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  • AlexEEZ

    3:57 l o ri c

  • Aria Olesen
    Aria Olesen

    Well yeah!

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker

    1:30 that's arthropleura and it's not an insect

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker

    1:23 that's not a bird, that's an azhdarchid pterosaur named Quetzaocoatlus northropi.

  • Luca gaming and Memes
    Luca gaming and Memes

    1:22 omg bye I’m going to another planet

  • Nintendo

    6:37 everyone looking at the shadow but im here looking at those beady eyes

  • Søm3øne


  • taflapo

    The giant bird is what my grandparents had to deal with while going to school

  • Andrea odom
    Andrea odom

    2:32 that's not the devil its demon tricky the clown

  • bickey gamer
    bickey gamer

    8:51 i found this funny


    5:27: Thorns III

  • Wally Wallace
    Wally Wallace

    You think you're irrational about hating planes? Imagine being an engineer and being 100% aware of the safety and shit that goes into making it safe, but the second you get on one you just lose all that information and you feel the primal fear of "ground too far below me".

  • Kino Navul
    Kino Navul

    7:22 just a pair of mimics nothing to see here

  • Bailee Parmentier
    Bailee Parmentier

    1:25 That's not a bird, actually. It's a pterodactyl named the Quetzalcoatlus. And if you're wondering, pterodactyl is ANY prehistoric winged reptile, so a Pterodactylus is the actual one. And that's on studying dinosaurs.

  • Mikey Mccann
    Mikey Mccann


  • Deathcon ccc333
    Deathcon ccc333

    6:38 wait till he finds the cosmic hand after an interspace explosion

  • Dakota (Madness Combat)
    Dakota (Madness Combat)

    pterasours are not birds and don't have anything to do with birds they are not even related to dinosaurs now lets see something with birds yeah direct decendants so the largest bird section is just false the image might be a joke so uh just I dunno

  • jeri bailey
    jeri bailey

    Ah yes my fav narrator robin

  • PixeLily(soon to be)MC
    PixeLily(soon to be)MC

    i have that specific calvin and hobbes book right now edit: i am going to have nightmares thank you

  • Paige Walters
    Paige Walters

    1:21 That's a quetzacoatlus. A prehistoric bird like reptile that was carnivorus. It lived in the cretaceous period of north America.

  • richele sumalpong
    richele sumalpong

    You chooses suffering

  • Emil Tawac
    Emil Tawac

    Nothing look scary for me and i'm just 7 years old

  • Jayden Zapata
    Jayden Zapata

    why is the thumbnail that one photo we all have seen before but never knew what it actually is

  • Bot Acount
    Bot Acount

    What is the meaning of the

  • Chernobyl thing
    Chernobyl thing

    I'm going to nitpick now, Quetzalcoatlus was not a bird, just a huge-ass archosaur

  • nathan liambell
    nathan liambell

    1:20 me:okay maybe they mean kelenken or some 2 seconds later me:QUETZALCOATLUS QUETZALCO-

  • Turner Fore
    Turner Fore

    8:59 it’s a dog, what do you have against dogs?

  • Jackal The Sandwing Minecraft and More
    Jackal The Sandwing Minecraft and More

    The one at 3:40 wasn't terrifying for me [well none of them thus far], but the one at 3:40 made me start to laugh more and more the further in it went

  • Rand0m

    3:58 I feel Loric personally

  • SkyeTheHybrid

    4:54 Never knew that YOU knew about scps- Or DO you?

  • mrf the epic guy
    mrf the epic guy

    wait did someone call a quetzalcoatlus a BIRD!?

  • • Alexandra_Fooox •
    • Alexandra_Fooox •

    8:49 I was not looking cuz I listen EmKay as I draw for background noise (it helps me focus) and I look up. Yeah uh I'm not joking about this as I usually do but, T H A T S G O N N A G I V E M E N I G H T M A R E S .

  • Vivec's Armiger
    Vivec's Armiger

    1:22 That's not a bird. That is Queztalcoatlus, an extinct pterosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous.

  • Kenkaneki4456

    8:52 holy fuck 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Jase Gaming
    Jase Gaming

    0:40 this is funni

  • Lemon Dreamon
    Lemon Dreamon

    5:27 this armor has the thorns 3 enchantment

  • Sharps Dark
    Sharps Dark

    Fun fact: This hits differently while on holiday in a forest at 1:24am

  • Pumathrine

    The thumbnail is not oddly terrifiying. It’s just terrifiying

  • Lemon Demon 🏳️‍🌈
    Lemon Demon 🏳️‍🌈

    Fun fact: i would look creepier with RTX than without it

  • ~°•Makoko•°~

    I hate it when i feel dorcinassless.

  • Spinosaurus Rex
    Spinosaurus Rex

    1:22 i havent watched the entire video so i might be explaining more stuff but that is a quetzalcoatlus, it is a reptilian dinosaur and is competing with the hatzegopteryx which is thought to be bigger than quetzalcoatlus, so quetzalcoatlus remains king of the skies.

  • ReimAchse

    5:20 Than shouldn't google for hairless Bears

  • Exoticbutter

    8:50 oh god that dog is scary

  • Dana Jensen
    Dana Jensen

    3:40 i want to die.

  • Daniel Buttram
    Daniel Buttram

    The body horror emotion chart was not oddly terrifying, it was very understandably terrifying, now if you excuse me, I will lay awake at night comprehending what these eldritch emotions feel like and to what they appear in response to

  • Catto

    9:01 that's just thor fighting some bad guy

  • Carrie Spencer
    Carrie Spencer

    If you want oddly terrifying than take a look at epic mickey's concept art.

  • Shelton Davidson
    Shelton Davidson

    Your dad unrolling the belt that your about to get beat with

  • Olive

    Fun facts: The thumbnail scared 8 yr old me for several months when i saw it in a roblox game and i keep thinking it would be there to eat me if i turned around

  • HappyGamer 4ever
    HappyGamer 4ever

    Bro one of those robodogs can pee beer (2:37)

  • Audrey Griffin
    Audrey Griffin

    3:40 hell's chart of emotions

  • ♿ angelo 🥶
    ♿ angelo 🥶

    Im Feeling very loric tbh

  • Devon Klee
    Devon Klee

    I meant kyne

  • Devon Klee
    Devon Klee

    I feel Lyme right now

  • Spinel

    With the costumes, I have a few pictures of my mother in a costume like those when she was a little kid, with the plastic masks and bag costume. It is horrifying

  • Villager #87
    Villager #87

    Robot dogs? generation zero flashbacks

  • Karl Siebuhr
    Karl Siebuhr

    did you know that planes are resistant to thunder and lightning that should put your fear away

  • LICHKINGofrock

    The giant bee was rediscovered alive *it was thought to be extinct* in Indonesia So I'm guessing it's in Indonesia

  • Poolside Joe
    Poolside Joe

    I feel you when it’s oddly terrifying if you walk in your room.

  • Brenna Huggard
    Brenna Huggard

    8:52 made me laugh but idk how tho

  • Shannon Markle
    Shannon Markle

    dude your voice is perfect for doing this

  • sebastian burns
    sebastian burns

    Ever thought that the boat was just small and the whale was big,

  • Ryleboom29 Gaming
    Ryleboom29 Gaming

    *This is more creepy i got a Duolingo ad before i tapped the video*

  • BAK Robert Johnston
    BAK Robert Johnston

    2:00 cuts through 100% of reality and the space time continuum

  • Anime Dude
    Anime Dude

    3:00 is that Dora

  • LingerieWise

    7:11 💖💖💖 Danny DeVito!

