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  • Bert Churchill
    Bert Churchill

    12:34 my school has Chromebooks

  • Wally Wallace
    Wally Wallace

    Some people would say kiwi is better with the skin on. My uncle does and my sister used to. I say used to because I haven't seen her eat a kiwi in a very long time.

  • Yohann Cumani
    Yohann Cumani

    2:48 In Brazil thats actually how it is, but the catch is that digital games are 60 dollars and physical games are more expensive

  • greeny

    He beat his hands

  •  dark eclipse
    dark eclipse

    HDMI backwards is IMDH I must do heroin

  • Monke Named bobby
    Monke Named bobby

    8:00 he’s not clapping..

  • - . : T e a l  L i g h t : . -
    - . : T e a l L i g h t : . -


  • scp 173
    scp 173

    10:02 that's my nose very day of my life

  • Flashlight237

    8:01 Funny, back when I did Total Drama rule 34, I tried my damnedest to keep the proportions true to the source material. I was never given credited for it; in fact, this meme kinda warmed my heart there.

  • Flashlight237

    2:54 eBooks: **laughs in more expensive than physical books**

  • Flashlight237

    1:01 PSH! I eat kiwis WITH the peels on.

  • T e e t h
    T e e t h

    Susanalbumparty- *Sus ana-* AHHHHHHHH

  • Alise the Gacha Fox
    Alise the Gacha Fox

    6:17 Well, no, but actually yes. Glasses work like magnifying glasses from from the outside. So when I take off my glasses, my true eye size is revealed. What? You actually thought my eyes were as big as grapes?

  • Steven McMurtree
    Steven McMurtree

    5:05 That's necopara not sure which one. That game has sex scenes in it I'm pretty sure

  • Neila Dandy
    Neila Dandy

    13:55 wasps don’t pollinate anything they just hate everything

  • Alex Targett
    Alex Targett

    Go to 2:14

  • Becca Sherlock
    Becca Sherlock

    este es el video más divertido que he visto en mi vida😂

  • Eszter Brüchner
    Eszter Brüchner

    that's just my nose every morning

  • LightstrikeDragonLPs

    You know, the whole weather thing windows added would bug me a lot less if it would actually use the language I set my PC to instead of whatever it is doing to get the language it's displaying.

  • Monochromatic

    8:00 Plot twist: He ain't clapping.

  • q

    guys if you're complaining about Windows Updates *just dont update your windows*

  • Lar Rackell
    Lar Rackell


  • AbnormalDuck

    At 8:01, the clapping could be interpreted in a whole different way.

  • jeff lord
    jeff lord

    4:07 this feels a bit TOO close to home

  • a very weird furry
    a very weird furry

    2:24 Me taking Coding lessions

  • augusto moreira
    augusto moreira

    4:24 same thing to me, but with portuguese instead of spanish.

  • Alfie Stephenson
    Alfie Stephenson

    Hey Emkay, who you side with? House Yes man Ncr Legion Bos

  • SMA.782.Buller


  • HappyGamer 4ever
    HappyGamer 4ever

    The r34 part is very true

  • goofy GG
    goofy GG

    Ah,I see robin is a man of culture as well

  • Louis Angelo Manalo
    Louis Angelo Manalo

    1:44 Philippines is mentioned Me: Let's Go!!!!

  • Doctor Dog
    Doctor Dog

    I have a game that is older than most people here and it's so fun

  • Jan

    Philibeans kinda offended me

  • Incog Nito
    Incog Nito

    You’ve heard of: United Steaks of America Soviet Onion JaPan GerMoney Frants Check Republic Spaint HireLand Philabeans Now get ready for.... MINI-SODA

  • Cory Ball
    Cory Ball

    I don't peel kiwi's...

  • Fuka TheIdiot
    Fuka TheIdiot

    8:34 Alright. Now, how do I tie a noose?

  • NCR T.e.d.d
    NCR T.e.d.d

    I do have 10,000 caps

  • l1ttle_Optic

    The fact that my brain can handle the wistom of poolsenpai

  • SalverPlayz

    Ay I saw my country Philippines in this video! Although im not waiting for my address.

  • A A A A A -
    A A A A A -


  • Bendy

    Ha bro go sell infooooooooooooooooooo

  • Joshua Adams
    Joshua Adams

    I wonder why people don't like Fortnite. It's the fan base isn't it?

