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  • Karatepie67 ;-;
    Karatepie67 ;-;


  • caretaker cat
    caretaker cat

    and that Space jam 2 comment, i`lll see you in next time in age like milk

  • believe it or not not a bot
    believe it or not not a bot

    that comment on the spcae jam that jack made ironically aged like wine

  • Zack Lumbard
    Zack Lumbard

    fun fact dream likely didn't cheat. There was an entire video done by an outside source covering that, im sure this video won't age like milk... fishows.info/post/eJSPrc6TZYrAyNk/videot.html

  • Casual Sleeping Dragon
    Casual Sleeping Dragon

    Did you just call whales fish

  • Potato Patato
    Potato Patato

    5:28 And this right here is why America is overrun by idiots. Y'all made the price of not being one way too high.

  • Alex Abad Gimenez
    Alex Abad Gimenez

    The part bout space jam 2 sucking aged very well

  • Ralphofthehill 57
    Ralphofthehill 57

    I guess this aged like milk, space jam indeed didn’t suck

  • Chernobyl thing
    Chernobyl thing

    I love the controlled chaos that's just jack narrating shit

  • Nathan Maynes
    Nathan Maynes

    12:34 is kinda ignorant ngl. I mean maybe they don't support it because it's kinda illegal? It's not a company's job to support lgbtq+ all around the earth, and the fact that they are trying in the US at all only proves that they are willing to go as far as they are comfortable not that they only support it because it's beneficial. In fact, I feel that EmKay throws this theme of "big business's only care on pride month" but isn't that the same as saying that "companies only give discounts to veterans on veterans day so that they can seem respectful"? I'm not saying that companies are paragons of good deeds but I think this channel is all too eager to hop on the antiestablishmentarian train.

  • Lamb

    For the middle eastern p&g thing. What did you expect them to do in places where people go in jail (if not worse) for being gay? I don't see It as a way to make more profit out of the west, but as a way to support LGBT people where LGBT people can be supported.

  • SilenceInd

    Space Jam 2 is a mess Not even a fun one

  • Matthew Ward
    Matthew Ward

    Just mentioning cats are not at all native to Australia and are a danger to many native species. Feral cats are hunted for a reason.

  • Madra

    Lebron James was 10 years old when Michael Jordon was casted for Space Jam.

  • NicoRic12

    I saw this two weeks ago, didn't know about space jams, found out about it 4 days ago, and now I'm confused.

  • Sofia Wesley
    Sofia Wesley

    LOL PPG is points per game


    Big chungus is in space jam

  • xmotleyjnrx

    RIP headphone users at 3:14

  • Beesechuger

    PPG Points Per Game!

  • Angelic_Autumn Gacha Club, Gacha studio and more
    Angelic_Autumn Gacha Club, Gacha studio and more

    Jasper: Time is the deadliest weapon of them all Metal Jasper: Yes it is

  • Alexander Leonardi
    Alexander Leonardi

    the "face time will fail" one aged like milk BEFORE IT WAS EVEN WRITTEN. skype video was already a thing, and free.

  • Alexander Leonardi
    Alexander Leonardi

    the problem isnt that dream cheated in his game. it's that he LIED when he was caught. if he just admitted it then, no one would care. now that he lied, it doesnt matter if he admits it or not. the damage is done

  • Alexander Leonardi
    Alexander Leonardi

    blinx is a time traveler.

  • Alexander Leonardi
    Alexander Leonardi

    the first one aged like fine wine honestly. while they were both in space jam, the jordan version is still the superior version.

  • Kawaii_Kraken

    5:46 you don't have to call me out like that

  • CT 1035
    CT 1035

    Im pretty sure my laptop had better specs than that PC

    • Waffle gaming
      Waffle gaming

      same, though it is built for gaming

  • Murkrow yeet
    Murkrow yeet

    Twitter users know who Blinx is...

  • Zach Yohama
    Zach Yohama

    The fact this video is at 480p max is scary

  • Lynch Reacher
    Lynch Reacher

    He did know the first one sucked too right?

  • Carson Kay
    Carson Kay

    12:40 why would P&G support Pride month in a country where homosexuality is illegal? I'm pretty sure there are also laws that would prevent them from mentioning it.

  • Just Some Guy Without lungs
    Just Some Guy Without lungs

    What is breathing

    • Waffle gaming
      Waffle gaming

      oh no

  • Candice

    1:28 oh no, not again..

