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  • Blazingdragonite46 is my roblox account
    Blazingdragonite46 is my roblox account

    5:10 i meorno meovanna have a dream. my dream is to become the only cat with catnip!

  • Hamza Alfaridi 😂
    Hamza Alfaridi 😂


  • cfq10

    That thumbnail is proof we live in a society

  • micro 11
    micro 11


  • perunapelaaja _
    perunapelaaja _

    he be robin your house

  • sleeping bacon
    sleeping bacon

    R/tira madness

  • General N.Gabriel
    General N.Gabriel

    7:28 hey what's wrong whit my Samsung galaxy J5 2015?

  • DR tea
    DR tea

    5:10 be like : i miorno miovana have a cat dream

  • Roque Catherine
    Roque Catherine

    The first one was a lego from HELL your gonna cry pain level 80/10

  • Stanly John
    Stanly John

    8:19 Listening to Bts be like

  • Jonathan Bjorgan
    Jonathan Bjorgan

    The reason the corona virus was a thing is because if this freaking intro

  • Cheeto

    7:29 ........... i watched this video on that exact phome

  • Fallen king
    Fallen king


  • not josh
    not josh

    Life-sized among us bodypillow 😳

  • Christopher Prieto
    Christopher Prieto

    Wow. That mantis wanted ti make those two kiss

  • Tyler Deather
    Tyler Deather

    2:21 will if they drink and smoke and do drugs thats worse

  • DIO (case sensitive)
    DIO (case sensitive)

    5:29 what I mean when I say come in: ooooh i got another joke 7:51 why a group of crows is ACTUALLY called a murder:

  • Arrow Ace The Alien
    Arrow Ace The Alien

    I get made fun of by my family for having a "irrational" fear of moths. They say I "have to be the only one in this world who is afraid of moths." Like, have they ever seen a moth? I love moths but stay 400,000,000 miles away from me.

  • god

    It’s exceptional robin…it’s exceptional

  • Nightrøse da sneaky boi
    Nightrøse da sneaky boi

    thumbnail sus though

  • Call of Memes
    Call of Memes

    Ok, Incase u guys haven’t noticed, the light of the sun is displayed on the wrong side of the moon on the phone , if u look closely. Also that image of the moon is off google 😂. Man I’m clever or smart (7:27)

  • joons toons
    joons toons

    i really want that shirt tbh. with the eyeball buttons

  • Sus Amogus
    Sus Amogus


  •  カピ  エイリアス Kapi Eiriasu
    カピ エイリアス Kapi Eiriasu

    6:33 tiny mothra comming in hot! shoot her down!

  • Epik spongebob popsicle
    Epik spongebob popsicle

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm kinda sus

  • Sandra McFatridge
    Sandra McFatridge

    Those telephone sheep are scps I thought you voiced scp explained

  • Just Some Guy Without lungs
    Just Some Guy Without lungs

    How do you inflate a balloon

  • a minigun
    a minigun

    The start is a murder weapon

  • Draken Clough
    Draken Clough

    6:45 im not so much worried about the moth i can just take out a shotgun and shoot it to death or sandwhich it to death what im worried about is why batman is in the background staring at the moth and the man

  • John Marston
    John Marston

    Hmm sus

  • Flame Master
    Flame Master

    Susie. DoorMamou i’ve come to bargain

  • Billie Burke
    Billie Burke

    1st meme I see :zzzzeeeee devil

  • NCR Ranger
    NCR Ranger

    Are you tired of synths kidnapping your neighbors and ghouls turning your friends in to ghoulish fiends?. Well fear no more the brotherhood of steel is here and is now recruiting (; WHERE TO SIGN UP IN COMMENTS

    • NCR Ranger
      NCR Ranger

      1. California Leader:High Elder Jhon Maxson 2.Sanfransisco Leader: 3.Washington D.C. Leader:Elder Owyn Leons 4.Mohave dessert Leader: Elder Nolan McNamara 5. Boston Leader: Elder Arthur Maxson 6.West Virginia Leader. Paladin Leila Rahmani

  • 25Owen Smith
    25Owen Smith


  • Chaplain Smith
    Chaplain Smith

    7:57 thats what you would look like if you encountered a roadman with a puffer jacket down in london

  • Эдмон Абрамян
    Эдмон Абрамян

    1:40 Yo, Kaneki got new chair!

  • Astedroid

    5:29 - Ethan Winters' hands: Are you challenging me?

  • Chris East
    Chris East

    7:53 He called it Murder of Crows.

  • Roberto Rodriguez Peña
    Roberto Rodriguez Peña

    1:51 That's why you eat them

  • Chris East
    Chris East

    5:33 Guy could have tied the right one first and didn't wanna change stance. though it does not appear he did that.

  • loxo .g
    loxo .g

    One of the words that was sead kinda sound, s like the word from my leaving primary school video

  • Phon Thavisay
    Phon Thavisay

    *That lego is badder than Hitler.*

  • Gorden Isaac
    Gorden Isaac

    10:08 hmm I dont need images. All i need is that. WHAT THE FREAK THOUGH!! The imposter is super DUPER insanly crazy and it is not a Normal thing so this sh*t is crab and whoever's posted this. I'll eat his mom for dinner LOL 🤣 jk. But the image should not be seen in real life

  • EliteBoss

    This channel is getting les and less cursed and i hate that


    that first meme reminded me of the fact i once told a kid in my english class in 6th grade to walk across a mile of legos and the substitute told me to not be so harsh with the threats

  • Zakobe Sitlington
    Zakobe Sitlington

    9:01 is that a 180 hatchback?

