Evans

    5:46 i found what happened to micheal jackson... HE A HORSE

  • Ashby Morrisseau
    Ashby Morrisseau

    Helo Ginko

  • Sherman Jonathan
    Sherman Jonathan

    You shattered my glasses and window. More cute animals!

  • Melanie Van der Beek
    Melanie Van der Beek

    Cute fact of the day : my dogs got flea stuff today because one of my dogs got fleas but that's not the cute fact after they got the stuff on them they started sniffing each other and licking like "u okay bro?"

  • T0q14s

    The thumbnail seems like A delicious bite indeed

  • kerry johnston
    kerry johnston

    Hello ginko

  • Cory Byer
    Cory Byer

    Hello ginko chain 5:10

  • McFrick 2
    McFrick 2

    Hi, Ginko!

  • Kanashiyui

    more like r/AWW

  • Wip Lein
    Wip Lein

    "Scottish folds are adorable af" -every vet tech that got too close to those ears and lost their sense of smell to concentrated doom went 😶😶😶

  • Redling

    Lexi is just. The perfect narrator for these subreddits. I love her. She seems like my kinda person

  • Sabrina Kirchner
    Sabrina Kirchner

    Lexi is the only one whose voice I want to hear over this subreddit. She makes it 1000x better than it already is!!!

  • Tacocat

    Hi Ginko

  • shani Zeeshan
    shani Zeeshan

    Imagine the scratches from that giant cat

  • 空白

    Have you considered Croissat?

  • Annika Dünow
    Annika Dünow

    We have a farm dog and she's not really trained in any particular way. Once one of our pet chickens escaped theyr garden enclosure and went to steal food from the dog. The dog tryed to very carefully pull the chicken away from her food bowl and when that failed she just sat there and looked at us sad. We were fully expecting her to just kill the chicken or something since we never thought her that the chickens were off limits.

  • Annika Dünow
    Annika Dünow

    We have this one cat and shes kinda dumb. She lives with her kittens under the roof but always comes to the yard to steal extra food from the other cats. There's just one problem: she hurt her leg at some point, so now she can get of the roof but doesn't have the jumping power to get back up. So she has to ask us to let her through the house every time so she can use the stairs and she's always like super nervous about it, because she knows exactly that she's not allowed in the house

  • OneBillionTacos

    Hello Ginkgo!

  • KCCV

    Why is this eye bleach

  • CrescentSpice

    2:47 that is a cat I'm pretty sure was black to begin with and has a condition called vitiligo which causes white to spread over time. Humans and dogs are also affected by it

  • Lily Gahl
    Lily Gahl

    Hi Ginko

  • Parker Firestone
    Parker Firestone

    Hello gizmo ps it's an owl towel

  • Thao Ly
    Thao Ly

    6:05 Siberian husky i think

  • lily Plays toh
    lily Plays toh

    Why am I subscribed to two people and they both have completely different personalities

  • Kiddish Kitten
    Kiddish Kitten

    henlo ginko

  • Adonia Hageraats
    Adonia Hageraats

    I love you the Lexi kitty, your squels of joy always make my day and melt my heart.💜❤️💛💚💙💕💕💕😍😘

  • welsh dragoness
    welsh dragoness

    Hello sexy I'm le.....aaaaaawwwwweee look at the puppies. I agree though cuteness overload.


    2:37 dog _hug_

  • Shubidú


  • Azfar Mahbub
    Azfar Mahbub

    2:20 god i hope your dog never stole anymore stocks

  • Winter beatbox
    Winter beatbox

    Hi ginkgo

  • Doug ftrst
    Doug ftrst

    hi ginko!

  • Deathreus

    3:18 Not true; Shelter work, doggie daycare, maybe groomer

  • aliens station
    aliens station

    Hi ginco!

  • kam . . -
    kam . . -

    micheal jackson horse

  • Susan Munson
    Susan Munson

    hi genko

  • Meteor Arcade
    Meteor Arcade

    9:45cute fluffball evolves to hamster!

  • elmo is laughing at your small pee pee
    elmo is laughing at your small pee pee

    Hi ginko

  • Multifandomfan

    I feel like this should be called R/awwwwww since none of it is bad

  • Legohon

    8:56 hey its tony hawk

  • Togi

    hi ginko:)

  • Lowen Mooneyham
    Lowen Mooneyham