  • Lilac Pen
    Lilac Pen

    Honestly, while I can understand one's reservations over the phrasing of the "How to Kiss a Girl" tutorial, it's actually decent advice. Given the time period, if they're acting like that together they're probably already romantically involved (kissing wasn't first date behavior like it is now) and it gives the woman time to reject if she wishes. Being a gentleman was far more prized in that time, and acting in such a manner to a girl against her will would all but guarantee to get you ostracized from society. The "BUT WAIT" had me crying, though.

  • altarofshadows

    Nobody is better than Jordan, is like there's nobody better than Pele in soccer

  • Pyrdex

    Rip headphone users 3:14

  • Edd 14 The radiation queen
    Edd 14 The radiation queen

    if anyone tries to kiss me and run off I'll bite their lips and tounge off and viciously fight with other cannibals to eat it

  • ITSCS117

    Why!!! Why did Microsoft have to treat blinx so dirty. Everywhere i go i see him.

  • J M
    J M

    They're still murdering cats in Australia. They want to preserve the wildlife that cats keep eating. Australian wildlife is bat shit insane though, I say let the cats eat everything. Maybe then you guys won't have the fucking insects from Starship Troopers infesting everything.

  • Chaotic team
    Chaotic team

    I hope you know that the intro gave me so much joy during a day I where I was sad

  • MVND

    okay so the "higher education" poster has LED lights in the car taillights so you could turn it on and off, I actually have the original printing of it from the early 90s

  • Lukáš Kolísek
    Lukáš Kolísek

    If you have mice problems you aren't from Australia. There are plenty of other animals that can take care of your problem. In fact, those animals are so dedicated to their job they'll take care of you as well.

  • Kristoff Morales
    Kristoff Morales

    beeg cunges 2

  • DepressedTaco 420
    DepressedTaco 420

    Excuse me....WHAT WAS THAT INTRO

  • 「Oriixon」

    2:39 *those didn't really sound like sighs*

  • Glenn Mcnally
    Glenn Mcnally

    Fun fact the mouse plagues happen periodically any way the cats are an issue because they kill wild life like native birds and wallabies and what not they are both introduced species

  • Alitocip

    " BUT WAIT"

  • Davion vich
    Davion vich

    That "BUT WAIT !" Turned down my graphics a bit.

  • C01i0

    15:16 for doubly ironic-ness i was playing on nintendo switch while listening to this video

  • Not You
    Not You

    No it is the Energy provider in Texas asking people to conserve power not the government. As it is, Texans told Ercot to go fuck themselves.

  • Dead memes and broken Dreams
    Dead memes and broken Dreams

    I absolutely love blinx you just had no childhood

  • Anthony

    We have 1 Space Jam and 1 cash grab!

  • Lord Cy
    Lord Cy

    That Australian cat thing was a horribly bad take. Humans introduced rats and cats to nearly every continent causing enormous ecological impacts and cats are responsible for killing much of the small endemic wildlife and causing then to be endangered, not just mice. There is still a massive cat and rabbit problem in Australia and not enough native predators to handle shit. Cats are a world wide problem that have to be managed somehow. Same with other invasive species.

  • frankie king
    frankie king

    0:43 me too. im also christian

  • mag pica
    mag pica

    1:48 the issue is its not that simple. feral cats are invasive in australia and kill massive amounts of local wildlife, damaging the ecosystem.

  • Mr. Mans
    Mr. Mans

    From what I can remember Australian cats actually kill everything but mice.

  • laidies man 217
    laidies man 217

    Nice one idiot if you pay attention you can actually see how he could've legitimately not know he had the mods installed or turned on

  • Sam Enz
    Sam Enz

    So Nxivm (pronounced Nex-iem) was both an MLM (multi-level marketing) and a cult ran by Keith Rainere. There is actually a very interesting documentary on HBO called The Vow and it has Ex Members of Nxivm talking about their experience, how they got in, and how they got out, and how they helped bring it down. If you're interested in this kind of stuff I would highly recommend it. Also there is a FIshowsr on here as well named Illumanaughty (I think that's how she spells it) who also covered it that is also a good video to watch to find out more. Keith was a terrible human being who did atrocities to the people in his cult/MLM. Again. Highly recommend checking those out if you're interested in learning more

  • Blake Cooper
    Blake Cooper

    Galaxy note 7 went the way of atlas weaponry from BL1 to Bl2. Brickware

  • Donovan

    Yo boys 99% pure DDT is only $51 on the web for a 10mg bottle who's trying to pitch in and get some

  • Rex Jolles
    Rex Jolles

    12:45 no dumbass, it's literally illegal in Saudi Arabia. They will be banned.

