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  • BluBoy1

    Boomers zoomers weebs and marvel stans

  • Greg Glanville
    Greg Glanville

    If someone drives a car as fast as light we would die actually because it causes them to age slower somehow while we die

  • Chubbyminimom

    I’m a vegetarian but I think meat tastes amazing

  • 《〔 Your Orphfic Optometrist 〕》
    《〔 Your Orphfic Optometrist 〕》

    8:40 You have no clue how hard I crashed when I saw that I’m in my SCP Fountain phase again and I literally watched the entire FIshows channel’s videos from start to finish *twice.*

  • Mari_Ghoulish

    5:50 [] (I still play plants vs. zombies)

  • Quint Woody
    Quint Woody

    When you are bisexual and you see copy link if you support Lgbtq me what the fuck

  • Duckofdestiny

    Everything edible

  • ●•Dooty•●

    3:29 *Me, a pansexual-* 👁👄👁

  • Jetster Betster
    Jetster Betster

    I love your videos keep it up!

  • WindoV


  • Mr Yeast
    Mr Yeast

    Not even the ussr could out pizza the hut

  • Arnaud Lamer
    Arnaud Lamer

    1:22 Its over gen-z i have the moral high ground

  • Luckyluke2470

    “Russian woman gives birth in forest while officers fight off bears” Objective:protect the vip

  • joaqz reyes
    joaqz reyes

    3:12 ah very relatble

  • The rat of your dreams
    The rat of your dreams


  • Walter Glenn
    Walter Glenn

    3:45 that probably mean "Hey I'm fourteen beer please." Says this young lady. Her dad "Yeah."

  • Yeet God15
    Yeet God15

    1:27 he never had the high ground

  • Leafeon 64
    Leafeon 64

    8:25 i got up to use the bathroom at 3am lastnight and on the way back to my room i was wearing my headphones and youtube auto played a clip of someone getting jump scared in a horror game

  • Dane Person
    Dane Person

    Aight, I'm calling the philippines into the phili *beans*

  • anthony jimenez
    anthony jimenez

    Mother’s day:get your mom some expensive food Father’s Day:FUCK YEA A DRILL

  • pr4370r

    What's this bs? You read out memes and opine on them? And people watch this? And I thought reddit was cringe.

  • Danitron

    7:40 thats so fucking relatable

  • PxAnims

    3:45 Translation: Girl: Can i drink a beer. Dad? I will be 14 today! Dad: *yes*

  • Czech Mate
    Czech Mate

    Seriously. Big ups to the F tier cavemen who were too useless for anything else but testing what's edible.

  • Flashlight237

    10:00 The bottom Drake would fit both parts.

  • KakyointheDonut

    The boogie board once hit me in the eye when someone did that

  • Arthur

    The worst fucking thing about Mother's Day is when men goes like "What about single Dads doing Mom-Work?" like bitch, no. You are doing dad work. Cooking? Dad work. Getting kid to sports? Dad work. Braiding hair? Dad work. Congratulations you are a parent.

  • Sour

    im already subscribed so can you stop asking me

  • UNKN03N GH027
    UNKN03N GH027

    8:04 I like how they forgot pelvissylvania

  • Gabriel's Films
    Gabriel's Films


  • Its TKB
    Its TKB

    “Every anthems suck” Me: *MY L’MANBURG*

  • Long Võ Hoàng
    Long Võ Hoàng

    Hey i am from vietnam ( ITS TRUE )

  • CaysChaos

    8:39 * dream smp fandom * *W H O S U M M O N E D M E*

  • Fortnite dla kreatywnych
    Fortnite dla kreatywnych

    Lol stop talking start showing memes, i wasted 30 seconds of my life

  • Liam Fraser
    Liam Fraser

    why does this milk taste like avocado?

  • Dem Gainz
    Dem Gainz

    as a vegan i will say meat is delicious, i just down want to have to end a life for that experience.

  • Lindsey Frank
    Lindsey Frank

    Dank mems lmao

  • Kerry Corbett
    Kerry Corbett

    I still have all the robtop geometry dash games and still love playing them💜

  • SpidermanGRS

    Robin has had enough he’s swearing every 3 min Plus why are there Omni man memes again

  • LooksLikeRain

    1 compitve culture is why treasure wars is shit right now in minecraft and 2 its a joke about Germans drink beer when they are 16 unlike Americans witch u can't drink when u are 21 Thats why ja

  • andrew Afton the hedgehog is funtime golden sonic
    andrew Afton the hedgehog is funtime golden sonic

    i like the upgraded version of twitch we removed the thots and added da memes

  • Marek Harvey
    Marek Harvey


  • NoNipplePete

    3:48 we actually have a name for those types of weebs in the anime community, we call them “Goku-Tards”

  • FR8Y_YT

    3:45 Her: Dad, Can i have a Beer? I became 14 y. o. Today. Him: Yes (Only allowed at 16+ for beer and some alchohol at 18+) np

  • alex

    Society: "You can't be friends with the gender you're attracted to." Me, a pansexual: 👁👄👁

  • Nomad

    3:46 HAHAHAHA I can also Wie geht es dir

  • LilliCherry

    That censored sound infuriates me

  • Owen Evertsz
    Owen Evertsz

    1:48 R/woosh

  • Zally


  • Dr. Rogue
    Dr. Rogue

    Everything is edible some are once some are a few time and some are if you use em just right you get high as fuck

