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  • Lexi

    Im wearing earbuds and the lick of discomfort did me a BIG DISCOMFORT. 😖

  • fishy boi
    fishy boi

    i love seeing people beat cancer cause i mean i hate it it made me loose my grandma

  • Red Wyvern Emperor
    Red Wyvern Emperor

    When I was little my mom owned and worked at a buther shop (not sure I translated it right). Every day after nursery school I would stay there until her hours were done. Every Monday, a truck would come with freshly killed pigs, mom and her employees would then prepare all the meat that is then sold. The drivers were really nice guys and since they knew a 3 year old was always there, they always brought some nice snack for me. Be it a small chocolate bar or sweet filled dumplings (local food, never seen them anywhere else). Really nice and solid guys. What great guys to do this for some kid of a customer. Bless them whereever they are. And if someone asks, yes, I was 3 years old and was spending time among hanging dead pigs and watched them be sliced and cut. And I did not mind... the ham was delicious.

  • Slish Slash
    Slish Slash

    I just noticed you can loop a video on mobile on the settings 😀

  • Peter Cleveland
    Peter Cleveland

    But I'm not a spatula

  • Trace the gaming prince
    Trace the gaming prince

    8:29 the guard dog kills intruders with cuteness

  • Araksoo

    10:50 bro, i cant stand when guys feel the need to act tough. Im all of my friend's vent and the only one my guy friends will talk to unless its to eachother TvT

  • Recycle Bin
    Recycle Bin


  • W1TH3R3D B0NN13
    W1TH3R3D B0NN13

    When I see the thumbnail I thought the man face picture was like a paper that has been ripped

  • rainbowbutterflyfan

    Dude that lick was seriously disgusting and you should’ve given us more warning. That almost sent me into a flashback. I’ve been subbed since the 200k days and now I have to unsubscribe, as you can’t even be bothered to give a trigger warning.

  • Clayton Sieting
    Clayton Sieting

    idk how to fell about being called a spatula

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari

    14:00 that was my dads old dog dawg-A-dawg he passed away last year

  • Jm Rogador
    Jm Rogador

    everything wholesome is just animals because we humans keep trashing each other yes Im trashing humans

  • Stanley Scalf
    Stanley Scalf

    The sanitation engineer/muffin story made dust get in my eyes. Stupid dust.

  • Angelic_Autumn Gacha Club, Gacha studio and more
    Angelic_Autumn Gacha Club, Gacha studio and more

    Jasper: *Thumbs up both hands*

  • weakamna

    18:15, daaaamn, that picture has like proper perspective and everything O.o Definitely still some "symbol drawing" on the house, but still, she definitely has a good basic grip on how perspective actually should look

  • Nikolaj Steffensen
    Nikolaj Steffensen

    sad part is that poor Lennu passed away this year. positive part is that everyone seems genuinely really really sad about this showing that this dog was a supremely good boy.

  • •Freaks•

    I'm a ✨spectacular spatula✨

  • RezFrosting

    i did the same thing with an old cat! the cat was 19 and poor health, but i adopted her anyway. she lived to almost be 21. i spent a lot of time helping her go to the bathroom, helping her wash herself. helping her brush her fur. her name was baby and miss her very much. she loved to use my arm as a pillow. she would keep me trapped for hours at a time, just for snuggles. sadly it got to the point she couldn't walk anymore, and had to put her down, but at lest i gave her a longer life with snuggles

  • xXJossu Xx
    xXJossu Xx

    R.I.P Lennu😟

  • Maladjusted Cutie
    Maladjusted Cutie

    So I guess I identify as a spectacular spatula now. I don't make the rules, man.

  • You

    am i a comment

  • Narcis Bulz
    Narcis Bulz


  • DragonSlayer

    I can argue my dog is quieter

  • Star Boy
    Star Boy

    4:40 is adorable but sadly not true

  • Not A Drill
    Not A Drill

    7:43 Yeah, i really dislike bras. LETS BURN THEM!!!

  • bloodmoon 111222333444
    bloodmoon 111222333444

    The elephant thing isn't true

  • Hawkdracano

    This video made me cry, because I didn't know about Lennu and he's already dead

  • 15tsubasa

    Don't wear headphones at the very end of the video. I got full exposure to the lick of approval. I don't approve. Other than that this video made me feel positive emotions, and I loved it.