  • Big yeet Big yeet
    Big yeet Big yeet

    I will now become famous by commenting on every video I come across

  • Thage

    "Come back with a warrant!" "lol k"

  • Aidan Schneider
    Aidan Schneider

    Who cares if dream cheated on the man hunts they are still fun to watch and it's not supposed to be serious

  • Logitah

    Too bad that Blinx didn't become a more popular character. He's really cute!

  • Nick Kohlmann
    Nick Kohlmann


  • Pathetic Seal
    Pathetic Seal

    That “BUT WAIT” made me laugh so much Im crying

  • spamuel98

    That one about Beth Van Duyne made me think of that huge winter storm we had back in february, where giant office buildings were still lit up and visible for miles while the citizens had no power in their homes, resulting in several deaths.

  • Notaperson


  • Smokey Beardman
    Smokey Beardman

    Fun fact: Australia is the only country to go to war with an animal and lose. The great emu war.

  • crushed acorn
    crushed acorn

    The how to kiss tutorial looks like it belongs to r/justneckbeardthings

  • Fredy Rodriguez
    Fredy Rodriguez

    0:00 I wonder how this guy feels now


    Actually feral cats are extremely damaging to the Australian wildlife and if not controlled they will directly lead to the extinction of much of its smaller species. "The final report found that every year, each individual feral cat in Australia kills 390 mammals, 225 reptiles and 130 birds. That adds up. Every year, feral cats kill 1.4 billion native Australian animals"

  • Fat tater
    Fat tater


  • Kylie The Little Spider-Man Girl
    Kylie The Little Spider-Man Girl

    Got an ad for P&G while watching this

  • Cman1605

    I have a book from the '60s that says that asbestos is a common and safe building material so probably that

  • Stay Out
    Stay Out

    "Your trying to seduce a lady not me!" Jack 2021

  • Indian0Lore

    Silfy_star is live on twitch

  • S.C.O.S

    Cats in australia kill over 3 billion native animals every year, they are an invasive pest.

  • Micheal Persicko
    Micheal Persicko

    13:02 The reason there's a different banner for the Saudi Arabian P&G branch's twitter is because of the simple fact being gay or part of the LGBTQ+ community and being open about it is highly illegal and it's illegal for any company to make advertisement or show support for the LGBTQ+ community and their rights is also highly illegal. This is just P&G's marketing team figuring out a way to circumvent this issue so that it's vague enough that no one would think twice about it; but the people who will understand it are limited really to the LGBTQ+ community in Saudi Arabia and allies will understand it. Thus they still show support without breaking any laws. FFS I'm 22 and would be part of the generation that would be outraged by this but im not that thick(in the head) to not just think that because the banner is different in another country during pride month that they're just using it for money while totally ignoring the logistics behind the two banners because it would invalidate my rant.

    • M-Try in realtime
      M-Try in realtime

      Do you really think companies collectively care about you? its really just a PR sorta deal, i thought we already established that

  • Tom Dyer
    Tom Dyer

    "Place the fingers of your left hand under her chin and tilt back her head slightly." Dude! Are you trying to kiss the girl or give her CPR?

  • Snort Memes
    Snort Memes

    I hope you were joking about the Australian war against cats, they weren't doing it for giggles, feral cats kill about a billion of Australia's native wildlife each year slowly but surely hunting the native critters to extinction

  • Jayah Moore
    Jayah Moore

    Not me getting a space jam ad right after they talked about space jam 😂😂


    3:14 the funniest and quietest moment in the hole video. Make sure your volume is at least 95%.

  • InFractured Soul
    InFractured Soul

    Jack a delicious snack Yeah that’s right no homo I didn’t forget

  • Merlin M.
    Merlin M.

    I remember seeing the Nintendo Switch failure predictions EVERYWHERE even when I went to school. They all related it back to the Wii U (which is fair).