  • exobyte

    I was just in the bath room and Iegit saw 2 ants spawn

  • Dustorm The Destroyer
    Dustorm The Destroyer

    Do not ask why I'm awake at 12:41 in the morning *dont ask*

  •  dark eclipse
    dark eclipse

    I really hated angry birds go couldn't beat it

  • The Terrible Artist
    The Terrible Artist

    2:05 so just because it’s a fucking kids movie, the music doesn’t have to be good and it’s alright if it’s bullshit like this meme


    1:08 hmmmm kinda sus

  • E-2C Hawkeye
    E-2C Hawkeye

    3:45 I translated it for you. It says: Can i have beer, Dad? I'm turning 14 today Yes

  • Michel Motta
    Michel Motta

    The next one is bra-zil

  • urgugly

    I'm vegetarian I like meat but I throw up eating it

  • EJOTY _
    EJOTY _

    9:16 yep

  • ShyDiggy

    There’s nothing wrong with single mothers being appreciated on Father’s Day. If they fill the role of both parents then they get celebrated as both parents. Same for single dads.

  • EJOTY _
    EJOTY _

    I only realized recently that Robin is the landlord in that one Piemations animation

  • Gabriel Salunga
    Gabriel Salunga

    the ussr must have tried to out pizza the hut

  • トアン the human text
    トアン the human text

    Viet ram That literally get me wheezing like a lemon

  • E D
    E D

    6:24 I know this guy wtf lmaooooo

  • Bort Hill
    Bort Hill

    Californians don't want to leave California, its just expensive as fuck to live here.

  • MoonMochi

    3:46 “Can i have a beer dad? I'm turning 14 today” “Yes” I think that’s right I used to go to translator lol

  • TophatTom 404
    TophatTom 404

    11:07 mans literally took kill them with kindness way to far

  • TheGabrelian

    I am a pescatarian, (basically vegetarian but I’ll eat fish) and I can not tell you how my I love meat, but I’m waiting until next year

  • Hizuru Megumi
    Hizuru Megumi

    the German mean "can I have a beer papa? I am 14, Dad: yes"

  • Parker Finegan
    Parker Finegan


  • purple grunt
    purple grunt

    4:00 wait does that mean we cant die since tricky can't die and he is a clown

  • A Commenting Account
    A Commenting Account

    As a male with a female friend, I guess im bi now. (THIS IS A JOKE)

  • gaming chanel432
    gaming chanel432

    I am german so i tell about the german joke you she sayd dad i turned 14 can i haf a beer and the dad says yes

  • ꧁Lilac is so casual꧂
    ꧁Lilac is so casual꧂

    Kann ich ein Bier haben, Papa? Ich werde 14 heute. - Can I have a beer, dad? I'm turning 14 today. Ja - Yes german💫

  • Patrick Ugga-Booga
    Patrick Ugga-Booga

    the best memes are dead memes

  • Mighty XT
    Mighty XT

    5:47 Geometry Dash, is that you?

  • Father McKenzie
    Father McKenzie

    MK right

  • WisdomGamer

    9:58 I want vine back too. Vine contains only fun and not cringy, fact stating people that gives misinformation, and girls lip synching or dancing to popular music. Why did vine even die?

  • AppleGames

    German lady says: Can i have a beer dad? I am already 14 years old.

  • AvixK

    We all know Goku can beat everyone, but can he beat hiv

  • Sad _man
    Sad _man

    Oh my God you're swearing more then me and that's a fucking record!

  • KindaGamer

    3:46 translation: girl: can I have some beer dad? I turned 14 years old today. dad: yes.

  • Guff3636 xbox
    Guff3636 xbox


  • coolkidgamer162

    Anything is ok to eat as long as your brave enough to eat it .

  • R-Kick 99
    R-Kick 99

    Translation for 3:45 Can I have a beer dad? I'm turning 14 today Yes

  • SkyPie


  • Kody Lee
    Kody Lee

    2:53 Why did you unsubscribe from your own channel it went from grey to red

  • Red_ dragon2479
    Red_ dragon2479


  • Dash N Dunk
    Dash N Dunk

    With the inch of german I know I think is it says "can I have a beer [blank] papa. I'm [blank] [blank] 14 yes." Even then you can use context clues to understand.

  • Cameron Cobb
    Cameron Cobb

    Look at bottom left it’s AMOGUS 1:14

  • Sucrose come home I beg 🙏
    Sucrose come home I beg 🙏

    You can survive eating some bugs. You just don’t want to. I ate a flea, it tasted like shit but I lived

  • Gavin Christian Hill
    Gavin Christian Hill


  • iloveuhauls

    6:55 his names pedro

  • Niya Pikachu
    Niya Pikachu

    8:51 Okay story time. One day I was ordered a burger from Burger King( a normal whopper ya know), At first I thought it was a normal burger but NOOOOO THERE HAD TO BE A CRUNCHY THING IN MY BURGER!!! As soon as I bit into that thing it filled my mouth with disgust and hatred of all food from that wretched place. Thou hast betrayed me Burger King. You must repent for thine wretched sins.

  • Raj

    0:41 look up the actual Kazakhstan anthem, and fuck it also tanu tuva’s anthem

  • Breakfast


  • °ChickenDuck°

    Emkay: 1:53 Me:*gets coca-cola ad* Hmmmmmm it knows

  • confused pupperfish
    confused pupperfish


  • StrypeByte

    Everybody: *Screaming about Omni-man memes* Me, an Omnisexual: C: