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  • Jullan Gunnarsson
    Jullan Gunnarsson

    I was just watching this video and then i saw that CONTROllER, I have one of those

  • TJ _
    TJ _

    Jack is a Snack

  • Jeff

    8:28 was I the only one stupid enough to tilt my phone upside down

  • --


  • Adman Corp.
    Adman Corp.

    At the beginning I actually thought it was SCP-001 When day breaks.

  • supernubforever

    i... I think that's a sloth?

  • Flecchi

    Me: turns on the lamp in car My dad: 9:19

  • Flecchi


  • RedkirbyFan 1
    RedkirbyFan 1

    Uppercase i: I Lowercase L: l I l

  • Evil Dorito
    Evil Dorito

    Jack: It's SCP-001! The whole SCP fandom about to raid comments:

  • CubularGD

    Me when scp

  • Mr RFRM
    Mr RFRM


  • Magpie5445

    Jack is a scalie. Change my mind.

  • Sara Teeter
    Sara Teeter

    You've been hit by a you've been struck by a 9:42

  • Questionair

    As someone who currently (but not for much longer) works for YMCA, that doesn’t surprise me

  • EvanYT Channel
    EvanYT Channel

    Beep beep truck incoming

  • Uno

    SCP-001-1 instance spotted.

  • 𝑡 𝑒 𝑎 ☕︎︎ 𝑟 𝑎 𝑖 𝑛
    𝑡 𝑒 𝑎 ☕︎︎ 𝑟 𝑎 𝑖 𝑛

    “Go home words, you’re drunk”, is an excellent description of most of this video

  • HappyGamer 4ever
    HappyGamer 4ever

    I feel like some of these are just winged and they just hope for the best

  • Adrian Ionescu
    Adrian Ionescu

    6:56 Plot twist: it has subtitles.

  • derfwa 426
    derfwa 426

    10:06 it's saying Look below the video of the blue parrot in the nature

  • Eclipse

    as captain america once said: *"funt me"*

  • spuddo

    4:52 nearly spat out my soup

  • Brainrotic

    dab on your abuser

  • spacemama

    "Welcome to TOOOO-Tor-NOOO!!!!"

  • YoutubeKing 405
    YoutubeKing 405

    I find it really funny that the subscription pop up thing in the video is unsubscribing because it is going from grey to red

  • Jazzie Hopkins
    Jazzie Hopkins

    Not gonna lie Jack’s accent sounds so beautiful

  • Daniel Saundernister
    Daniel Saundernister

    SCP 001 lmfao

  • MadMadge

    Actually there's a lot of bs going on with the YMCA/YWCA. In my town, they took over staffing at the woman's shelter. When the doctor and nurses visited, they witnessed physical abuse and racism. Then they lied about how many people they rehoused, and the organization that reported those lies didn't fact check. Sooooooooo

  • ky56

    11:25 It's poetic in someway that Doctor Who made it onto this subreddit. Considering the turdmiesters it was handed over to.

  • kwacpe


  • W_ldan

    1:54 I love it, give me alot of dopamine just from hear it

  • Joe Nuts
    Joe Nuts

    Truck chain 👇

  • Matt Martinez
    Matt Martinez

    this is so halarius

  • Scooby 5FL
    Scooby 5FL

    Let the good times roll, Let them leave you up in the air, let them brush your rock and roll hair. Part of the song Good Times Roll by The Cars

  • Trippi Hippie
    Trippi Hippie

    4:55 is clearly a Sims house. 😂

  • KingCookieCat Does Stuff
    KingCookieCat Does Stuff

    Crappy deSIGN

  • Doggo

    At 6:50 where is the owls second mouth

  • chaosrainX

    7:59 I am quite certain that European showers are designed for you hold the shower head like the detachable ones here in the states. Been to Germany and their showers were nearly identical


    the window pain is lyrics from a the cars song here have a look fishows.info/post/aKN6dd3Neo_MmJo/videot.html

  • YokoChanNe

    as someone who works at lowes i can almost guarantee how 4:56 went: "oh you dont have the gate in stock in that size but can order it? dont worry, we will just take the one you do have in stock. yes, we are installing it ourselves, how did you know?"

  • StapleCactus

    I don't see a second mouth on that owl. What are they talking about?

  • Psychopathicat7

    1:17 I use this so much to mess with my teachers and it's hillarious. The best part is that the auto-spellcheck thing in Google Docs tries to make all the capital I's into uppercase L's and so it just confused them even more. *forgot to mention that it just looks like a perfectly fine essay or book report that have the red squiggles there for no reason and it looks horrible

  • Dragón de 8 cabezas
    Dragón de 8 cabezas

    jack scalie confirmed

  • YPOB 007
    YPOB 007

    Fun fact: the second video on a paper is in Brazilian portuguese

  • Nome [HoloFans Grave Digger, Desk-Kun Repair Shop]
    Nome [HoloFans Grave Digger, Desk-Kun Repair Shop]

    I know tis' might be promotion so ignore this comment I fucking missed Kiryu Coco's graduation stream just like how I did with Unnus, I now have no hope left of being on time on other things, so I will do a short tour of my newly created Bedrock Creative World

  • Elijah Patterson
    Elijah Patterson

    As a huge chess fan, I just want to say this: chess is good for the brain, so the image at 2:05 isn't terrible, just misleading.

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude

    6:54: I don't see the second mouth.

