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  • Doosh Baggins
    Doosh Baggins

    I've been saying it for over 30 years now... making drugs illegal only increases the desire to do them... just like telling kids not to get into the cookie jar....

  • J S
    J S


  • Blue Demon
    Blue Demon

    Me : starts watching The Office just so I could understand Jack's reference

  • des mendoza
    des mendoza

    3:34 according to Google, the FIRST ever picture of a cat was dated from 1840 - 1860, titled "a thirsty kitty". and according to snopes the picture shown was debunked false? idk if it is true, but we can all appreciate vintage kitties nonetheless ^_^

  • Nacho Surpeme
    Nacho Surpeme

    2:06 forged? FORGED

  • Cyber Scar
    Cyber Scar

    Maximus Mighty-Dog Mueller II, son of Maximus Mighty-Dog Mueller I, Brother of Mikey Mighty-Dog Mueller and Mitzi Marie Mueller, is still alive, it is his father that died.

  • Colton Van nooijen
    Colton Van nooijen

    6:40 yea I looked up and he's really dead sadly

  • Robert Nett
    Robert Nett

    5:40 - as the old saying goes: "Never underestimate the bandwith of trailer truck filled with portable hard drives." - Archimedes, probably

  • GG_gamers2008

    This has to be my least favourite Emkay narrator out of them

  • Kerrick Logan
    Kerrick Logan

    3:30 Ah yes, the modern day, where everything has to be associated with racism. Just enjoy the damn thing, it has nothing to do with awful shit like that. It's just a car. You brought up racism out of the blue like a weirdo.

  • Your personal Potato
    Your personal Potato

    Really can’t tell if everybody that runs this channel are one person or not.

  • Disaster child
    Disaster child

    I accidentally fast forward 10 seconds in the beginning and it went from jack normally talking to screaming and it gave me heartburn.

  • A F
    A F

    0:18 Jack… are… are you okay?

  • Brandon Searcy
    Brandon Searcy

    Having met Mayor Max, Good mayor.

  • chuck the fox
    chuck the fox


  • Alex Marks
    Alex Marks

    09:51 more like r/mademesmile

  • Mr_Glibb

    "They weren't given the chance to be smart. Don't know why I'm bringing this up now, nothing prompted this." That's something we all need to be reminded of now and then. Most people in the past weren't given a chance to be smart, they had an 18 hour long day of work to keep their lives in order every single day and at the end of it if they were lucky they'd get to sleep on a straw bed, then wake up often to a breakfast of unprocessed oatmeal or bread and go back to it all over again. The few who were rich enough or brave enough to dedicate time away from that grind to the pure abstract thought required in the process of innovation were thought of as either geniuses or madmen by most but in reality we all have the capacity for it. Sure some will take to it quicker but all intelligence requires is time and the courage to explore your thoughts, no matter how silly they may seem you can always glean some information about yourself or the world around you from them. Many of us nowadays have the incredible gift of time alone with our thoughts, few take the opportunity to do so and thus think themselves incapable when in reality they have simply never practised. Remember that you too are fully capable of bringing something new and useful into this world and that all you need to do is to give yourself enough time for that to happen, no matter how small the contribution you make it's proof of your worth to those around you and that can be so uplifting in the times when you don't find much to value in yourself.

  • Phillip Hassinger
    Phillip Hassinger

    Did Jack call us BORAM

  • Lloyd Dragon He they fae
    Lloyd Dragon He they fae

    it makes me kinda sad to think of all the women/enbies/poc who actually did invent amazing things that changed the world or make discoveries that defined science as we know it or were super talented or anything else amazing but simply weren't credited for it because they weren't white men. i hope we continue to discover and credit them more as time goes on, because all of these people deserve just as much attention as praise as we give the presidents of the united states and white male inventors/doctors/company founders/scientists. there were actually so many more than we read about it history books.

  • HappyGamer 4ever
    HappyGamer 4ever

    Imagine living in a town with a dog as the mayor. Just curious what it would be like

  • xXdoggyXx123

    1:29 elchchcgch

  • Null E
    Null E

    It's pronounced idle-wild I think! It's how we pronounce the street with the same spelling here

  • 3CH0 H3ART
    3CH0 H3ART


  • Gay Satanic Clowns
    Gay Satanic Clowns

    Why do people dislike these videos?

