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  • Deb Shaw
    Deb Shaw

    The English equivalent of San Diego is Saint James. That was easy.

  • Some Random Texan
    Some Random Texan

    7:08 I live in Texas and this is the first I heared that the governor let children freeze. Then again, I do live under a rock. Either way, I feel bad having this man as governor.

  • Brandon Govreau
    Brandon Govreau

    In communist America Russia is capable list of democrat and China is not the country it is a charity service and there's a picture of Russian bootleg Winnie the Pooh saying this sentence is this qualifying for the darkest meme??!!

  • Brandon Govreau
    Brandon Govreau

    Why do people think insanity is evil when they should think of it as a disease that should be cured and we need to help all the people that are suffering from these Insanity diseases it's the right good thing to do as what the Karen's would call it it's the Christian thing to do this is something both regular people and Karen's can agree on I am a straight white male that believes in helping all people you know what I think evil is a horn of insanity as well and it needs to be cured with love and understanding and medication and psychological therapy and I also believe that every disease and injury needs to be cured by a doctor or possibly a whole bunch of doctors if needed

  • Brandon Govreau
    Brandon Govreau

    Anti-vaxxers are so stupid that I think they probably say stuff like this vaccines are healing crystals you're not supposed to put them in your body you're supposed to hold them and wear them as necklaces that's why they're making children autistic that's the horrible stupidity I think the anti-vaxxers believe in it's horrible I do not agree with what the anti-vaxxers believe in

  • Brandon Govreau
    Brandon Govreau

    I thought of something good for a social media funny joke thing that could be serious if we find out enough information someone posts on internet here's what the person says I just bought a phone that cost more than it cost to build the town I live in the phone costs $5 they might have bought the land with a lot of money but building the town was free because the land had a whole bunch of trees and do they used karate and millions of people to build the town if something like that exists in real life please send me a link

  • Kurse

    8:07 How to show you are both smart and dumb at the same time.

  • John R.
    John R.

    3:10 not a face palm, when you’re homeless you shouldn’t be spending money you earn on shit like phones, and instead use it to save up for a house

  • Nightmare Fuel
    Nightmare Fuel

    7:51 you didn't even read half of that tweet before i was falling apart

  • Lucas Rand
    Lucas Rand

    5:38 I'm Mormon and i found this hilarious

  • john hancock
    john hancock

    (just the intro) does that mean... if im gay, im straight???

  • CatCrazyGirl

    A food desert is a neighborhood without access to grocery stores with fresh foods. Mostly inner city and rural areas have them. They mostly depend on overpriced connvience stores and dollar stores for food

  • Ekitchi Hoshi
    Ekitchi Hoshi

    Yep, HOA eventually do the opposite of what they are supposed to do. They become tyrannical and end up lowering the value of properties because any potential buyer in the know would never buy into an HOA unless it's only to flip the house. I'm willing to believe that most HOAs are born out of good intentions but who has the time and will to manage them? Eventually, only people who have to much free time and enjoy the authority way to much.

  • Aaron Raynor
    Aaron Raynor

    4:01 Yeah, before this kids were working jobs to pay for these things instead of relying on adults to give it to them

  • KingCrimson OVA
    KingCrimson OVA

    every time I hear/watch/read r/Facepalm I almost go insane from the stupidity

  • Alex Titov
    Alex Titov

    Let's use some basic math. $50 every month for your whole life. Let's say you started getting the money from your birth, to your death at 100 years. 100*12=1200 months of your life 50*1200 = $60 000. 60 000 < 1 000 000 Thank you very much I'd rather take the million and spend it responsibly, by not buying 5 Lamborginis and 2 mansions.

  • Irobert1115HD

    correction two both clowns at minute 6:20: spiders cant eat solid foods so they drink bugs. wich means that if a spider consumes a alcohol filled insect it consumes bug light.

  • Braden Moulton
    Braden Moulton

    5:42 the way me ex Mormon ass knew that was some LDS propaganda shit by line 2. (edit) glad to se me and Robin are on the same page.

  • not a baguette
    not a baguette

    what the fuck is grass?

  • delayed yeti
    delayed yeti

    4:23 as a Christian my self that lady's an idiot

  • Cacodemon pog
    Cacodemon pog

    Also what-if: We didn’t let pharmaceutical companies price life saving medicines and pharmaceuticals as $500-$1,000 as a GOOD PRICE.