  • SuperSimoneYT

    7:46 I like fortnite and It's lore, but I HATE THE TOXIC PART OF THE COMMUNITY


    3:12 got me good

  • Chris still games
    Chris still games

    3:14 thanks. I’m deaf now

  • Timber Der Jägermeister
    Timber Der Jägermeister

    I mean California's power grid craps out every year for no reason Texas went down due to unusually dense snowstorms

  • Blue Kanz
    Blue Kanz

    I'm so confused. Taylor Swift hates Kanye West, especially due to the infamous incident in which he interrupted her awards ceremony when she was just coming into the music stuff as a young girl.

    • Blue Kanz
      Blue Kanz

      @Carson Kay ohhh thank you that makes a lot more sense.

    • Carson Kay
      Carson Kay

      That interview was from before the incident. That's why it aged so poorly.

  • 2randomcrap3

    I bet the Space Jam 2 blooper reel will be full of Lebron James flopping to get a foul called on his opponents!

  • Alex Mcclinchey
    Alex Mcclinchey

    7:51 like I mean fall guys is better than fortnite so in a way it did destroy fortnite in 2021. This could be poorly aged if fortnite made their game better in 6 months but who knows.

  • Slightly Distressed Slug
    Slightly Distressed Slug

    2:22 “Do not ask permission to kiss her.” 🤢

  • Rowan Brown
    Rowan Brown

    I mean the mice plague was because of flooding, so

  • Micheal Linne
    Micheal Linne

    Democrats are taking over Texas. As soon as towns turn into cities and economic hubs democrats move in after they've already ruined every city and state they've taken over. With all the immigration and all the developement in Texas there formed a greater and greater burden on the power grid and with democrats gaining and later in control of Dallas the problem wasn't getting taken care of.

    • M-Try in realtime
      M-Try in realtime

      @Micheal Linne overall, I agree.

    • Micheal Linne
      Micheal Linne

      @M-Try in realtime i think we agree on most of this leaving aside what the us can do about building a big enough electrical grid relying on solar and wind so as to not be knocked out by bad weather conditions. What's commonly misunderstood about the us is that while it is one nation it doesn't function much as one nation so much as 50 interacting with eachother and even in some ways competing with eachother with the federal government above them making sure everyone plays nice. Our states are a lot more unified than any cluster of individual countries but they are complete separate entities with their own laws and customs with more control over the people within their borders than the federal government has. Individual states could even commission their own militaries if they wanted though it would be redundant and not exactly looked favorably upon. What comes with that territory is that while some clusters of smaller states do share power grids, all the bigger ones have their own power grid. You have to remember that most of our states are larger than every European country, a few almost as large as mainland Europe itself so there are logistical issues with connecting one huge power grid and its simply more efficient to use multiple smaller grids. Also its state jurisdiction and even if the federal government ordered it done it would run into many problems at the state level and there would be problems arising simply because it would cross state borders. Inter-state commerce laws would apply so states could tax other state's citizens for using electricity generated within their borders even though ordinarily states can't impose laws on other states. We could establish federal laws to prevent this but states can and regularly do ignore federal laws so if a state that doesn't rely heavily on federal funding doesn't want to do it they simply won't. There's the same problem with nuclear power, if the states don't like it they won't touch it. Imagine trying to effectively convince 50 countries at once they all need to take up nuclear power for a cleaner and better tomorrow when the rest of the world is dragging their feet on the matter themselves.

    • M-Try in realtime
      M-Try in realtime

      ​@Micheal Linne This is a collective failure. Neither Parties in the US actually strive to change something. This isn't exclusive to the US either, I'm from Europe, in the country I live in, there's many parties, but the majority parties (ie. the ones that actually get to make decisions) tend to be unproductive and unwilling to introduce change. For example, they keep delaying their plans to reduce carbon emission by shutting down fossil fuel plants running on coal. We do in fact have the needed funds and space to replace it with solar, wind, and fission (and eventually fusion, hopefully), but politicians refuse to make these decisions because of "lobbying". This isn't different in the US either. The way I see it, renewable energy sources (along with nuclear of course) are definitely a viable option, even though they depend on the weather, generally speaking they would never be shut down for long enough to pose a serious problem, since you can store the excess energy, which is exactly what they're doing, thus you wouldn't run out immediately on a cloudy day. A big nation like the US can surely work together to build a power network all across America to further stabilise the system. The thing about many countries all depending on one, well, the EU is a prime example. Every country in that union depends on the ECB, the European Central Bank, in Germany. "What if they shut down their operations, what will happen to the Euro? Will my country go into Poverty?" is something that none of the EU members think about, because this is a joint effort. We all agreed to this, and we all profit from each other. If Germany were to shut down the ECB tomorrow, they would massively hurt themselves in the process. I think the same is true for a international project to produce energy and supply the members of that project, even if its not about solar panels in the deserts of Africa.

