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  • ♡ K3AT0N ♡
    ♡ K3AT0N ♡

    I’m always expecting sarcasm after each post but when it doesn’t come I remember how f-ed up my generation is :|

  • Dia

    1:10 damn...i didnt expect him to be here. i love the show!

  • HappyGamer 4ever
    HappyGamer 4ever

    Some of these are made me cry not made me smile 😢

  • Phoenicks

    3:43 fucking chad

  • Caio Eloy Calinho12
    Caio Eloy Calinho12

    Wait, wheres Robin?

  • outershiftchara

    did he just say me me's?

  • Blanket Dog
    Blanket Dog

    One time in 3rd grade I managed to get the entire recess group to chant potato. Instead of telling us to stop, our recess monitor decided to try to get us to chant tomato instead. After a while we split into groups which all chanted their own favorite food.

  • Peter Affinass
    Peter Affinass

    11:11 nice impression of Georg Takei's voice :O

  • ZEDHunter

    It makes me a bit dissapointed when the "story" in the thumbnail is not in the video...

  • shikkaba

    I think those cops were British. We don't say "mate" and don't have checker boards on our cops shoulders. Unless that's the joke... the other joke.

  • Daniel Dickey
    Daniel Dickey

    4:44 stop bringing attention to it or else the cancer is going to try harder

  • JaysLand


  • FreakMaster

    It depends on what waking up as the opposite gender means, if it were my body and brain alligned in gender (my body is the opposite gender but brain stays the same) I would celebrate and not wear a shirt as much as I could. I would work out and become so fit! I would have motivation like so much motivation

  • RocketAppliances

    Why does his face look mirrored? Aaahhhh run away from symmetry boy!

  • Jessie V
    Jessie V

  • Flinty

    My happiness went from down to happy after watching this :)

  • Retro Reboot
    Retro Reboot

    Oh they still have the wrong intro. Sometimes, the title comes in, with the "r" coming in before the acoustic bass comes in, so all of the text appears a note too early. This video, for example

  • 27matso

    1:19 talking tom, but human

  • Byakuya Togami
    Byakuya Togami

    Fasting is when you don't eat food

  • Minecraft - done badly and a cat
    Minecraft - done badly and a cat

    30 seconds into made me smile and we have already encouraged child slavery. Congratulations

    • Minecraft - done badly and a cat
      Minecraft - done badly and a cat

      Then you’ll never get it. Okay

    • ∙astroniix∙

      @Minecraft - done badly and a cat no I just genuinely don't understand the joke you're making

    • Minecraft - done badly and a cat
      Minecraft - done badly and a cat

      You clearly have not watched enough cursedcomments

    • ∙astroniix∙

      how tho?

  • Bruh terminate me
    Bruh terminate me


  • Calhare Sirros
    Calhare Sirros

    Sorry man. They aren't Canadian.not only are the uniforms all wrong, we don't typically say mate here.

  • Deity


  • PikaPlaysYT

    The first one has the same energy as the 'When mom isn't home' video

  • MrHack4never

    3:58 That's not Canada, it's either UK or Australia

  • Yamato Takahashi
    Yamato Takahashi

    500th comment!

  • Copy Caleb
    Copy Caleb

    Should’ve used nonstick tires

  • TheK9Queen

    How did you think they were Canadian police? I don’t think they say “mate” that much, or even at all over there. Those were British police, looking at a uniforms. It’s also a very British thing to do 😂

  • Soraka Starchild
    Soraka Starchild

    I mean idc if its "hard or problematic " it's the fucking law. If you are going to be in this or any country you need to follow the law! Illegally crossing the border isnt following the law. All you do is cut in the line and make it harder for legal immigrants to get into countries. It's not that hard. And from what it seems like they are are both undocumented immigrants.

  • Hailey Snyder
    Hailey Snyder

    69 dislikes bro. Lit but not lit

  • Bubby Boy27
    Bubby Boy27

    I really needed this I just watched a sad episode of a show I watch (money heist on Netflix) and this helped me cheer up

  • Jonathan Beckett
    Jonathan Beckett

    The butter... ... *it sticks*

  • DESM al
    DESM al

    at 4:00, as far as I know, those are not canadian police uniforms, so no they aren't canadians

  • Nostripe361

    Honestly I never get why getting document is so difficult anymore. Its so bad in pretty much every western country that it can take decades to do. I mean I remember somewhere they had a man from the Middle East and his small kid and they said the the waiting list was so long that there was a chance that he couldn't get to be citizen till his son was old man. I mean the test they have to take is too hard for even most natives to pass. The biggest thing I don't get is why we have a limit to how many immigrants we will allow in? I mean I know why our ancestors did that but not why it's still a thing


    1:11 this dude funny as hell and his friends

  • Stef B
    Stef B

    Jack would be good on radio

  • JustEreMan


  • shorchid

    Wait, what, we say mate? 😂

  • xAbominationx

    That was one of my favorite things after I transitioned. I could give girls compliments without it being creepy or them thinking I was coming on to them.

