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  • OliverDeer

    snow white was seen as dead or made to look dead and the prince still kissed her

  • Lucy_Kitty _Chan
    Lucy_Kitty _Chan

    13:14 You said "best friend" wrong bro.

  • Emma Drew
    Emma Drew

    46 year olds are late Gen X not too far from millennials so not quite what Robin had in mind there lol.

  • Nebula Bubbles ゼドち
    Nebula Bubbles ゼドち

    3:41 holy moly i use that

  • Tech-San

    0:33 ...hippo centipede

  • ColdMuffins

    12:37 omg it's mechanical queen bee

  • cloudi


  • Might_Be_Black

    Man brought “laptop in my back pocket” to a whole new level

  • Mr Vibes
    Mr Vibes

    Robin dabank

  • npoka

    5:32 btw thats thailand didnt even know EmKay even had content from there :/

  • aria mayorquin
    aria mayorquin

    Robin being a Whovian just added 50 years to my lifespan

  • Just Some Guy Without lungs
    Just Some Guy Without lungs

    I ate my lungs at somepoint

  • Longingtobesomeone

    Narrator: Lexi Ummmm... no???

  • Samantha Edwards
    Samantha Edwards

    Oh Robin. Sweet, summer child. Snow White was supposed to be dead. No one thought she was sleeping. She was in a coffin, my guy. So, he wasn't kissing someone he thought was sleeping. He was kissing someone he thought was dead.

  • BaconifiedOwO

    i have not seen your insulin, sorry whoever asked at the very end of the video.

  • DJBoise83716

    1:13 Fumikage Tokoyami from MHA lol

  • KAD Campbell
    KAD Campbell

    Love riverfronts red wagon! And the trash eating goat... If ya know you know

  • Bruh terminate me
    Bruh terminate me


  • HappyGamer 4ever
    HappyGamer 4ever

    Just imagine having flies just somehow grow bigger and be made out of metal

  • CyMorgue

    2:18 twin cow-ers

  • Sage Haupt
    Sage Haupt

    Robin would sound amazing while doing stand-up comedy

  • Shadow_ Sentry87
    Shadow_ Sentry87

    twin cowers

  • Declan Handley-Byrne
    Declan Handley-Byrne

    0:00 This is what happens when you ask Moxxie for an interview

  • Tolucky foryou
    Tolucky foryou

    10:05 look at the where the white one intesects with the skateboard

  • Cat Gamer213
    Cat Gamer213

    Why are all of the EzPz videos on EmKay and EzPz videos on EmKay

  • James Ambrosini
    James Ambrosini

    It's the pizza from the Russian Badger's R6 Twitch Rivals tournament! We meet again!

  • ArtOpal 1018
    ArtOpal 1018

    3:31 FUN FACT!!! This was a very common thing that happened in Washington state for a bit after the first Twighlight movie came out. It was a prank families would pull on one another so that they technically lived in "Forks Washington" which is where the movies took place. And yes, my family was one of the victims.

  • Tic Tac Candy
    Tic Tac Candy


  • Adi Agarwal
    Adi Agarwal

    Who else watches Emkay at a faster speed to save time, then end up watching more videos losing any extra time they saved 😂

  • Holder Of gold
    Holder Of gold

    Those buns are new ones that split from the top rather then the side

    • Kamakiri86

      New???? These things have existed my entire life!!!!! Did... did they not exist outside Canada????

  • Samantha Stansberry
    Samantha Stansberry

    When it comes to a ink blowout try being the janitor that has to clean it up......been there done that... Wish i knew how to share the pics...

  • Justin Coleman
    Justin Coleman

    Hey Culligan man, I’m drunk.

  • Pro gaming
    Pro gaming

    robbin: thats just a waist of my energy me: congrats you won a free trip to hevan!

  • RedK5

    8:42 Am I not allowed to like it because I’m not over 25?

  • Irmi Deri
    Irmi Deri

    There's a face and the word hope

  • Ryansfunandgames

    Me an introvert My extrovert friend

  • Ayden Enloe
    Ayden Enloe

    11:24 that is migi form parasyte

  • Commando Droid
    Commando Droid


  • Miranda McCall
    Miranda McCall

    YOU. SHOULD. HAVE. BOUGHT. A. SQUIRREL!!! 🐿💀🐿💀🐿💀🐿💀🐿💀

  • Finn Erben
    Finn Erben

    The Twin Cowers

  • humu humu
    humu humu

    2:07 mmm i love me some baked goods

  • meliodas the dragon 1999
    meliodas the dragon 1999

    Hey robin it's the same with me I hate the wiping Angels I am paranoid about every statue yo I think I might actually have a phobia statues I don't know now but hey Robin it is very much the same with me.

  • TheNovaWind

    the fact you made a Rat Race reference… i love you guys! xD

  • God

    Twin towers, nawwww twin cowers

  • Lemonss

    9:24 welcome to burger town :D

  • Guest Ham
    Guest Ham

    that scream in the beginning was genuine

  • Silver D. Golden
    Silver D. Golden

    4:36 “A man who will put every woman at ease!” “Cause I won’t try and kiss them while they are asleep!” - “A Gay Disney Prince” by Thomas Sanders

  • SlyHikari03

    I agree with the lego thing. SmartEngineering would be cool. Ps. Love the Linus mention.

  • FøreverLasting

    7:40 That happened to my moms truck, it was 10 Gallons, because we were painting a store. And it got everywhere

  • Sebastian

    4:30 Trust me, in the original story he is being way creepier than in the Disney movie.

