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  • Quinn Murphy
    Quinn Murphy

    Those images were not 66 years apart because the image was of John young on the moon in 1972 also it looks photoshopped becuase he was jumping in the image

  • james that one catboy
    james that one catboy

    1:12 after my 2 hour nap and its 3 am but the hallway light is on

  • Matthew Mutinda
    Matthew Mutinda

    ngl the bakugan one hit me in the feels

  • Tedster TED
    Tedster TED

    7:47 And you end up getting married in the future and realize that she was that same girl from the beach by looking through some old photos

  • Apiet GI
    Apiet GI


  • TJ _
    TJ _

    Jack is Snack

  • AwesomeChameleon

    "Beyblades is a blast from the past" you do relize that they released a new beyblade less than a month ago right? Beyblade is not dead. They even EXPLODE NOW

  • 「 Aleph the Algebralien 」
    「 Aleph the Algebralien 」

    3:56 *SCREAM* *FUCK* *DIE*

  • Pog Champ
    Pog Champ

    not funny, didn't laugh. unsubscribed

  • Aidan Hughes
    Aidan Hughes

    So if is Start ww111 we have flying car

  • __ Honeyslime
    __ Honeyslime

    1:40 should be "leatherback"

  • Adam

    5:44 when you fart so good that at the start of the fart you get a stomach ache and then the same fart gets rid of the stomach ache

  • Anti Gen
    Anti Gen

    *at the back of the room* Sorry I’m Catholic

  • ElectricShadow20

    Can we just talk about Jack's impeccable Doofenshmirtz impression?

  • YtGreyPull

    Senpai mean upper class-men

  • Collin Campbell
    Collin Campbell

    Jack: “the snack that smiles back” Me: “YES, HE SAID THE THING”

  • MyBoringLife

    sin is actually short for sine*

  • SURFChii

    I am a penguin

  • Roblox Gaming Hub
    Roblox Gaming Hub

    notice me, sin 𝞹

  • starberrie

    why is 0:46 a perfect stan pines impression edit: timestamp changed

  • flameville

    5:20 this was that episode for me

  • that person
    that person

    5:30 I feel like this is the male version of r/notlikeothergirls, but it's not r/notlikeotherguys either

  • Maxilz

    the thumbnail pisses off the math nerd in me because that is not sin pi, it’s sine of pi

  • Terra-Ryan ✅
    Terra-Ryan ✅

    8:57 i want a full version

  • Troybb99

    I don't know why I'm saying this and probably gonna delete it soon I mean this video is about weird content so here's weird content Puberty hit me when I was 8 this is the truth

  • justgaymer zz
    justgaymer zz

    Notice me sine pi

  • SuperNova999

    grab your saxophone already

  • Pop bear C:
    Pop bear C:

    1:13 conspiracy theory : IS JACK THE VOICE ACTOR FOR CARTOON VILLIANS?! REMAINS TO BE SEEN ON dophinsmirk (idk if i spelt it, i dont watch cartoons anymore) evil incorporated! *God this is cringe*

  • Raphael James Arquisola
    Raphael James Arquisola

    Cue I give up from phineas and ferb

  • Enderwolf

    2:54 the best possible outcome is 7 human deaths

  • Judicus

    4:29 did you know they are making sequels now? I forget the estimated release dates tho

  • Boba Bird
    Boba Bird

    3:52 uhm. *cough* thats a fucking cicada

  • 15tsubasa

    That was some pretty great fan art though

  • iSaltyTV

    “My name is jack (or Zack idk) the snack that smiles back!” Me: aAaaAaaAAaaAAa why is the goldfish talkingggggggggg

  • leftovertix

    The marbles are a game called mancala

  • Asta

    now hes lewding turtles smh

  • myself only
    myself only

    7:00 i likes collecting bakugan, but I had no idea how to use the card aspect of the game, it was either “add +50g” or “flip a coin, if heads, calculate the radius of the ball and divide by Pi, but only if you are wearing yellow or if the date has a 4 in it, and round to the nearest 10th and add that to your G power, but only if you are pyrus, darkuss, Haos, or have any metallic parts. If tails, add 50g”

  • Danna Slusser
    Danna Slusser

    5:42 you do understand that spongebob is 20 years old right???

  • Duncan Graham
    Duncan Graham

    im the snack dog from r/softwaregore

  • HoodieGaming

    The jack that smiles back (EMKAY™️)

  • Aliakbar Muzafarov
    Aliakbar Muzafarov

    EmKay Late 2020: Using words like sheet, beech, ect. Emkay Mid 2021: N/S FW

  • Aliakbar Muzafarov
    Aliakbar Muzafarov

    1:50 Da da da da, da da da da, da da daa.

  • Incident Notreal
    Incident Notreal

    iv’m havimg a stroje hwlp mwe

  • Himiko Yumeno
    Himiko Yumeno

    3:55 why do you sound like neil cicierega *why the fuck do you sound like neil cicierega*

  • Meru of the Nyakuza Metro
    Meru of the Nyakuza Metro

    3:48 That's a cicada, the entire joke hinges on you knowing that it's a cicada

  • Yaboku

    3:48 that's a cicada so technically "scream, f*ck, die" is accurate

  • şans

    i hate whoever made that thumbnail I LOVE MATH AND I HATE YOU

  • True Sir Cat
    True Sir Cat

    i wonder what jacks' neighbors think of him, like when he is shouting "SHUT UP" or "notice me senpai"

  • UwU

    "jack the snack that smiles back" Imagine waking up, stumbling in the dark thru to the kitchen, opening a bag of Doritos and it SMILES at you.