  • Amber Wadsworth
    Amber Wadsworth

    4:24 doge Face spotted

  • gmauk animations
    gmauk animations

    6:04 are you afraid of misgendering a dog

  • Kevin Oosthuizen
    Kevin Oosthuizen


  • Epic gamer Tyrese
    Epic gamer Tyrese


  • Epic gamer Tyrese
    Epic gamer Tyrese

  • The cafinated crusader
    The cafinated crusader

    Fun fact: the Lego with the sharp bottom was not created by Lego, it was created by Satan himself

  • HappyGamer 4ever
    HappyGamer 4ever

    Imagine if that Lego piece randomly spawned on your floor and accidentally stepped on it. F

  • David d Rod
    David d Rod

    i had tonsil surgery recently and 1:57 makes my neck hurt- oh my god

  • mr cruwzy LOL
    mr cruwzy LOL

    me knowing he is lightning lickfeet

  • 𝕎𝕖𝟙𝕣𝔻𝟘_𝟙𝟚𝟛

    0| \ _/ 0| | / --\ look! its a person! staring at you! for noooOo reAsOONNNN! :DD

  • CTCrunchYourBones

    No Robin, the woodpecker would turn your paintings into cottage cheese so you like it.

  • MrCookie Man
    MrCookie Man

    FIshows: die = live Subtitles: your hired

  • CoolConman Dude
    CoolConman Dude

    4:47 *TRADE OFFER* You get: Friend for life I get: Friend for life

  • A A A A A -
    A A A A A -


  • ghost man18c
    ghost man18c

    3:03 Mickey Mouse

  • pyramid titan
    pyramid titan

    Alright Feel bad stepping o n lego? Step on knex. You will die

  • Cars0mega Gamer God
    Cars0mega Gamer God

    When the FIshowsR is sus:

  • cinnamon toast boy
    cinnamon toast boy

    The cats hair cut is making me want to join the mafia

  • SCP-076 -2
    SCP-076 -2

    1:39 skyrim moment

  • Cursed Cat
    Cursed Cat

    Don't worry about the thumbnail guys, he's just trying to take away the remote from the imposter because he's making him watch Shane Dawson's apology.

  • dada elboghdady
    dada elboghdady

    Me at 8:27 as a jojo fan:STICKY FINGAZ

  • Oz siboni
    Oz siboni

    that funny 2:17

  • Froplin Studio
    Froplin Studio

    Imagine trying to not miss gender a dog

  • ere57

    11:36 they even made an ad for it

  • David Benitez
    David Benitez

    5:06 catiorno catvania

  • Toxic fry
    Toxic fry

    Robin is the best narrator for this channel

  • Axolotl art vids
    Axolotl art vids

    5:06 omg it's Giorno Giovanna-


    he says satan the same way as graystillplays

  • Down’s new main
    Down’s new main

    8:27 Omg jojo reference

  • Galaxy

    10:00 this is basically training for wall running

  • Minty Muffin
    Minty Muffin

    1:40 for some reason filled me with rage

  • Xman

    Someone finally called Travis Scott, Batman

  • Emmanuel Rodriguez
    Emmanuel Rodriguez

    Clog every drain in a 20 mile radius me Emerald splash jojo Reference

  • Mackenzi Kenzi
    Mackenzi Kenzi

    i feel like tricky the zombie hellclown from the madness sereies

  • Justin Colin Manansala
    Justin Colin Manansala

    0:07 even Satan wouldn't do that

  • Engineer Gaming
    Engineer Gaming

    Engineer Gaming

    • Engineer Gaming
      Engineer Gaming

      Engineer Gaming

  • GangstaCheez#333

    6:37 I'll grab the 12 gauge and the Pitchfork and the battle-axe and the baseball bat and the M60 machine gun and the Luger 44 and the M16 and like 15 colt 1911's and by 12 flamethrowers

  • Emily Brocato
    Emily Brocato

    Not even passed the first one and I yelled a quiet one and I felt it all in my foot.

  • Matt does Exist
    Matt does Exist

    1:09 as polish person knowing the plans or car that is probably our nation's pride, from roof or only from right

  • Jessica Guthrie
    Jessica Guthrie

    Satan:AHHHHHH Killers:AHHHHHHH Lego:step on me NoW

  • Mr.Depression

    The gaint airpod is not used to listen to music There a weapon

  • Inbred_Fish

    I actually caught a giant lunar moth the other day

  • User9998

    1:41 don’t worry I turned off fall damage

  • Koko Baka
    Koko Baka

    1:48 you dare underestimate my creativity? Imma make a big ass chicken hammock that fits in your car

  • Tony maglocklen E
    Tony maglocklen E

    10:09 ISABELL NO

  • salada SUS com o walter
    salada SUS com o walter


  • Nickola Langford
    Nickola Langford

    0:01 not as bad as stepping on a metal d4

  • israel garcia ramos
    israel garcia ramos

    7:29 that looks just like my phone

  • InfinitE

    9:09 thats the anti-vegan spray

  • CJ's FBI agent in 64 bits
    CJ's FBI agent in 64 bits

    10:56 I've actually been to video about this man, he doesn't do anything, occasionally, people took pictures with him, and he didn't mind at all, he's gone missing, people we're actually scared, of what happened to him.

  • alvie lao
    alvie lao

    5:08 IS THAT A JOJO REFERANCE?!?!?!?

  • JotaroKujoAnims {JKA}✔
    JotaroKujoAnims {JKA}✔

    8:27 Jojo reference 😳

  • Drop Nation
    Drop Nation

    8:27 mother nature 😳😳😳

  • Liam Bryant
    Liam Bryant

    Did anyone else see that he called a cat a female dog?

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