  • dr animation
    dr animation

    Robin sees something gross UGH starts playing

  • Pink Pearl Art
    Pink Pearl Art

    Best part stars at 0:00 and ends at 13:52 ;3

  • Sa4ru

    Just noticed the guy in pink and blue is probably a brazilizan and idk but this makes it so much funnier to me

  • Barney Bull
    Barney Bull

    10:54 robin didnt notice the number plate

  • Matthew Crandell
    Matthew Crandell

    my dad has a pair of those toe shoes, and he really likes them. My brother in law bought them for him. they custom fit them to your feet, and supposedly are really comfortable

  • Queen Hedgie
    Queen Hedgie

    Yoooo! The red wagon was my favorite when I was a kid! I still love going down to see it and chill on the big letter blocks, I love Riverfront Park ❤️

  • RobinCastell7827

    4:31 + he's more than twice her age

  • Damien E
    Damien E

    As an Arizonan, I feel called out. But what happens if an Arizonan says "it's cold"? Some god damned northerner or midwesterner crashes through a wall kool-aid man style yelling "you don't know cold!!!". Can we just agree that it's all subjective? I MEAN we have had some years where it ACTUALLY SNOWED in the valley and cities [whereas it usually just stays up in the mountains]. So yes, for those of us who do not live up in the northern areas of the state, it's cold dammit lol

  • Pizzacat

    this video has made me 5x more confused in my life

  • BegoneHeretic

    that scream is the new meme

  • Hunter's Moon
    Hunter's Moon

    The twin cowers

  • Alvin Medina
    Alvin Medina

    Robin: Coffee tea? Me: CHOCCY MILK

  • Ligma entertainment
    Ligma entertainment

    Ahh yes the infamous feet on what looked like spaghetti. The infamous drunk Filipino

  • D king
    D king

    The thumbnail is a kindle btw

  • Silver Carroll
    Silver Carroll

    6:12 oh gosh, I would have just started crying on the spot

  • My Dog Is Bipolar
    My Dog Is Bipolar

    I have too many friends that drink to own a wicker toilet. Yes. By too many friends I mean me... I'd get drunk and use my own wicker toilet.

  • Ninja Baiano
    Ninja Baiano

    Can someone tell me the story about the hair conditioners that are causing people to go bald? Wtf

  • Lilac Kitten
    Lilac Kitten

    Small note, Snow White wasn't sleeping. So he didn't just kiss a random stranger in the forest.

  • big monster brother
    big monster brother

    That mechanical bug at 12:43 looks like something from maze runner

  • nora the silverwing
    nora the silverwing

    9:18 - mmmmmm it says hope not HOE

  • Pix

    I still pray for Robin's neighbors.

  • Plasma001

    Me Irl: 2:08

  • DakiLetsPlay

    1:07 "It goes down" "It don't goes down"

  • Dovacraft

    the sad thing about the Mona Lisa, is that in the same room there is a massive painting on the other side and it looks amazing. it's ginormous reaching nearly to the ceiling (the ceilings are very high there) and it stretches across the wide gap in-between the two doors to the room.

  • Yuki 69
    Yuki 69

    3:35 someone really had the time to buy all of the forks and put them in the ground. why amazing but why



  • Hmmmmm


  • Dimandshark 15
    Dimandshark 15

    Can confirm, my cat has been on the ceiling for a week and refuses to come down

  • ArchKnight

    Please take a look at r/daBank

  • No Thank U
    No Thank U

    For 4:45, those are New England hotdog buns. That’s why they look weird

  • A. K. AA
    A. K. AA

    2:41 that's the chai tea, and that image horrifies me to this day

  • Vonte Da Reaper
    Vonte Da Reaper

    yeah the pokemon card thing is over the top but i will never stop playing the game ever i play with my kids my wife and friends never gonna stop lol

  • Rebecca Walilko
    Rebecca Walilko

    Okay, the Pokemon card one really got me because Pokemon cards are now banned at Target because some fucking bastard pulled a gun out on an employee.

  • Negmie

    11:36 is.. isn't that Tigger?

  • Skyiio.-.

    9:14 I read hoe

  • Gabriel Bañares
    Gabriel Bañares

    the leggings guy looks like gru without the pointy nose

  • Dyvant Gading
    Dyvant Gading

    11:18 this sound familiar

  • Joo Na
    Joo Na

    8:17 should have used Nokias for the armor.

  • UnexpectedReality

    9:00 i belive it was a staples hope this helps!

  • Claire Zaruba
    Claire Zaruba

    Anybody else get hella surprised when robin decided to change his voice here 8:30 o-O

  • Zzzz UWUwut
    Zzzz UWUwut

    8:59 Best buy?

  • 💫toga himiko💫
    💫toga himiko💫

    11:23 Is that megi?

  • Cristina Voda
    Cristina Voda


  • Succer

    4:17 This brings me tremendous amounts of pain

  • Melanie Springer
    Melanie Springer

    9:31 in 1916 people died there becuse of a shark its pretty faar away from the see but its true

  • Dana W
    Dana W

    hey, not all of us, I'm 56 and I fucking love my phone!

  • Nathaniel M
    Nathaniel M

    Just watched suction cup man recently😉. Absolutely hilarious🤣 wish there was more episodes

  • AetheralMeowstic

    12:29 They've been playing a bit too much BotW.

  • AetheralMeowstic

    8:38 Just _stop stocking them!!!_

  • Azril Syahmi
    Azril Syahmi

    2:42 in my guest,that is a tea but instead of sugar,you put condensed milk.