  • M L
    M L

    I leave my phone face down so my phone case that says “f*ck off” is seen. 🙆🏼

  • Gray & Dev PDX
    Gray & Dev PDX

    I am autistic and I hate antivaxers just as much as they hate autistic children.

  • Managony

    2:30 robin just solved breaking bad

  • Mercury

    1:24 thanks

  • Bellie Bun
    Bellie Bun

    Man, Robin needs to rinse his brain with some more wholesome or genuinely funny subreddits. I’m starting to worry for his mental health…

  • New Scrap Metal
    New Scrap Metal

    the scp Armageddon at 1:11

  • MeisterJohnny007

    11:40 Either that guys math skills suck big time, or he typed the wrong word. $50 each month? If we are relatively optimistic and assume he still has 60 year to live, that are only: $50*60*12 = $36,000 A far cry from $1,000,000. Option A would be better. But if he meant to type "day" instead of "month"? $50 each day? For ~60 years? That are: $50*60*12*30 = $1,080,000 Now here I could kind of agree with Option B. Whereas $50 are worth shit in 60 years due to inflation... If you are given 1 million all at once, you might make dumb decisions and lose it all. But if you are given $50 every day? You would be allowed to make dumb decisions. With $50 each day you have enough to survive and get your life straight again... kind of at least.

  • Rainn Estrada
    Rainn Estrada

    I flip my phone because Everytime I get a notification my screen lights up

  • Your Local Trash Panda
    Your Local Trash Panda

    8:26 my mom saying why I don’t tell her how I feel when she literally thinks that a fictional thing, on the phone, can manipulate me into wanting to kill myself when the real reason is because the world is absolute sh*t

  • gabe k
    gabe k

    Talking about autism my mom works with sped kids and there was this one kid who she taught that was amazing. We treated him like he was a normal kid. Next year he is going into the middle school and his mother said he would miss us (we are his age) and during the summer met mom and my brother saw him and his face lit up it was wonderful he

  • MeisterJohnny007

    3:09 I am confused too. Where does he keep his smartphone charger and where does he charge it? Hard to do without a home... Maybe if you live in a car, hotel or at a friends place... but I would consider those only semi homeless.

  • Nolan Parnell
    Nolan Parnell

    I am offended by one of memes because am have Autism

  • Your Biggest Fan
    Your Biggest Fan

    lol I’ve seen stricter dress codes than no facial hair

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    17:17 stop making shit up I read this article and what do find : Turkish Islamic preacher says men without beards are women Then they link you to another article about how to plant sunflower These news articles disgust me They type in the dumbest things and and popular memes just to get views Like Florida man arrested again for landing an r.k.o on an alligator And person kidnaps man calls it surprise adoption

  • Sam School
    Sam School

    Americans... Terrified of a public healthcare system because they think it makes them communists

  • enlightendbel

    Wouldn't you need to live like 1600+ years to make 1 million at 50 a month? Pretty sure if you take the million, put it in an account with even as little as 0.1% interest per year, you'd already be making more than 50 a month from it.

  • Alexander Patulski
    Alexander Patulski

    Ah the wrongfull conviction.. how i love that. One of the best, most kindhearted men in my stable got convicted for sexual assault. At his former workplace three girls said that he touched one of them. Two of them came out and said it was false, the other one has changed her story 4 times in front of a judge. He's still doing time in prison where he doesn't get the medication he needs.

    • Alexander Patulski
      Alexander Patulski

      It infuriates me that he's behind bars whiles the girl that raped me is free

  • MrNeigh🍋

    Bruh, the $1,000,000 or $50 every month- You would earn $600 in one year And $54,000 in 90years, and you probably wont live that long lmao

  • Nicolas Inguanti
    Nicolas Inguanti

    17:40 Come on, you’re gonna waste two iron ingots to make shears?

  • FakeSeatbelt

    My mom works with people that have disabilities (autism mainly) I've met quite a few people with autism and there is NO reason you should treat it like the bubonic plague, they aren't different from you or me

  • Christopher Gibbons
    Christopher Gibbons

    HOAs are what the people who chose to join then make them. Anyone who buys a house that is in one knows the rules, and decided that those were the rules they wanted to live under. These people wanted these rules, they get no sympathy from me.

  • dead memes
    dead memes

    10:42 I don't know what Jens has against Church tax exemptions? Churches are classified as charitable organizations that donate to the poor, the point of their existence isn't to make money. It's also not just churches, It's all religious organizations. Synagogues, Mosques, ect. I don't get what they have against places that donate to the poor. I think that r/Facepalm has turned into a place where people whine about political opinions they disagree with.