  • LingerieWise

    Loric all day..... 🤣🤣🤣

  • Joebuntu

    didn't expect gooseworx' thesalin to be here, but ok

  • Thatcher Fagan
    Thatcher Fagan

    5:26 Me:I wonder who's kink this is? My brain:STOP

  • Little miss Alice
    Little miss Alice

    Oddly terrifying is when I look myself in the mirror (Can I please get pined?)

  • The Catfather
    The Catfather

    1:08 As someone who's Apiphobic, this seriously triggers me.

  • Mr llamaton
    Mr llamaton

    I am currently trying to open a portal to hell to get das vater out of that place

  • gay_pigeon 420
    gay_pigeon 420

    3:40 can someone please find me this image

  • shreks army
    shreks army

    fun fact it takes 3 days for a corpse to float from decomposing

  • Firebart3q 2
    Firebart3q 2

    Fun fact: There is one case of death by slipping on banana peel. It happened on Niagara Falls. The victim slipped on peel and fell over the barrier into the waterfall. Edit: Fact checked myself and I made some mistakes. The only person to die from slipping on banana peel was a Tenesse man in 1927. He was 74 yo. The accident I described indeed happened, but the man slipped on the orange peel, survived the fall, but had his leg amputated and died from complications after the amputation 2 months later.

  • Steadfast

    5:56 People: Why are there so many furries? Also people:

  • MikC259

    9:11 Ummm I saw one of these for myself yesterday on my FIRST FLIGHT ALONE scared the sh*t outta me lucky the pilot saw the storm and went around it it took us 20 freaking minutes to get around it and it delayed my flight landing time so it was fine

  • Infernal_Kun783

    Oddly terrifying my second favorite subreddit

  • Soda Can
    Soda Can

    1:10 probably in Australia.

  • patrich brandt
    patrich brandt

    everyone, Minecraft Bees are becoming real

  • Lucas Rodriguez #TeaSquad #RedCult #LovelyFam
    Lucas Rodriguez #TeaSquad #RedCult #LovelyFam

    5:25 little does he know that this armor was actually made FOR hunting bears

  • NS°Poker

    Fun fact: by rotating your head in exactly 180° you can achieve third person mode 🙂

  • Dustorm The Destroyer
    Dustorm The Destroyer

    Fun fact: the thumbnail was scp-087-2

  • Mangyo

    2:00 Cuts through 100% of *the gods that attempt to face me*

  • Riff Family
    Riff Family


  • ad revenue plz
    ad revenue plz

    My dog sleeps with me, I feel like imma wake up in the middle of the night and that dogs face is gunna be her face, and I’m watching this at night, I’m fucking stupid

  • Brainrotic

    elon musk is an avatar of the extinction

  • Niyi Aguaze
    Niyi Aguaze

    After Nage, I just encountered a whole new level of terror.

  • Skyioun

    3:41 ..Just why?

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari

    Ok but the last one was kinda funny 💀

  • Chase Anderson
    Chase Anderson

    personaly i feel dnfjdndndndndndnujibnspiuchsducanuaihhs or is that just me?

  • Fabiano Lopes
    Fabiano Lopes

    This thumbnail is evil I wasn't expecting this :(

  • Chunkey Munkey 64
    Chunkey Munkey 64

    3:40 is a video by gooseworx but I can't remember what it was called

  • Raidok

    6:24 that belongs more on r/ATBGE

  • halowolf

    fundy shimeji stole the subscibe lol

  • Raidok

    1:17 … that’s… not a bird… that’s a reptile dude

  • Elias da big brain gamer dude
    Elias da big brain gamer dude

    The robot dogs are the robot dogs from the one of battlefield 2042 trailers XD

  • Cthulhu

    why the hell is that scp 087 face on the thumbnail? its been so overused in things to the point where it isnt scary anymore.

  • No Dude
    No Dude

    1:25 that's a Quetzalcoatlus. they were as tall as giraffes. they were flying giraffes. i really with i could own one.

  • blilyum

    Whoever chose that thumbnail; Damn you for eternity

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