  • iTs_me_ Azri
    iTs_me_ Azri

    Muslim fast for one month every year but that month is what making em fatter

  • mikkel nyhuus
    mikkel nyhuus

    I’m a white person, and where I live, I generally find that black people got the best vibes. They’re few and far between, but rarely are they as pissy as the average white person. I dislike racism towards people that don’t deserve it. People that might possibly deserve it are those that intentionally use their color to their own advantage in a social setting. We’re all red on the inside, and the skin is thin.

  • Gareth Griffiths
    Gareth Griffiths

    Don't know if calling the British cops Canadian was a joke or just them not knowing their stereotypes .

  • Foop _
    Foop _

    4:45 i feel like that dogs eyes are too small… Good boy or girl tho

  • Shadow

    EmKay = Mademesmile

  • Jack Oh
    Jack Oh

    Jack assumes we are human

  • David James II
    David James II

    Im so happy you posted made me smile i just read 177013

  • JJ876

    1 year later the guy on the thumbnail is an absolute GIGACHAD.

  • Iqbal Farhan
    Iqbal Farhan

    1:05 seeing Murr from Impractical Jokers outside of truTV is kinda suprising.

  • gameknight

    Yea the police officers weren’t Canadian

  • ItsMe Grim
    ItsMe Grim

    "White white person mild" never related more to sentence in my life

  • Teagan Frisby
    Teagan Frisby

    that last mild spice post was me like taco bell can get too spicy for me fucking *taco bell* and yes, I am the palest person I've ever met

  • Nebular


  • bj Max
    bj Max

    4:47 that dog has an eyebrow

  • valkire235

    1:13 is that murr i see

  • no one
    no one

    9:10 me **who reads manga and light novels** : I wish those were my parents

  • The F***king Police
    The F***king Police

    1:12: oh hi, welcome to my school house!

  • Cline Hansen
    Cline Hansen

    The dude who graduated college in 12 yrs looks like that one dude from monster university (10:12 ish idk)

  • Nova

    Good luck with the 8700+ pushups

  • Donald Trumps Cat
    Donald Trumps Cat

    4:31 stay positive!

  • Ralts

    9:40 Try on dresses. I’m a male, I’ve been a male since I was born. I don’t want to be trans, I’m happy with my sexuality. I’m 6’3 and am very big in general. However, I’ve always wondered what I’d look like in a dress. I wouldn’t wear one all the time, I just want to know what I’d look like in one.

  • XASDX25

    Human being? You okay Jack

  • cherandshane2

    DIT: do it together DIA: do it alone

  • Terrain

    9:39 idk man it doesn't really affect me, so probably same thing i'd do as if my gender didn't change maybe be confused as to how it happened?

  • neko tempest
    neko tempest

    Emkay: wipe all ur tears away Me: when am add for a game has tears in its title Alright lets wipe this artificial spelling of a tear away . ....... . Somehow idk

    • StitchDoesStuffYt

      @neko tempest I see it as well, its not just you.

    • neko tempest
      neko tempest

      @StitchDoesStuffYt idk why but there are 3 replys idk if its just me or this is an error of some sort....

    • StitchDoesStuffYt

      @neko tempest I see.

    • neko tempest
      neko tempest

      @StitchDoesStuffYt yes but no. Ok sorry for my stroke language but no it was not a stroke it was me 4am in the morning with bad typing

    • neko tempest
      neko tempest

      @StitchDoesStuffYt yes but no. Ok sorry for my stroke language but no it was not a stroke it was me 4am in the morning with bad typing And with poor eyesight since i dint get the term of "one more meme complication"

  • lautaro benavides
    lautaro benavides

    1:53 *Bros over hoes*

  • SurrealJC

    we dont say "mate" in canada.

  • tfawns1

    Love the George Takei voice! It was spot on. :)

  • Rango

    9:10 Laughts in manga. No seriously I read 50 chapters wich are 5 volumes wich are around 1000 pages in one afternoon. I would be rich

  • Kévín Racca
    Kévín Racca

    i like where the part that made me smile

  • Umb and Lycan moonlight
    Umb and Lycan moonlight

    EXCUSE ME- James Murray (aka ferret boy) even he got onto a subreddit.I know content creators like. 5up but murr!?

  • Tahmid Uddin
    Tahmid Uddin

    7:06 Imagine being the kid who is 4 getting 2 girlfriends while you're here 20 yrs old and still single. Like wtf man. Can I borrow your life?

  • Cenato. C.Cetra
    Cenato. C.Cetra

    8:30 we do only see one arm though :/ joking aside. great father right there. no idea what he did and how fast he did it to make it work though

  • die die
    die die

    9:45 Harassing people with compliments If you see someone very sad just follow them around and compliment them until you see a smile on their face

  • die die
    die die

    4:45 Good doggo Good cancer free doggo deserves a nice big steak to celebrate

  • mary north
    mary north

    can't believe lyft would do that myself lols

  • GameZedd

    Did you pronounce Cerebral Palsy like that on purpose?

