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  • Jean Starnes
    Jean Starnes

    “It looks like a cannibal” Well…it is sometimes…

  • PossiblyLaugh

    If you travel to the anime world and your hair covers both eyes

  • Ewan T
    Ewan T

    "Brits be like ""I don't speak like that!"" But then Start speaking wing dings" Me: *g a s t e r .... r e f e r e n c e*

  • Emperor Napoleon
    Emperor Napoleon

    wdym garbage? give me an explanation or I'll return from exile

  • Tori_oso


  • Onuoha Chisom
    Onuoha Chisom

    Vector from despicable me is kinda hot

  • LlamaLuke YT
    LlamaLuke YT

    since when do elementary kids talk about that?

  • Nerdy

    Remember that guy with the downvote button chin? Yeah it looks like his bottom jaw had a divorce.

  • Ginger Kays
    Ginger Kays

    5:25 to be fair, who wants to spend 9 hours watching people return jewelry?

  • themikead99

    Is it just me or is every narrator robin


    I know nobody asked but i foumd bread on ebay for 174 dollars

  • PabloCA 3
    PabloCA 3


  • Vordu Jalan
    Vordu Jalan

    That's one got bad boy Disney prince

  • debb28

    10:31 i think people already said this but he has a muckbang channel and well OM NNNKOOOOPM NOM NOOM MMONN NOOM NOM

  • Mr. Watermelon
    Mr. Watermelon

    Dream paid minecraft animators to animate in a style they have never done before, and gave them like 2 weeks lmao, dream should've used his brain and given them a reasonable timeline, what an idiot

  • Cookies

    how does Robin not know Nikocado avocado?

  • Isaac GojiBerry
    Isaac GojiBerry

    An asthmatic yak drowning in custard😂

  • Ian Wylf
    Ian Wylf

    6:35 why they gotta do Daddy Noel like that T-T

  • { _ CursedPuppy113 _ }
    { _ CursedPuppy113 _ }

    3:20 "Don't you put that curse on me Ricky Bobby!"

  • ullwy

    axolotls are cannibals tho

  • Super Awesomeness
    Super Awesomeness

    13:06 or you could just have strict parents

  • Jole100

    wtf is wrong with the swedish kings clothes 1:09

  • Michael

    11:39 Genderbent Roma Army

  • bruh bruh
    bruh bruh

    Black holes are actually one of the brightest things in the universe

  • unaura

    What da dog doin

  • Haze

    3:08 True, since Axolotls actually bite their own kind by accident.

  • Tami Romero
    Tami Romero


  • he'swatchingyou

    its not edinbruh its edinburgh (ed-in-burr-ow)

  • Miguelisaurus bruh
    Miguelisaurus bruh

    Omg Emkay knows Scott Cawthon animated stuff

  • Enigma_

    BEN 10 ON 3D? *peak disney animation right here*

  • heartcrusher 46
    heartcrusher 46

    A friend of mine once threaten to teach my cat how fun it would be to scratch/play with the toilet paper role. I actually took it serious.

  • masoop

    i dearly hope you guys got the cult leaders assistant joke…. (far cry new dawn))

  • StrawberryDingDong

    I think cursive was originally to save ink with fountain pens, pretty useless for basically everything else

  • A Person
    A Person

    cursive is for inkwell pens to write more efficiently. INKWELL PENS

  • Noob slayer New
    Noob slayer New

    2:58 man sounds like the dude who gets called a 8 yr old for playing fort nite but claims that he plays minecraft when really all he plays is some off brand called craft block

  • The dude406
    The dude406

    2:21 Hey look, it's Rockem Sockem But they have no-brained sentience.

  • P3pp0z

    11:40 this dude literally went to prison and posts only shorts about his experience (cant remember the bame though)

  • Softy The Pillow
    Softy The Pillow

    The First One Was One Of The Funniest Insults I Have Ever Seen

  • NR Films
    NR Films

    1:09 that's the swedish king lmao

  • TheWeirdPlant

    Ngl, the dream video looks like a remastered gacha life NF music video.

  • Kitty love
    Kitty love

    Otto the dog is it really good boy 15:38 and watch the credits

  • JFF Hyper
    JFF Hyper

    I was the one that dream paid and i got 0.01 cents

  • Perfect Paradox
    Perfect Paradox

    Cursive is beautiful and you cant change my mind, just like I cant change my handwriting from cursive to normal people letters

  • Ludwig Koppar
    Ludwig Koppar

    1:08 Didn't think i'd see my countries king here That's king Carl Gustav the 16th of Sweden

  • Sajmon

    Axolotls ARE cannibals



  • iKat Randomness
    iKat Randomness

    13:11 I decided upon myself not to download tiktok due to my addiction in scrolling on FIshows shorts.

  • james wallace
    james wallace

    Grains anatomy

  • Abnwil

    BRUUUH she built like a Phospholipid thats the best one ive ever heard

  • Pyro Jr
    Pyro Jr

    So do we need to destroy France? I'm down to that

  • Aaron Orsolini
    Aaron Orsolini

    I can eat alphabet soup and shit a better argument then that

  • xBruhx


  • Tallan LeBlanc
    Tallan LeBlanc

    i just finished playing this and i had to go to the wash room and i just saw a RAT run on my floor...

    • Tallan LeBlanc
      Tallan LeBlanc

      bout to do a TF2 sniper move

  • Logan Benedict
    Logan Benedict

    Don't make fun of noel!