  • Poppy The Merpasaur
    Poppy The Merpasaur

    Actually, you can't get sick from spoiled milk you buy nowadays, it's all pasteurized... so although it tastes bad, you can't get sick off of it now. Most expiration dates nowadays actually show when the food tastes the best, by the way, there aren't regulations for actual expiration dates in a huge part of America (Except for baby food and stuff) So food that has gone past the "Best by" date just means it tastes a bit stale, you gotta use your better judgement to determine when it's ACTUALLY bad.

  • Lazy Llama
    Lazy Llama

    Doug Jones was ALSO the ice cream man in Legion, that role, I will NEVER forget 😂

  • MrZylix-6

    3:40 Egypt?

  • Callahan Family
    Callahan Family

    We do have evidence of cats. Ancient egypt. You may have outsmarted me, but I have outsmarted your outsmarting.

  • Khay Clay
    Khay Clay


  • Khay Clay
    Khay Clay



    Day 3 of asking Jack to enter with hi I’m Jack and I won’t smile back

  • Sorcha Mackay
    Sorcha Mackay


  • monke

    Me: -sees thumbnail- Also me: danm that's interesting ohhhhhhh

  • Halsyg

    i used to play roller derby for a while, and the concept you brought up about sporting players being awarded for the best outfits was actually something we did quite often! alongside usual categories of prizes, someone would also win "best bout-fit" (a match of derby is called a bout) because we were encouraged to get our own looks.

  • heddja

    the intros and outros keep on getting better 😂😂 also, the girl talking about getting freed had me ugly sobbing! So beautiful!

  • CommentBot

    When people say 2020 went by fast, I just think Wait, the other years didn’t go by fast for you?

  • USCNammiy [GD]
    USCNammiy [GD]

    What was that laugh at the start His poor neighbours

  • Roshaun Roache
    Roshaun Roache

    If I had a dollar for everytime something happened in 2001 in the video I would have two dollars, which isn't alot, but it's weird that it happened twice

  • The Medic
    The Medic

    Me watching emkay to enjoying memes and stuff: is nice the alien cat thing happens My brain: ah shit here we go again

  • skinnystevethebestminecraftplayer

    am ithe only one who saw the thumbnail as one of sages orbs from valorant

  • L0zzerr 999
    L0zzerr 999

    about the cats being aliens=Egypt

  • Christopher Benoit
    Christopher Benoit

    This channel sucks without Damien

  • Loving Ryza
    Loving Ryza

    This might just be the best intro ever. A cheesy joke, a laugh, a loud laugh that actually scares me, then at the very end Jack ascends to the heavans.

  • zippee100

    2:04 how you say forged pains me

  • David Saade
    David Saade

    3:40 status ;)

  • Røyally Dumb
    Røyally Dumb

    I just woke up. I saw that into. Today will be a *good* day. Thank you

  • Tucker Stevens
    Tucker Stevens

    3:50 not try ing to be mean but did you not go to grade school... egyptians had so many enscriptions, drawings, and statues of cats

  • Ri

    5:20 As a South African can confirm Telkom is the shit that it is, never again

  • peachy corgi
    peachy corgi

    8:19, ITS ALWAYS THESE DOGS!!! anyone remember the movie oddball? that was a marema too

  • Digital Studios
    Digital Studios

    You sounded like gru when talking about the actors

  • Ruben Youngblood
    Ruben Youngblood

    Did I miss the Orb of the Ocean? It wasn't in the video as far as I saw...

  • animation shed post
    animation shed post

    Child flattener

  • The Master of Blu
    The Master of Blu

    O_O no FANART

  • Anime Tommyinnit Drawing
    Anime Tommyinnit Drawing


  • HaxxDoStuff

    Jack : My intro's are the best Robin : *What's throbbin i'm Robin*

  • Luis Alberto Pérez Nájera
    Luis Alberto Pérez Nájera

    Honestly, this video felt so short. 😅

  • Winter

    Damn this damnthatsinteresting video is interesting

  • A_trash_skywars_player Lol
    A_trash_skywars_player Lol

    Ive been to Idyllwild multiple times and it is so awesome the people there are really kind from wood carvers to candy shop clerks its such a fun place and it even snows yet i have never been there while snow was falling but all in all 10/10 would definitely recommend planing a trip there

  • bigbrain _
    bigbrain _

    3:35 the moment this started my cat walked in and just stared at me like wtf have you heared?

  • Bunny Fluff Dabu
    Bunny Fluff Dabu

    Dang Jack knows how to make an intro

  • Mt.Viking

    "There is no proof that cat existed before 1880's! Prove me wrong" Everyone: "hyroglifics"

  • Tater Cat
    Tater Cat

    I had no idea Curly from The Three Stooges helped out so many animals o.o

  • DarkShadowWolf

    “No evidence of cats before then” Egyptians:👀

  • Retr0Ruler 101
    Retr0Ruler 101

    Jack: talks about cats not existing before 1880 Me: coughs in Egypt

  • Economy Breaker
    Economy Breaker

    uhm, i think its called the heart of the sea

  • Brian Starkey
    Brian Starkey

    Yo! Fun fact! Gary Gigax was a huge cheater. And also partied hardy than some rock stars

  • String is a crow
    String is a crow

    Al Capone is like a folk hero in East Tennessee with a large bit of our history being in moonshine and bootlegging (like Nascar came from bootleggers who continued to race there suped up cars after prohibition ended) he's seen like a Robin hood figure

  • Nikhilesh N
    Nikhilesh N

    that intro was the thing i needed starting the morning

  • SpidermanGRS

    I was trying to lean drawing for years then my sister just wants to draw a dragon and completely beats the crap outa me I can barely draw a human whall she can draw a dragon in very good quality so at this point I doubt it’s practice

  • IwozaurusYT

    The thumnail is like a 4K texture pack

  • SirDreemurr

    please don’t smack my crackerjack headass

  • enderbot V1
    enderbot V1

    i want to know what the the orb of ocean is and how i can get one

  • alaswoeisme

    Jack. The cringe is so strong with you, ma man, that I physically wince when you narrate.

  • mothman lol
    mothman lol

    6:10 country girls make do

  • community gamer
    community gamer

    Day 85 of appreciating the editor

  • Pantomias

    China nort Korea sameeeeeeee

  • Absbor Phamtusin
    Absbor Phamtusin

    I love how some of them are just r/MadLads moments

  • Ngl Red Sus
    Ngl Red Sus

    Him: cats didn’t exist before 1880s you can’t prove it! Egyptian paintings, statues and other things about cats: am I a joke to you?

  • The loser In your basement
    The loser In your basement

    2:04 did he just say for-ged

  • ElectricRain

    The outro tho 😆

  • SharkNuggies

    Heart of the sea be likd

  • Rage Fury
    Rage Fury

    I don't know if giving a Swedish millionaire a German accent should upset me because I am Swedish myself, or if I should be amused by the fact that some would think our accents sound the same. If you genuinely haven't heard a Swedish accent before, you're probably living under a rock because, you know, PewDiePie...

  • Dragonmaster

    Drew that? At 11? That is insane.

  • Luna Eclipse
    Luna Eclipse

    sometimes i put on emkay and take a nap and then dont wake up till 12am which is fine

  • Lucy Brimstone
    Lucy Brimstone

    Hi Jack! I’m on day 5 of my antibiotics! Also, I’m having 3 cheese hamburger helper tonight!


    Cats where on stone carvings

  • Gabe The Friend
    Gabe The Friend

    7:04 I’m sorry, but I did some research, and physician and scientist Jacinto Convit García died in the may of 2014

  • shinigamiking69

    Wait no fan art what gives

  • EL gaming
    EL gaming

    I will say Telkom did chance alot sense then

  • Mahi's Melodies
    Mahi's Melodies

    "My name is Jack, the back snacker that smacks your crack...er jack"

  • Spectre

    Satan =/= Lucifer....2 different entities. Just saying.

  • Erick Robert
    Erick Robert

    Telkom Hmmmmm I wonder Its same Telkom at here

  • Caitlin Shea
    Caitlin Shea

    I cant stop laughing how you pronounced Idyllwild 🤣 (idle wild) and yes we are a very quiet town. I love Max.

  • RinTheMute

    3:49 - me: Egypt worshiped them. Him: THERES NO EVIDENCE PROVE ME WRONG! Me: just dud.

  • Donald Trumps Cat
    Donald Trumps Cat

    10:03 did you seriously think YOUR hometown has the best mayor? Rethink.

  • Charles Schwarze
    Charles Schwarze

    You know, if cats are aliens, it would explain why the Egyptians worshipped them, they were the aliens that helped build the pyramids :O

    • Carter_Ser!ble

      holy shit

  • Theappleunever8

    *when you realize 2017 was 4 years old*

  • Ayami Ichinose
    Ayami Ichinose

    Duterte can learn from Portugal a Thing or two and not Just shoot Everything in sight.

  • Drayke Dudzic
    Drayke Dudzic

    You're criminally unfunny

  • Adam Jessop
    Adam Jessop

    Thank you jack you are my favorite