  • The Blue Teabag
    The Blue Teabag

    first comment on my new pc

  • The Chosen One
    The Chosen One


  • わたしはAceXD_ Channel
    わたしはAceXD_ Channel

    8:23 I choked on those once Thought those were that freshmint candies and I just swallowed 2. Luckily I threw up and both came out

  • cooper edwards plays
    cooper edwards plays

    11:21 God bless Australia

  • Yuno Takahashi
    Yuno Takahashi

    I haven’t interacted with any kind of stranger in over a year and today I had to get a new ID. I’ve never felt as much social anxiety as in the moment where I accidentally said Y instead of @. I’m never going outside again.

  • mason benedict
    mason benedict

    2:45 i shall leave no explanation

  • InkyBoi_0021

    11:10. Bruh I just call people “it”. I don’t care if 90% of humanity despises my mortality for doing so, i will call everyone it.

  • Astronomy Demon
    Astronomy Demon

    3:47 For anyone confused That's a cicada, all they do is scream, fuck, then die

  • That Ben 10 Fan
    That Ben 10 Fan

    “Hello, My name is Kevin Levin, You killed My father, prepare to die”

  • Normal peashooter
    Normal peashooter

    5:44 Hmmmmmmm....

  • Your Choice
    Your Choice

    Hahaaaaaa.... That was a cicada...

  • Joey Davis
    Joey Davis


  • Angelic_Autumn Gacha Club, Gacha studio and more
    Angelic_Autumn Gacha Club, Gacha studio and more

    Jasper: Can someone help me talk to Elemental One? Metal Jasper: You think i know how to talk to E1? Garnet: Have you tried showing off? Jasper: OuO no

  • • ᴀ ʙ s ᴇ ɴ ᴛ •
    • ᴀ ʙ s ᴇ ɴ ᴛ •


  • Meowzerz Oh 6
    Meowzerz Oh 6

    7:48 for any Hispanics/Spanish speakers out there :) m.fishows.info/post/lNlrpLnTpp3H26c/videot.html

  • Lazy Eon
    Lazy Eon

    Your voice is an enigma

  • Sophia Thelen
    Sophia Thelen

    ...people say that I am gifted...✋️😳

  • Alexandru Bolfa
    Alexandru Bolfa

    I was thinking about the sin/``\ i was thinking it was simp.

  • NooTube

    Jack is sick. He cool. :D Also, his yell at 11:37 should be a sound effect. First time hearing that from jack.

  • Geometry craze Man
    Geometry craze Man


  • Leafyr Oakfyst
    Leafyr Oakfyst

    Fk I love that movie Avater!!!

  • Lu1

    The guy who invented fake pockets maybe is at hell

  • joss hodkinson
    joss hodkinson

    Dude I spent a month making a house in the backyard so I could avoid convo I can relate to to that man

  • Neo Brown
    Neo Brown

    That Doof impression was tastefully done

  • Metroplex

    9:49 same

  • Metroplex

    6:56 Beyblade, Bakugan, Ninjago and something else that I forgot are certified childhood classics

  • Metroplex

    6:13 I’ve never thought about that

  • Metroplex

    5:20 that was me tonight, I watched the original dragon ball for like 7 hours (around 23:00 -> 6 or 7 am)

  • Metroplex

    0:57 conclusion: listen to sonic music because it has everything from Rap to Rock to Jazz and, up down & all around

  • Jazzy Cakes
    Jazzy Cakes

    I died because that's not a butterfly That is a cicada

  • Idiotic look of superiority
    Idiotic look of superiority

    0:33 jeez no need to be hard on yourself

  • Steve Aldrich
    Steve Aldrich

    You mean at age fi e right because that is when my life became pointles

  • Six

    AUSSIES DO NOT SPEAK THAT SLANG JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicktvname

    8:42 what was that on the background edit: nevermind i figured it out

  • EnderS

    5:45 when you realize it was more than just a fart

  • Best Nightmare
    Best Nightmare

    12:12 It triggers me that there are four wings on one side and three on the other but it's so good that I feel bad thinking about it

  • ✨ Aether ✨
    ✨ Aether ✨


    • ✨ Aether ✨
      ✨ Aether ✨


  • Yandere cat
    Yandere cat

    why are Jack's responses the freaking best

  • Havoc

    1000th comment

  • Galaxy the Space Dog
    Galaxy the Space Dog

    *n o*

  • Logan DeVore
    Logan DeVore

    He ruined every single joke

  • theFairyDongMother

    Jack and zack collab plz

  • FailedTheDK


  • Aiden Massey
    Aiden Massey

    I got my last Covid-19 vaccine today

  • when to how to doing how to
    when to how to doing how to

    guys hold down any number keys, funny

  • Juan

    what's up with the production value?

  • daviscalledfred

    4:03 theres a funny word in that username: Calipo As in the ice cream lolly thing And if you thought anything else you are dirty minded

  • joshua parliment
    joshua parliment

    I am a ginger boy and I’m pretty sure the girls find me a tractive

  • Darkos Beast63
    Darkos Beast63


  • Portgas D Shanks
    Portgas D Shanks

    Hi gus

  • Dragondud

    3:55 sounds like Neil Ciceriga/Lemon Demon