  • GameZedd

    Canadian? They're literally wearing UK police uniform. Also Canadians don't say mate regularly, I would've guessed Aussie lol.

  • soapadri

    mate, them cops are Australian (i think) but still, very nice of them to help out

  • Kirsten D
    Kirsten D

    10:10, he looks like Don Charlton from Monsters University 🥺🥺

  • Enemy spoted
    Enemy spoted

    4:06, we’ll done mate! Hopefully things get better.

  • [ you are the cause of my euphoria ]
    [ you are the cause of my euphoria ]

    I needed this. I really needed this

  • Katie Doherty
    Katie Doherty

    Slightly concerned that you're kinda promoting fasting through thumbnail, it can be very very dangerous

  • •Willow Tree•
    •Willow Tree•

    *eat the butter or you’ll be in the basement again.*

  • Trying Evereething
    Trying Evereething

    I had to leave my job abroad, quickly. I got to London and had to cross it (using 7 stations, most of which didn't have open access lifts or escalators) with three suitcases. At each station, someone helped me. At the last one, I realised that I had missed my train by two minutes. The last guy who helped me offered to pay for my train ticket (£12), then waiting for the platform announcement, put me on the train (I don't know why the guard let him through, but the did), he stowed my luggage on the rack, gave me a hug and told me to take it easy. Then a couple in the sets next to me bought me a beer. I fucking love this country. Oh, I worked in a shop and a family bought me an ice cream on a hot day so I wouldn't be let out.

  • luthfihar

    yknow jack, ima subscribe just for ya mate

  • Yaboku

    Rats are actually cleaner than people think as they are constantly preening and cleaning themselves

  • Johann Poitras
    Johann Poitras

    Pretty sure those cops are from the UK, those uniforms dont look Canadian also we say bud and buddy more than mate at least in a lot of places edit:typo

  • Green Man
    Green Man

    Discord mods if they actually took time off

  • Seeking Eudaimonia
    Seeking Eudaimonia

    Yeah, I feel bad for people who are undocumented. Do you know how hard it is as a homeless teen, you can’t go to school unless you have an address, you can’t get jobs without them. Yet, it’s frowned upon to not do both as a homeless teen. I had to find an adult to rent with, pay the rent, just to go to school or work as a 16 year old

  • Grey Cloud
    Grey Cloud

    "white person mild" Me who's white asf but uses Saracha hot sauce: am I a joke to u?

  • Philip

    "lets keep racists out of the dating pool" so everyone should start dating the racists so there are none left in the dating pool? i dont think thats how it works

    • Artisa

      @XxShrek69xX Well that escalated quickly 😂😂😂

    • XxShrek69xX

      You’re both wrong. He wants us to murder them.

    • Jessica Taylor
      Jessica Taylor

      You've got it mixed up, he's saying keep them OUT of the dating pool, meaning DON'T date them; leave them standing on the sidelines looking for a date but failing because no-one wants a racist. 😊

  • Ella Hunt
    Ella Hunt

    9:39 I would wear skirts because skirts are comfy and no matter the gender everyone deserves skirts unless they make you feel uncomfortable.

  • Sreedevi S
    Sreedevi S

    "Head of security: Otto the dog" 🤣😍 .. that was ultra cute!! ☺

  • Lovely Lynxie
    Lovely Lynxie

    1:22 that's absolutely fucking horrifying

    • Lovely Lynxie
      Lovely Lynxie

      @Umb and Lycan moonlight what

    • Umb and Lycan moonlight
      Umb and Lycan moonlight

      The more I look at it the more I like it-

  • Spirit Demon
    Spirit Demon

    I like lexi cause she’s really positive and I like her, I like jack cause he is funny and a fellow Aussie so I immediately like him… robin… he Ight but I think we are too similar for me to like him, i see too much of myself in him, I’m sorry robin

  • Mambo_we_arthur

    Wait... i'm not a human being

  • Miieriel

    DIY? Nah, DWeY

  • Mason Henderson
    Mason Henderson

    Jack: Good eternity human beings Dogs watching with there humans: *and I took that personally*

  • EscalatorGoddess

    The thumbnail is... Questionable. (Kind of baffled as to why disordered eating is being portrayed in a positive light here)

    • Renee Mayo
      Renee Mayo

      @EscalatorGoddess oh. Srry. God, i need to start thinking before i speak. Good luck

    • EscalatorGoddess

      @Renee Mayo We’re not given much information about the post, but the implication that someone lost so much weight due to fasting alone, in only a year, is never healthy. I don’t believe fasting is a healthy approach to weight loss to begin with. This is coming from a personal place for me because I’m recovering from anorexia and I know that the promotion of weight loss through “fasting” is disordered and can be a slippery slope. Again we’re not given the full story but so far that’s why I’m raising an eyebrow at the thumbnail. Even if this was in reference to BED (which I know less about), advertising fasting as a cure or a valid coping mechanism is not going to fix the compulsion to turn to food, and I know it can lead to a slippery slope because the compulsive mindset behind eating disorders can take such behaviors too far.

  • Blue toad
    Blue toad

    What is fasting?