  • verk

    about the "dickhead" one, he said "dickhead" cause he would get testicular cancer in the brain, lol, amazing insult none the less

  • Ewet E
    Ewet E

    8:54 this got me so fucking good

  • Gerald Huff
    Gerald Huff

    Me at the beginning of the video: hm i wonder what the fan art will be like at the end Me at the end of the video: CONFUSED NIGHTMARES INDUESD screaming!

  • Pico

    Make a gay insult of me lol

  • klydesdale

    imagine being a background character in jjba, either you’re a dog and you’re dying or you’re a and you’re dying. or worse, you might get your popsicle taken by a 17 yr old who looks like a 40 year old bodybuilder,

  • AidynTheAnomaly

    I just don’t like tiktok

  • xSirob

    I use cursive..... like.... for everything.....

  • GCBlitz

    3:19 mans gets 3.5k likes from stealing a rap lyric

  • Isen Garde
    Isen Garde

    5:16 I am willing to admit that I've never watched any of the main LOTR movies all the way through, I have watched the last two movies of the Hobbit though.

  • Enderknight39

    Top if to odds tip is RIP oz. El is RIP tuff tho he did but do often ignore tho jerk grind generic sitcom maybe

  • Francisco GnM
    Francisco GnM

    The bread insult was a perfect setup for Grain's Anatomy

  • Vilhelm Bergqvist
    Vilhelm Bergqvist

    1:15 Bro das the king of sweden

  • Aries Gamer11223
    Aries Gamer11223

    5:06 manz look like he eats peanut butter with a straw


    This channel is fire *subs*


    He looks like a higher def exclusive Mii character Lol

  • Marcus Sarcia
    Marcus Sarcia

    The intro is me

  • Peyton Burnsed
    Peyton Burnsed

    People rag on Imagine Dragons because you get a lot of trendseekers getting all over it and not stopping constant talk of them. And the "Imagine Draggin these" joke. Could be why I "hated" minecraft because people would not shut up about it. I learned that was wrong maybe six to seven years ago. I love MC now.

  • JoGeJo

    Who is Grey and why are we studying their anatomy

  • PikaPotterhead07

    10:45 "I thought it was something that Scott Cawthon did back when he was in college or some sh*t" Don't disrespect Scott like that! 🤣

  • Maks FL n4js.
    Maks FL n4js.

    10:52 can we just appreciate EdinBRUH

  • AstraR6

    Robin you've always been my favorite emkay host

  • BlazeBlue 999
    BlazeBlue 999

    0:54 Wait, but that's just the typical hentai protag, so I don't see the insult here

  • XubseGaming

    I keep replaying the part when robin pronounced Edinburgh correctly at 10:52. ITS JUST SO GOOD TO HEAR COMPARED TO PEOPLE INCORRECTLY PRONOUNCING EDINBURGH! THANK YOU ROBIN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sir Harland
    Sir Harland

    1:55 yer a truker harry

  • PS1 Hagrid
    PS1 Hagrid

    Ayy don't Diss daddy noel

  • ultimate sans
    ultimate sans

    I will not let anybody disrespect my blood country

  • Arnold Aguirre
    Arnold Aguirre

    cursive just writes faster but it wont help if you cant read it

  • TheLumberJackManiac

    3:33 Nero actually used TAR not WAX

  • Vel Mystic
    Vel Mystic

    3:13 that’s a lyric from 2 chainz

  • Mistah Jenkins
    Mistah Jenkins

    Oof, Nikocado Avacado... He's a shell of a human being who USED to be vegan, then resorted to making these super unhealthy Mukbang videos that look absolutely horrendous.

  • Titan the doberman 2.0
    Titan the doberman 2.0

    robin sounds like the guy who would get thhe nintendo made levels from super mario maker 2 and then post them and rename them as his own

  • Mike 0
    Mike 0

    If you read this your mom's gay not in the good way

  • bogustoast22 none
    bogustoast22 none

    12:39 Why they saying it’s fair. They’re getting hit on, not actually beaten or raped.

  • Toasty

    2:34 Hmmmmm

  • *The Cores*
    *The Cores*

    theese insults are as rare as finding another girl just like her after she says “youll never find a girl like me again” (inspired by Arab Man lol)

  • Comedians By Accident
    Comedians By Accident

    I’m Scottish and i have to ask people like 7 times sometimes and then just say ok

  • Chris Fransen
    Chris Fransen

    Funny thing as babies axolotls actually eat part of each other. So they are cannibals

  • Mr. MacBeth
    Mr. MacBeth

    If I had a dollar for every child out there who subbed to ur channel thinking it was family friendly, I’d have 2 million dollars Edit: incorrect value

  • VeronicasTouch

    Who is Wendy Williams?

  • ViceFur & Co.
    ViceFur & Co.

    1:03 *tell that to the cast of ddlc*

  • Animal Bloopers
    Animal Bloopers

    the point of younger kids learning cursive was so kids could read letters from a long time ago (i think the declaration of independence was written in cursive) and it not being forgotten. its honestly pretty important but i don't know why someone chose to have print and cursive both.

  • no

    The second "rare insult" ain't even an insult, most weebs want to be a hentai protagonist.

  • Joshua Graham
    Joshua Graham

    1:00 honestly i would be okay with being a random brown haired character without a face in the background because then i would at least fit in somewhere

  • Qui-Gon Jinn
    Qui-Gon Jinn

    1:13 that’s my king...

  • Runner 023
    Runner 023

    you're lucky that you don't know nikocado avocado