    • Micheal Linne
      Micheal Linne

      @M-Try in realtime apparently you missed the part where I said cloudy. You also seem to be ignorant of the fact America is and has been steering clear of fission and fusion nuclear power for basically superstitious reasons because people are afraid of meltdowns and toxic waste when the danger is really unlikely to come to pass and if we deal with the waste responsibly it'll never be a problem. I personally think we should go down the fission and fusion routes, but we're not doing that because politicians vallue good press over good planning. As for hydro power, it comes only in two forms: innefficient and insufficient to meet demand or efficient but ultimately devastating to entire ecosystems with a high maintenance cost. My post was about democrats and their politicians putting too much stock in wind and solar power and not even putting in a backup plan for when those two fail, such as on cold and cloudy days which are not at all uncommon and should be planned for. It would be acceptable if with the expansion of demand we installed backup gas powered generators for that bad weather when it comes around. I accept that oil isn't a renewable resource, but it's not going to run out in the next ten years let alone 50 so maybe we should stop acting like we haven't enough time to adjust for that. Technically all the power generation methods we have use non renewable resources, some are just more efficient than others. Dumb democrat policy and politicians are the reason we are actually staying away from nuclear power and instead are still relying on coal powered generators to some extent, and that's worse than using oil. Let's say we do cover part of the Sahara with solar panels, we'd need personnel and a water supply to clean those panels, we'd need regular repairs to deal with the loss of efficiency due to the constant sandblasting, and we'd need to replace them all likely every 20-25 years because solar panels don't last forever. Furthermore solar panels are non recyclable so they'll devastate the environment wherever we put them. And we'd still need backup power systems to deal with cloudy days and that power generation would basically cease at night anyway so it's not even a all day solution. Furthermore every country in the world would rely on power from one country completely changing the political balance in the world, do you really think any first world country will opt to be at another country's mercy? Not exactly a viable option so much as it is a pipe dream. I fully support the move to nuclear power, but that's not something democrats in Texas are doing and have done. Its basically irrelevant to my previous post. By the time we colonize various terrestrial bodies, if we manage to do that before going extinct, we will probably be fully relying on nuclear power until we find a more efficient power source.

    • M-Try in realtime
      M-Try in realtime

      ​@Micheal Linne A: The chemical reaction in Solar Panels is actually a bit more efficient in the cold. B: You do realize there is more ways of generating Power other than Solar and Wind? For example: Fission Power, Fusion Power (Europe did research on this with the JET), Hydropower, etc. The reason why we are planning to steer away from and fossil fuels is because its not renewable (ie. we will run out of it) and it releases a big amount of CO2 which is harmful the environment, (for example: crop harvests in third world southern countries are already affected by the increase in temperature, the effect will soon be noticeable here too). When we colonize other planets, what is your first instinct? Dig around and search for Oil? I dont think thats realistic. Solar, Wind, Nuclear and Hydropower have all shown to be reliable, efficient and easy to maintain. In fact, we could cover a relatively small area in the Sahara Desert with Solar Panels, the power which those produce would easily be enough for us all.

  • Esculapio Flatulencio
    Esculapio Flatulencio

    *Sigh Once More...* Jack- “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh”

  • Cee3 pOh
    Cee3 pOh

    MJ is still superior to all including LeBron

  • Ultimate8Bit

    "this twitter page is promoting pride as a flavour of the month", isn't this anything during pride month?

    • M-Try in realtime
      M-Try in realtime

      yea pretty much

  • Hardcorehenry 2018
    Hardcorehenry 2018

    Fun fact: the guy who said the internet would be irrelevant by 2005 said he would eat his words if he was wrong. When he was proven wrong he took a piece of paper with his words and put it in a blender with some liquid and drank it Literally eating his words.

  • StarMelody

    But the thing with the feral cats is that they’re an invasive predator, they aren’t native. And they’re a damn effective one too. They kill anything and everything they can manage, which really threatens the local ecosystems’ delicate balances.