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  • r25

    fun fact: *there is no fun fact, now give me your kneecaps*

    • Carbon

      Mine were already stolen, you might need to find a compromise with the person who took them

    • Alex

      @Sleepless Nights the only thing I require is *s t o p.*

    • DerpMon 101
      DerpMon 101

      shit fine

    • Sean Abram
      Sean Abram

      ok ok plz dont hurt me

    • Q̲u̲i̲n̲n̲


  • Zeρђh

    2:40 i'm confused, why is the word "females" disgusting? i'm a female myself and i don't find it bad... is it because the context or was it just a joke or...? idk ive heard multiple people say the same thing but idk why its considered disgusting,,, just wondering

    • Mineral Water
      Mineral Water

      well, you refer to animals as females (a female dog, female fish, female etc etc) whereas you refer to humans as women. i mean, you wouldnt refer to a cat as a woman, because a woman refers to a human right? so when men refer to women as solely ‘females’ its dehumanising to many.

  • IronSkillet

    5:30 Since they asked a weird question I'll provide an answer Jk no I won't

  • The Kriegsman
    The Kriegsman

    Damn, haven’t been this entertained since Vraks.

  • AndreaDraws

    3:47 I cant focus on anything but the profile picture and banana this is sad

  • Sofia Buldrini
    Sofia Buldrini

    0:42 this is so sad...

  • Ayabonga Khumalo
    Ayabonga Khumalo

    What’s the problem with the word female

  • Dr Stephen Stark
    Dr Stephen Stark

    8:00 Okay but I honestly kind of really, really adore the dumb chonky little small-toe, short-tail looking fat little tiger so much more than the picture- Give me a round little boy please, I'm in love with him--

  • spookith the one
    spookith the one

    8:55 they are only playing their life actively worse by playing war thunder/world of warplanes

  • Ethan Green
    Ethan Green

    That thumbnail is just depressing.

  • The man the myth the legend Ya boi
    The man the myth the legend Ya boi

    Why do they call elbows elbows instead of arm caps arm caps knee caps hmmmmmmmm

    • The man the myth the legend Ya boi
      The man the myth the legend Ya boi

      @MasterQ 19 ima say something cringe Nico Nico kneecaps

    • The man the myth the legend Ya boi
      The man the myth the legend Ya boi

      I’ll make one in my elbow :/

    • MasterQ 19
      MasterQ 19

      TL;DR: There is a small bone that literally caps your knee joint, but there's not one in your elbow. The kneecap (also known as the patella) is a flat, somewhat triangular shaped bone that's connected to the large muscle of the thigh (above) and the shin bone (below) by tendons. This mechanism acts like a pulley to straighten the leg. The kneecap also covers and protects the front surface of the knee joint.

  • orphan burgelar
    orphan burgelar

    I think that simp shouldn't be a man that respects women. it should be a man that creepily complements and doesn't take no for an answer

  • Jukka Puttonen
    Jukka Puttonen

    The way he said despise @ 6.51 was crispy

  • Memeaganda


  • HappyGamer 4ever
    HappyGamer 4ever

    A good time to play Unravel

  • Itachi_the_gamer

    Wait a minute if he has onotyer tiket and he wenr by himself he can rewatch it ir sell it ir give it to a friend

  • Stinky Joe
    Stinky Joe

    1:28 as someone who was extremely impoverished as well as vegan, I wouldn't give meat away either. Rice + Beans are way cheaper and last longer. Plus meat is not exactly practical in food planning since it is literally constantly rotting away.

  • AverageDamian

    Little does Tinybuild know that Matpat stopped hello neighbor videos

  • arcsquire

    "Don't talk to me ever again" the text was sent on april 1st though

  • Kettle The BunnyRam
    Kettle The BunnyRam

    Damn tinyBuild, literally garbage trying to summon more garbage.

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
    Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    I swear, the packaged ham one has to be satire. I swear...

  • Jäger Gaming
    Jäger Gaming

    I had a crush in highschool. I finally gathered up the courage to ask her out after a month or so. She said no, because she started dating another guy the day before I asked. its been 2 years since that and im still sad over it.

  • Jules

    Honestly I'm not even cringing these are mostly just sad

  • Unseen Gaming
    Unseen Gaming

    Btw shib just dipped

  • Mike the Whizz
    Mike the Whizz

    8:18 if you think that's stupid, watch any major network coverage of a Milwaukee Bucks game

  • Yisrael Ariel jehuda rumadas 8A
    Yisrael Ariel jehuda rumadas 8A

    At 1:39 basically it wasn't a crush but her "online friend" from a game called free fire battleground and in order to meet her friend she sold her father motorcycle (I think) and when she was in the airport turns out the online friend doesn't want to meet her,the end. Also sorry for the bad english,since english isn't my first :)

  • RosyKindBunny13

    When you're having a bad day, just look at these, and know that some people have it worse than you. Or if they're joking, just think about how those situations aren't happening to you.

  • somekid

    yknow im not sure if this video made me feel better or worse about myself

  • ExoCloudZy

    0:33 my friend broke up with 14 girls THIS YEAR, last month he broken up with 10. He still wants more.

  • Dots_And_Boxes_Master 38
    Dots_And_Boxes_Master 38

    Watching this while aggressively jiggling my stomach and realizing I belong on this subredit

  • Lilly Pop
    Lilly Pop

    3:48 i... unfortunately... sadly... relate to this

  • Bruh terminate me
    Bruh terminate me


  • StarDust Stables
    StarDust Stables

    7:07 I'm holding out hope for this interaction since the first (mean) text was sent on April 1st/Fools and I'd like to hope this was all a weird fucking prank and not some bitch move (that, to be fair, could have also been done by a man, non-binary person, whoever else) bc good god.

  • Mr Gu
    Mr Gu

    I want Robin as my life coach

  • Clark the Bree
    Clark the Bree

    7:11 They said that on April Fools

  • Sour Lemon
    Sour Lemon

    The SHIB guy must be buying the cheapest Lambo in history and the cheapest attorney with only 3359.5 dollars to pay for both of those things lmao

  • Proudmario 1678
    Proudmario 1678

    Astrology is the biggest bs to exist

  • HalfEatenSandwich

    8:38 ayy WarThunder gang, RISE UP

  • Jordyn

    1:27 ah yes, I would rather bury an animal carcass than to give it the needy. Very nice how this animal died for some of its meat to not be used; what it was meant for, to be eaten. This is why people hate vegans (the crazy ones not all of course)

  • Infinity Beast
    Infinity Beast

    Yo wtf is with the saying worst thing they can do is say no when you try to confess your feelings, but people can make it so bad. :/

  • Crusader David770
    Crusader David770

    Shib is dollar general dogecoin

  • jacob Blanchette
    jacob Blanchette

    11:15 why. Why did this land on my birthday. Just why.


    Just me or anyone else notice that it was April Fools' Day 7:05 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Xman

    The people these days...

  • sad boi
    sad boi

    3:31 that guy is guaranteed to go insane

  • SURFChii

    I am a penguin

  • Gnas189

    8:43 poor guy, he plays war thunder

  • Arcanine-Espeon

    4:35 I have always hated *r/thathappened* being used in situations like this...Robin, I know it's a little too perfect, but it's a lot more unlikely than impossible, and parts of it are perfectly believable on their own, so it might be true but exaggerated, etc., etc., so just...imagine how awful this poor guy would feel if HE was watching this video, and he heard you (Robin) write this off as completely fake... I know that if I told the story of how my best friend of 10 years ghosted me, and then Robin said I was lying, it would ruin more than my entire day, maybe week, maybe month. And it's the kind of shit I would bring up to my therapist, week after week. Edit: 6:43 See, Robin responded just fine here. "This seems fake, but if it's real then I'm mad on your behalf." Leaving the door open for both possibilities. I wish he could have done the same before. Okay, I think I might be making it sound like I'm the guy at 4:35. I'm not and I've never met him (presumably); I'm still in my first relationship and I've never worked at a store. Edit: unless the "nastiest, saddest person" is the person on the right, not on the left, in which case this is so much more dickish. Honestly it's kind of ambiguous.

  • Alukard TheDeathknight
    Alukard TheDeathknight

    Just do weed less noise, less stress, less worries and less interest in weekend's. Weed the best friend

  • Anderson

    Pls explain first meme

  • Marta Leszkiewicz
    Marta Leszkiewicz

    What?! Slazo is writing these?

  • Jamie C
    Jamie C

    7:20 wow 168 metres thats tall

  • John G
    John G


  • Hani Kazuha
    Hani Kazuha

    Me and my brother cringe so hard watching that Indonesian girl who sold her dad's motorcycle on the TV

  • Rising Castle Gaming
    Rising Castle Gaming

    Only two times a week, those are rookie numbers, you gotta bump those numbers up

  • The. C R I N G E
    The. C R I N G E

    Why do you make me sad

  • Reviews and stuff
    Reviews and stuff

    I think robin is my favorite narrator

  • Only2Megabytes

    5:30, Idk what that subs for but it looks like its purpose is to ask thousands of strangers weird questuons.

  • Spg Tonyuchiha
    Spg Tonyuchiha

    Wow this somehow made me feel worse about myself

  • 🌷•Lily Animates•🌷
    🌷•Lily Animates•🌷

    2:37 I really want a boyfriend or girlfriend but damn I wouldn’t go that far,, 😳

  • L o a f Q u e e n
    L o a f Q u e e n

    I'd love to sell my baby

  • Madra

    Congrats to the Shib guy for having lost $1k in Shib since that post about divorcing his wife.

  • striderzer0

    11:41 NOTE won't instead of want.yeah seems like alot of people would won't him

  • J S
    J S

    Plot twist: she buried the meat so she could save it for later and to hide it from other people

  • Krisp

    2:52 bro 2 times a week? I do atleast 3 a day

  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou

    00:44 Down horrendous for matpat

  • Ship Master
    Ship Master

    My maladaptive daydreaming relates to 3:45

  • goop _
    goop _

    that one about the guy talking about star wars, i would love to listen to him

  • The Fae
    The Fae

    4:38 his wife probably wrote this because she was still pissed at him

  • The Fae
    The Fae

    Ok listen. I'm here to give a little insight as to why some girls reject guys like an asshole sometimes. It's because some guys out there don't know how to take no for an answer, so girls have to make it not only very clear that we don't like them back, but also make us seem unappealing so they don't message us with; "But baby I can't live without you 😭😭😭💔💔💔💔" for the next few months. This doesn't excuse asshole behavior, but using it to reject some guys that refuse to leave you alone is justified in my opinion. (I'm speaking from experience, those guys are not fun at all to have to try to reject.)

  • İhavenonameiguess

    İs it a coincedence that every vegan i saw has a brain damage? like what the fuck is "İ would rather let them starve than feed them meat."

  • AquaStar

    My guy is 5,6". But makes up for it in other areas 🙃 Just saying.

  • Annabelle Parker
    Annabelle Parker

    Yes the SHIB thing is a crypto. It was marketed as the 'doge killer' but has only ever reached $0.00007 at the highest, and is currently a fraction of even that

  • gueter_ zug
    gueter_ zug

    Give otto a raise

  • The random Axolotl
    The random Axolotl

    1:26 really out here making me ashamed to be of the same species, like go taste a big one mate, vegans are usually chill af people but that person was beyond the exception.

  • Антон Симановский
    Антон Симановский

    Kinda sad that I can relate to some of those

  • Iscream2much

    5:18 yes i do, no never works

  • UnboxingTV

    4:48 yo, thats a 7, not a 6

  • AkiraX13

    boi its in r/tooafraidtoask of course it will be cringe or weird.

  • Rain, Art, and Tea Studios
    Rain, Art, and Tea Studios

    I think the Cheating Husband guy may have actually been found out and his wife changed his profile to give him hell, though that’s just a thought conjured by my overactive brain.

  • TheCommonPeasant

    Fun Fact: The account that buried the piece of ham is a satire account

  • Judamubo

    8:42 What's that War Thunder update?

  • Sammy

    I genuinely laughed at the first one

  • Noah Romero
    Noah Romero

    Wait where is the fan art

  • Adam And George Do Stuff
    Adam And George Do Stuff

    at 0:45 the reason matpat wont do it is because of the box theory,hes completely done with it because of how confusing it is

  • Luke Hayden
    Luke Hayden

    5:44 pes is an online game similar to FIFA.

  • Boy in blue
    Boy in blue

    Okay, but the stubby tiger tattoo is fucking cute and I would get it.

  • Gina the Cookie
    Gina the Cookie

    Astrology for personality descriptions with a lot of specific and correct information (same can be said for many things) inputed? Yes, accurate. For compatibility and future/fortune telling? HECK NO.

  • Jake Reedman
    Jake Reedman

    2021 wasn't 8 years ago... TF?? 11:25

    • ZephyrOmens

      @Jake Reedman lol all good

    • Jake Reedman
      Jake Reedman

      @ZephyrOmens @2012!!! not 2021!!! god i wish i was dyslexic so i could have an excuse for misreading that. lol

    • ZephyrOmens

      You got dyslexia?

  • Kowru

    "every 2 weeks, thats alot" you sure thats alot ;)

  • Hanq

    i mean, roleplayers aren't _that_ bad, but sometimes, they use it to get whatever they want and sometimes somehow it works. kinda sad tho

  • grassy

    1:26 i would rather eat you than let you exist, im fine with vegans as long as they dont enforce it on other people

  • Merpsicles

    5:27 I mean, it is in r/TooAfraidToAsk, so I think they chose a good place for said question.

  • Jose Castro
    Jose Castro

    Masturbating does help lol. It releases dopamine. But you can burn out your dopamine receptors 😅 so not healthy Edit: when overdone

  • First Name
    First Name

    4:38 idk seems more like he has a punishment kink

  • Zacharion Tab
    Zacharion Tab

    Yeah, being a guy kinda sucks sometimes. Well at least I could enjoy talking about Star Wars with a bot on Tinder

  • Venus2245

    1:10 ik that girl shes a feminist and shit

  • Will D.
    Will D.

    8:38 If they expected the other person to say "at least you have me" why TF did they say they don't have friends? Clearly they're expecting friendship

  • Dovey_snow

    7:06 that my friend right there I know they will come back just for homework or test answers

  • AllusiveGore62

    POV: You found the good part of FIshows