  • Serena G.
    Serena G.

    Poplar Mexicans and Lantix people, and for that matter every colored person; we’re not white..?

  • Leggo MuhEggo
    Leggo MuhEggo

    Wow you are so uninformed you think the covid vaccine is what was described. It is NOT a weakened virus.

  • Alex G
    Alex G

    6:04 those representations of Jesus are so inaccurate (and i am quite sure that's a Mormon church so that explains it)

  • MonkeBox

    11:43 I'm approaching 18, and did the math of if I managed to live to 100 I'd literally get only slightly more than 1% of what I'd get for living about the most optimum life I can and considering I already have my future relatively planned out with a person I love, I would easily take option A even if it were the lesser value choice because I'm growing up in a messed up world and even if I do get my associates degree, I'm still not sure if I'll be able to live passed going paycheck to paycheck I'm pretty sure that $1,000,000 spent correctly would go one helluva way to making life easier regardless of it feeling unfulfilling (which I doubt it would since, well, I have someone special to me to share it with)

  • tOSdude

    What are the chances the one from the intro clip ends up on whoosh?

  • HauntedShadowsLegacy

    Robin... Robin, 'deserts' are not edible. You're thinking of 'desserts'. Two 'S's because everyone always wants seconds. Food deserts are regions where there's not enough food available for the populace of the region. Like stocking a grocery store for 5,000 people when you serve 20,000 families. Food deserts are an interesting and moderately depressing subject, so take a look if/when you have the mental fortitude.

  • The Ultimate Wurmple
    The Ultimate Wurmple

    I love Nintendo but it sucks to have to get like 5 subscriptions just to access basic features.

  • ꧁.꧂

    I had to pause and stare the coyote's face while giggling like a maniac at 2 in the morning until tears ran down my face. The coyote is, like, _"WTF is this human doing?! Doesn't she know I'm a predator?"_

  • Sam Vilardi
    Sam Vilardi

    The thing about the question of a million dollars now or 50 bucks a month for the rest of your life. Take the million bucks b/c you'd need to live for over 1,600 years to make a million dollars off of option b. Put it in the bank, or invest some of it. do the math, don't be dumb.

  • Halcyon Class Cruiser Ghent
    Halcyon Class Cruiser Ghent

    Wait a minute, the Nazis are back? Did I miss a page?

  • BacklightTerruvia

    If I'm across from you and my phone is flipped over, ITS A FEATURE IN ANDROID THAT SILENCES THE PHONE. Do you think Is want my phone to ring while I'm enjoying a nice lunch?

  • Nick Allen
    Nick Allen

    1:25 As someone with autism, I tend to call anti-vaxxers retards

  • Dragonsparks423 Leader of Dragons
    Dragonsparks423 Leader of Dragons

    So idk if anyone else already did this, but i did the math for the tweet @ 11:42 you would have to be alive for around 10,000 years to make 6 million, it would be better to take the 1 million and invest as the 50 bucks a month only comes out to 600 bucks a year

  • Josiah

    EmKay = Liberal

  • Duane Hellier
    Duane Hellier

    Let's respond to the post where the kids blame the parents. First, the economy is tanking because we wrongly believed, like you do, that everything in the past is wrong. And, by taking action we screwed it up. That's why we are telling you to stop the stupidity. It didn't work for any past generations. It won't work for you either. But you keep believing it will, little buddy. Imma laugh instead. Second, the earth has been literally dying since its inception. There are cycles in it that are difficult to predict. But, you keep on believing you're making a difference, little buddy. If what you say is true, almost all of us will work until we die since the world is gonna end in a few years. Or how about understanding that you have to work longer because the population is increasing and not ALL about economics. Maybe if we didn't push for stupid minimum wage increases, things might be affordable. Had you not been born I guess you wouldn't have had to work until you die. But, you keep on ranting about nothing, little buddy. And the Nazi are back? WOW!!!! Those concentration camps in my city are horri... Oh, wait there aren't any. HMMM. But, also, I thought according to CRT they never left? God, I hate those laws that Jews have to... Oh, wait. There are no laws prohibiting Jews from anything? HMMM. Well, certainly the gun control issue, which is one of the first methods of control the Nazi party enacted, is a problem in Amer... Oh, wait. We are allowed to bear arms? And, the ones who are truly acting this way (Ruining the economy with socialism, using cancel culture and censorship, people who want to give away stuff to anyone even if they don't work or live here - giving away your money for the future, and those who want stricter gun control) are typically from the younger generation? Wow. Education is fun!!!!!