  • hegyimutymuty

    I cried at 9:39 😂😂😂😂

  • hegyimutymuty

    4:20 and minion lions M I N I O N L I O N S Can't be a coincidence

  • Angel Risbridger
    Angel Risbridger

    That scp joke almost killed me

  • Zarnox

    "And why do they all look like they're about to invite me into a yiff party?" I did not expect you to say that, at all.

  • Myrrael Angel
    Myrrael Angel

    Be YOU tiful WHEEZING

  • - TheBananaPenguin
    - TheBananaPenguin

    You’ve been hit by You’ve been struck by Truck

  • James Morris-Wyatt
    James Morris-Wyatt

    11:27 I was wondering how long it would take before that one made an appearance here!

  • Marblemaestro XD
    Marblemaestro XD

    When day breaks, only fellow scp fans will understand.

  • Carl Williams
    Carl Williams

    Funting is a term for fanny hunting

  • Sana -
    Sana -

    Funt me

  • Tohru Kobayashi
    Tohru Kobayashi

    "Tempered Ass" Sounds like my ass there.

  • Greg Gaynor
    Greg Gaynor

    I really need to hear his outtro for this video, iys 2.40 am and I've been going tiresome stuff. Just wanted to say THANX!!!

  • Gracieplayz Games
    Gracieplayz Games

    69 dislikes.

  • a bloop in the madness
    a bloop in the madness

    If I get 69 likes ill delete this comment

  • Azure Greatheart
    Azure Greatheart

    5:20 Wha… The word Soap is backwards… Were they *trying* to make this a pain to read…?

  • frozen_dude

    1:35 STairway, probably on another level.

  • Flame Shot
    Flame Shot

    6:54 Am I dumb? Because no, it only has one, and I don’t see anything that could be mistaken for a second mouth

  • Green Wren
    Green Wren

    8:01 I'm pretty sure that's not a fixed shower head. How do I know? Because ours is the same and that's not for standing under, but taking it off the wall and using it like that.

  • TheDark Dragon
    TheDark Dragon

    nah you won't get mine. cause you dont want a kidney worth nofin

  • Lavendeer 201
    Lavendeer 201


  • cl hinton
    cl hinton

    I don't know what the mural says at 9:37. But I had to leave this comment so that I can find this exact spot again easily when I need to laughcry some more. 🤣

  • NoName Worm
    NoName Worm

    4:17 *A CYCLON!!* YA MISSED IT!!

  • The madness animator
    The madness animator

    Nosebleeds can come out of your eyes

  • Weatly Just weatly
    Weatly Just weatly

    2:01 it's just a minecraft bed

  • Silver Addie Fun Pack!
    Silver Addie Fun Pack!

    you’ve been hit by you’ve been struck by ✨ T R U C K ✨

  • That one idiot
    That one idiot


  • KCP

    Me when Jack says SCP: (does the Leo decaprio pointer meme) Me when he says" 001 when daybreaks": me laughs in veitnam war flashbacks

  • Bf

    Il yup the L is I the is I

  • Guardsmen Pickle
    Guardsmen Pickle

    9:08 this is like my school before the virus came and 10:06

  • Umeko

    3:18 Is that Matt Harding?? Why?!!

  • Jayden Yobe Pasague
    Jayden Yobe Pasague


    • Jayden Yobe Pasague
      Jayden Yobe Pasague


  • Gaming Champ
    Gaming Champ

    Arial has such bad design a businesswoman was literally able to turn the word “Oil” Australian. Thats how similar I and l are

    • Gaming Champ
      Gaming Champ


  • Miguel Baltazar
    Miguel Baltazar

    Attention everyone, SCP-001 has escaped to a fucking orphanage. Bring out the best guns and brains, and do not look at the fucking sun.

  • Caleb therefore [nice, athletic, pan]
    Caleb therefore [nice, athletic, pan]

    Im ultra thiccccc

  • sockchenklein

    Thats when u realise that he never studies the SCP articels

  • Just John
    Just John

    I've never even seen the reddit homepage bit this channel seems to pick the best from reddit so I don't have too. This is hilarious stuff.

  • Laggger Engineering
    Laggger Engineering

    6:50 How does it have 2 mouths? I don't see it.

  • Legggoify

    i got a mr beast ad and it was a hole one of hes vids

  • Erik Koltai
    Erik Koltai

    0:08 I wonder how many people got that

  • Jens Martin
    Jens Martin

    I still haven't stopped laughing at "heal thy smoothies".

  • Hideki Shinichi
    Hideki Shinichi

    1:41 those 2 little rooms with st seem to be stairways, so you go up and down?

  • Leostargamer11

    Me every day at site 13 : 0:00

  • sans the comic
    sans the comic

    Jack knows 001!LES GOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Olivia Donaldson
    Olivia Donaldson

    3:50 Eat, Sleep, Music, repeat

  • snow flake the husky
    snow flake the husky

    R/ Thanks I f****** hated that

  • snow flake the husky
    snow flake the husky

    What I meant to say was that slapping and inappropriate sounding noise was disturbing

  • snow flake the husky
    snow flake the husky

    R/I had a stroke

  • snow flake the husky
    snow flake the husky

    I never imagined hearing that slapping the noise or that noise that but I was disturbing

  • Wumbologist


  • SCP-5212

    If you look at my username, you can tell I enjoyed that reference at the beginning of the video :)

  • Jayden MacFarland
    Jayden MacFarland

    *Disclaimer no orphanage has been destroyed in the process of this video*

  • Orion Hunter
    Orion Hunter

    5:48 he probably will think it’s a game and forget about it the idea of it is bad anyway