  • dthly

    "I'm walking around the Mojave" my respect if you just went... Nuclear

  • erik6920 erik6920
    erik6920 erik6920

    Zeus says is all ways hard

  • Lamont Jones
    Lamont Jones

    10:04 onion.

  • Sami Sami09
    Sami Sami09

    2:10 I have A black cat confirmed

  • A bearded dragon named Steve
    A bearded dragon named Steve

    5:56 hey robin any tips on killing the lee oliver

  • omar belarbi
    omar belarbi

    This channel is dying with Reddit

  • Jules Rules
    Jules Rules

    It’s concerning how happy that child looked when he saw the anime girls…

  • Slinky_Malinky

    12:55 I speak Russian and English fluently and my childhood friend is Scottish. What level am I at?

  • Lucid Nightmare
    Lucid Nightmare

    8:36 bro same, that was so fucking raw its Amazing!

  • Impaley

    I mean for me it was always my mom but ok

  • Unreal_Kailer

    Og fortnite: actual forts Now fortnite: 12 year-olds trying to become pros by trying their asses off

  • Fortune gamerboy10
    Fortune gamerboy10

    5:00 is soooooooo true

  • rush Airsoft
    rush Airsoft

    Not to be racist and sexist but cheese pizza is better than Peparoni

  • maki taki
    maki taki

    “What did Yoda say when he saw himself in 4K? I don’t know. HDMI!!” MMMMMMMMM FuNnY jOkE!!!!!

  • Lego Design Channel
    Lego Design Channel

    Why is it when I donate one kidney I'm a hero? but when I donate 4 I'm arrested!

  • Sam The Spooderr
    Sam The Spooderr

    (3:55) A few months? Nah bro it better only take you a few minutes or you’re never going to survive those 5 nights, are you?

  • The Unholy Dark Wanderer
    The Unholy Dark Wanderer

    2:55 Agree

  • Luke devitt
    Luke devitt

    But to Moscow chicks he was such a lovely deer.

  • Caius Darker
    Caius Darker

    The Rasputin song: most people looked at him with terror and fear but to Moscow chicks he was quite the lovely dewr

  • NotAnIntrestingName

    "we dont give our schools any money" the pointless event they do to gain hundreds

  • Jeffrey Cauwels
    Jeffrey Cauwels

    People in 1980: 2020 will have flying cars! People in 2020: no Karen, masks are not microchipped

  • Sage of Fire
    Sage of Fire

    4:02 I feel very called out.

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet

    Ok ok so hear me out. Robin covers the memes and a little bit of the other sections like choosing beggars and interesting as shit. Jack covers the rest of the segments and Lexi does anything with cute animals in it

  • frosy chi
    frosy chi

    11:46 It’s referencing the song “rasputin” and there’s a line that says “but to Moscow chicks, he was such a lovely dear” but the meme had ‘dear’ replaced with a literal deer

  • KillerNarwhal7

    Are we sure he was clapping

  • Duckman games and stuff
    Duckman games and stuff

    8:20 me: DINKLE BURGGGGG

  • Braydenoid

    why do you kinda sound like kronk in the begining

  • The Trouble Duo
    The Trouble Duo

    11:45 Most people looked at him with terror and with fear But to Moscow chicks he was such a lovely dear Rasputin (song)

  • eat

    at least you know how to make scrambbled eggs

  • Lost

    Waitaminutewaitaminute… you live in Colorado too!

  • Cartoon Alex
    Cartoon Alex


  • James Evans
    James Evans

    I was working the gate at an Oktoberfest and we weren't allowed to let people in or out with alcohol, so many people would come up with a full pint and say "oh yeah" and chug while their friends cheered them on, surprisingly I only had to deal with a handful of mad people

  • Chloë Odette
    Chloë Odette

    2:04 don't forget about games with an awesome soundtrack

  • Elizar Melone
    Elizar Melone

    Robin getting genuinely angry when fan art creators underestimate themselves is so pure

  • The Terrible Artist
    The Terrible Artist

    12:34 parents at my school paying 82 dollars a month just to keep their kid in school

  • The Terrible Artist
    The Terrible Artist


  • Rachel Holt
    Rachel Holt

    4:45 hypixel fans with the ddos attacks

  • amogus moment
    amogus moment

    my dog ate a chocolate expresso bean and is fine

  • Villager #56
    Villager #56

    5:50 me who played poor person simulator

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker

    Star Wars fans: *sees yoda on thumbnail* Also Star Wars fans: click it, I must

    • Anakin Skywalker
      Anakin Skywalker

      @MapleLemons yk tried to kill me

    • MapleLemons

      Hows the kids

  • Keneth Liwanaag
    Keneth Liwanaag

    Did i hear philibeans??