  • Blake Milton
    Blake Milton

    As someone that lives in a snobby hoa I can agree that they’re a hell spawn

  • Jackbacon123

    16:14 My mom is in an HOA, that being said, i completely agree

  • Maxendermen

    "FINALLY WERE ALL GAY" A-sexuals- well no but actually no👁👄👁

  • Kitty Chaotic
    Kitty Chaotic

    I work with antivaxers in a long term care facility 🙃

  • bomn lalki
    bomn lalki

    Children don't deserve communism They deserve surprised communism

  • Lopt's Eldr
    Lopt's Eldr

    yer as someone who is autistic i hate it being demonised.

  • Felis Impurrator
    Felis Impurrator

    15:05 You could call it car-ma.

  • Ivan philip
    Ivan philip

    11:48 I did the math, you have to be 170 years old, just to make a 100,000$.

  • Possibly Dell Honne
    Possibly Dell Honne

    To be fair a pregnant woman asked if getting a haircut would kill her baby

  • Sometimes Snarky
    Sometimes Snarky

    I ran out of sick days battling cancer and had to go to work and puke in a bucket while cashiering. It did tend to stop people complaining about the long lines mid-bitch. "Grrr. You should open more lanes I've had to wait for twenty min ......" Me: Bends over and barfs and comes back up Karen: with disgust "utes. Are you sick? You should be at home if your sick" Me: "I'm going through chemo and if I went home there would be one less person working the checkout lane. I thought out were in a hurry and couldn't stand to wait in line." Karen: looking sheepish. "They really shouldn't let you work like that"

  • ACER Graffiti
    ACER Graffiti

    14:10 I love that his name is Ford Focus

  • WorldTravel1518

    5:32 Saint James. Yes, Diego is Spanish for James.

  • WorldTravel1518

    0:21 Touching grass is gay.

  • Kirbfan the Epic Gamer
    Kirbfan the Epic Gamer

    1:16 I'm autistic and I don't give a single damn about people saying that vaccines cause Autism. We know its not true and it's dumb. It's not just something you get, you are eiter born with it or just get it at a very young age. (yes that second one goes against what I'm saying but this is just something I looked up.) So please, If you child DOES have Autism, and you found out after they got a vaccine, Don't blame it on said vaccine. Don't blame it on anyone except for yourself if you think it was the vaccine. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

  • Life Choices?
    Life Choices?

    Where did I go wrong?

  • Grimlock

    “It is now gay to be straight.” Me: *laughs in asexual*

  • Phantom Phase
    Phantom Phase

    hahahahaha, people have to deal with HOA? I had never even heard of them until I started watching Reddit videos

    • Phantom Phase
      Phantom Phase

      note: this is not to sound smug or rude, I just find it funny

  • Francisco Almeida
    Francisco Almeida

    1:55 I was passing by a place that sells cakes today and I saw 2 cakes saying happy birthday to their 8 month old child (yes 8 exactly)

  • PointBread

    I like the fact that Texas can burn to death and freeze to death in 9 meters of snow in the SAME year. Texas kind of reminds me of a leftover hamburger patty, but covered in Florida's climate and ants.

  • billybobjoe yo!
    billybobjoe yo!

    6:00 This is my religion. Not only do we not do this (It's outdated by a longshot), many people do all of these things in my religion. Any person has the right to wear leggings, get ear piercings, have beards, but we do believe in modesty even if some people decide not to. Please stop spreading false things that are now outdated.

  • NightReaper127

    8:00 Thats the same fucking thing as a vaccine

  • TinyFoxTom

    As someone with autism, I can confirm it is a horrifying disability. Wanting to prevent autism in others is not the same as wanting to get rid of autistic people who already exist. Please stop being indignant on behalf of others unless you actually work in an advocacy group with regular access to these people. You're not paid to represent our interests, so you're not incentivised to do it correctly. That being said, fuck anti-vaxxers.

  • Pryxies

    6:01 means dont be jSchlatt

  • Zoey Jones
    Zoey Jones

    Dude I'm mormon . And omfg i hate it. Ps love the videos.

  • Maddox Johnson
    Maddox Johnson

    5:37 saint diego

  • P a n [ D R E A M O N ] i u m
    P a n [ D R E A M O N ] i u m

    waits for yt to yeet at this vid for that last post-

  • StrolledBoar 257
    StrolledBoar 257

    My mom and dad made fun of me for wearing a mask even though the mandate was lifted and now they both have covid and I don’t

  • Killian Kelloniemi
    Killian Kelloniemi


  • DaydreamingArtist322

    4:15-4:28: You hit the nail on the head. She *is* one of those people. Aborting a kid is wrong because some Christian leaders say it’s murder. Standing back and allowing a kid to starve to death is ok because some people say the alternative is communism. And avoiding communism is more important than helping thy neighbor. And stopping people *with a history of violence* from obtaining a gun is wrong because the right of _every single person in this country_ to bear arms is more important than preventing another mass shooting. Thoughts, prayers, and more guns are the solution to schoolchildren being killed. But thoughts and prayers aren’t enough to keep unborn babies safe. Only fighting tooth and nail against abortion will do because HOW DARE A WOMAN THINK HER WANTS AND NEEDS OUTWEIGH THAT OF A BABY! AND HOW DARE PEOPLE THINK THAT PREVENTING EVEN ONE PERSON FROM BEARING ARMS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN KEEPING HUNDREDS OF SCHOOLCHILDREN SAFE! MY GUNS MY RIGHTS! WHEN YOU’RE PREGNANT IT’S NOT JUST YOUR BODY IT’S THE BABY’S BODY TOO! YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO KILL A BABY! HOW DARE YOU TRY TO PUT YOUR RIGHTS ABOVE KEEPING A BABY SAFE YOU MURDEROUS SLUT! It seems a bit contradictory to me. Tl;dr: 4:15-4:28: On point. If an unborn baby’s right to life is more important than a woman’s right to decide what goes on in her body, why does a living, breathing child’s right to life mean less than someone else’s right to bear arms and avoiding communism? It’s rather contradictory, imo.

  • EntombedLamb 53
    EntombedLamb 53

    This one got a bit more political than I like... I used to like EmKay for the entertainment, not the narrative

  • Leola Hammond
    Leola Hammond

    Insane guy: hi Christian: hello Insane guy: I think God is a murderer in the bible Christian: why? Insane guy: Lucifer only killed 6 people, God killed many more Christian: tru- Insane guy: I bet you are scared of him

  • Austin Delpier
    Austin Delpier

    i prefer strong women

  • Yeet Master
    Yeet Master

    So the thing about Christianity has deferent sects that have diverged so much that they're almost deferent religions all together.

  • A weeb who likes anime
    A weeb who likes anime

    Tbh we CAN move earth’s orbit via big asteroids. We need to be very very lucky tho.

  • sam frost
    sam frost

    on the money thing, assuming best case scenario of that being from birth and you living, lets say 100 years - show some undeserved optimism given lifespans are dropping in USA and UK, then at 50 a month you'd end up with 60,000. which if i remember maths right, is substantially less than 1 million... by about 940,000... i know these are peak stupid but come on

  • garrondumont

    Hey, could you not passive aggressively insult the Mormon church like that? It's mildly annoying, when I otherwise really enjoy these videos. I thought you promoted acceptance and respect, but it doesn't really sound like it. And before someone calls me a hypocrite because of how many members treat the LGBTQ community, that's one of my biggest problems with the church, but that doesn't mean I can't improve it from the inside.

  • Next Step
    Next Step


  • Jessie Rose
    Jessie Rose

    16:18 let me get this straight, a guy built a fort in his OWN backyard. and was forced to take it down?

  • Jessie Rose
    Jessie Rose

    3:50 last time I was sick at all was March of 2020. (wasn't covid)

  • Alien Cat
    Alien Cat

    Sooo, I was about to pick option B when I thought, how long would it take to make a million dollars like that. IT’LL TAKE 20000 MONTHS!!! THATS 1666.7 YEARS!!!! WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!!!

  • Sundae

    4:46 tell me you skipped biology class without saying you skipped biology class

  • ThunderDrum325

    5:59 who on this Earth honestly thinks this is a good point?! Do people really think Jesus had sneakers, jeans, and modern day standards 2 thousand years ago? Unbelievable i wonder if people who think this believe we should have togas, hand woven sandals, and speak in "thy's" and "nevetheless'" sorry this just makes me mad