  • Asher Ian Jake Roxas
    Asher Ian Jake Roxas

    Why my country why my country philibeans

  • Rhiannon Kelly
    Rhiannon Kelly

    “We don’t give schools any money.” Me trying to figure out why my school make year sevens too tens pay 8k a year and elevens and twelve pay 12k a year with over 1100 kids.

  • Donda The warrior
    Donda The warrior

    It’s 800000 disappointed dreams That’s what’s in your bank account

  • 🍀 Izuku Midoriya 🍀
    🍀 Izuku Midoriya 🍀

    3:41 imma answer this jeopardy style. What is joi

  • It is dangerous to go alone, take HALO 3 RAT
    It is dangerous to go alone, take HALO 3 RAT

    Hey. Stop replacing good characters with women

  • It is dangerous to go alone, take HALO 3 RAT
    It is dangerous to go alone, take HALO 3 RAT

    Apples be like: A dollar and you can do whatever you want daddy

  • JusticePlayzz

    1:03 hmmmm, missing this 🍌

  • Matthew Reed
    Matthew Reed

    8:02 is that him clapping or...

  • the dot
    the dot

    6:06 -800,000 in det

  • Luke Scheffe
    Luke Scheffe

    14:05 You guys? Implying that you're not one of us...

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor


  • Big Iron Cheems
    Big Iron Cheems

    i have a 3D printer my dad allows me to use but i have nowhere to post fanart since im only on youtube but i think i could 3d print it,take a photo of it on my phone,send it to someone cuz i have samem essaging app on computer get link for photo and put it in a comment

  • Echoes

    You pronounced Hera correctly

  • mister lamma
    mister lamma

    6:05 actually there is no money there because it all went to 800000 dollars of your debt to the bank from a loan

  • TheCrazy AllStar202
    TheCrazy AllStar202

    Ok Robin I'm going to type most of the Rasputin song lyrics here goes about 20 minutes There lived a surtain man in Russia long ago. He was big and strong in his eyes a flaming glo. Most people looked at him with terror and fear. But to Moscow chicks get was such a lovely dear he could preach the Bible like a preacher full of estisy and fire but he also was the kind of teacher women would desire. RA RA RASPUTIN LOVER OF THE RUSSIAN QUEEN THERE WAS A CAT THAT REALLY WAS GONE RA RA RASPUTIN LOVER OF THE RUSSIAN QUEEN IT WAS A SAME HOW HE CARRIED ON! He moved to Russian land and never mind Tsar but the kazarchuck it was really wunderbar then one night some men of higher standings set a trap their not to blame come to visit us they cept demanding and he really did. RA RA RASPUTIN LOVER OF THE RUSSIAN QUEEN THEY PUT SOME POISON INTO HIS WINE RA RA RASPUTIN LOVER OF THE RUSSIAN QUEEN HE DRANK IT ALL AND SET OUT FINE! RA RA RASPUTIN LOVER QUEEN THEY DIDN'T QUITE THEY WANTED HIS HEAD RA RA RASPUTIN LOVER OF THE RUSSIAN QUEEN AND SO THEY SHOT HIM TILL HE WAS DEAD!!!!!!!!! Oh those Russians.... There I did it I'm sorry for butchering words or forgetting words if you want to go karren mode in the comments it's fine by me

  • GamingIsEpic

    Why has noone pointed out the Fallout: New Vegas reference he made at 5:58?

  • Ivan Miller
    Ivan Miller

    personality types: extrovert (outgoing), introvert (reclusive), omnivert(both outgoing and reclusive), pervert(sexually outgoing if ya know what I mean), convert(people who convert others to their personality type, which is rapidly spreading because of this), revert(people who were cured of being a convert), advert(the personality of an ad in human form), vert(the personality of ents), vertical(those who are not horizontal), and many more