  • Rice


  • Samster 404
    Samster 404


  • Samster 404
    Samster 404

    15:03 that kid is going places

  • Beady Cosine5035
    Beady Cosine5035

    13:21 Tfs piccolo: *getting a second friend* TOM YOUR BEING REPLACED

  • Collin Unger
    Collin Unger

    I got a ad when he said having a clean shave means-

    • Collin Unger
      Collin Unger

      The ad merged in it and said you never want things 9n your counters

  • i am me
    i am me

    Ok pls omg 2:41 made me cry, the only present!?!? He deserves the world😭

  • Albrat Gaming
    Albrat Gaming

    The Picture at the end by the little girl ... Buy her a set of Art supplies and let her loose on some canvases.. I would buy that picture. it's awesome.

  • Maneki360Neko DUDE
    Maneki360Neko DUDE

  • jello fish
    jello fish

    7:31 everyone has to experience smooth legs at least once in there life because it's amazing

  • Dev En
    Dev En

    i liked michael's way

  • MeisterJohnny007

    9:48 I am no expert on Erebor Runes and don't want to smother his ~1200 hour investment. It was a very nice thing to do. But wouldn't it have been a thing of just around 5 hours to get the ebook and write a simple program which replaces the normal letters through the Erebor Runes? It would have been fast, simple, more readable and without errors.

  • Lunamane SoulBright
    Lunamane SoulBright

    ...I'm not going to lie when I herd you do that "lick" at the end I started laughing and giggling....great job

  • J0aqu¡n XD
    J0aqu¡n XD

    4:45 sorry for being really fun at parties/s, but that actually isn't true source: literally just watch hood nature

  • Ndkn

    8:09 o7 o7

  • MayaButLikeBetter 23
    MayaButLikeBetter 23

    I was in my first car accident today and I spent the past 2 hours crying. This subreddit really lives up to its name.

  • Kelli Awwl
    Kelli Awwl

    DMX story is bullshit

  • Lego Manica
    Lego Manica

    I love the vids but I just cant stand going through r/Mademesmile without getting unnecessarily aggressive and I just want to hit a desk or beat a wet rag until its dry. Geez! Keep up the good work.

  • Christine C
    Christine C

    r/mademesmile because r/mademetearupbuthappytears is too long

  • Fefek1

    14:57 Yeee, Dinosaurs rule, I'm 15-22, not a guy, and addicted to Dinosaurs XD

  • Fefek1

    7:50 I'm pretty sure a Uranium Lunch isn't a healthy meal :)

  • Fefek1

    4:45 Does that mean elephants who attack humans unprovoked are animal abusers...? 0_0

  • MrSaxToTheMax


  • • MUSHI BEE •
    • MUSHI BEE •

    Did they hit puberty?! Their voice sounds deeper.


    If you ever feel like you've never made good memories to remember or friends that help you in bad times you can still do these things you're still alive and standing it doesn't have to be going out and talking to random people it may happen randomly, you can be happy even without friends you can make good memories without them too you are valued and loved even if you don't feel like it

  • Mr Orc Shaman
    Mr Orc Shaman

    I do find Arnie inspiring. He came from having very little but a dream and determination, and he just kept climbing, going from one success to another and becoming world famous. My fav quote of his is "Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength"

  • snugthulu

    smile???? then why am I crying

  • Blue Esper
    Blue Esper

    1:59 And we all lift, and we're all adrift together, together. 🎵🎶

  • Chaz Serir
    Chaz Serir

    9:00 - "You and your subtle ways of implying you like to be choked" caught me off guard. Well-played.

  • jaredloveless


  • Aaron LemønEnby
    Aaron LemønEnby

    16:10 it is, it's really really hard. I had six months of very emotionally heavy hospital and pshycological path and today I thought they would finally give me the diagnose for my gender dysphoria, turns out i gotta wait SIX MONTHS AGAIN. not to talk about two years for testosterone and four for surgery. it's tiring.

  • Fishey Boi4422
    Fishey Boi4422

    This subreddid should be called made me cry

  • Logan Anderson
    Logan Anderson

    This video made my cry

  • Dippodude32

    17:18 as a MJ toy collector, I need this

  • Kanami

    I'm not your son now mum I'm now a spatula

  • UnderGamer Jordan
    UnderGamer Jordan

    16:02 my man's transitioning into Little Z and I couldn't be prouder

  • Rose's Zen Garden
    Rose's Zen Garden

    this is r/mademesmile, but half of these made me cry.

  • Kirby Multiverse
    Kirby Multiverse

    "uncomfortable lick of approval" i have no words

  • Mr fishi
    Mr fishi

    1:25 i feel the same way about wilbur.

  • Aidan Lutz
    Aidan Lutz

    The First Lady reminded me of my neighbors, they take care of old dachshunds. They currently have a doxie named Akira, who I can happily say is past her old, bad life, and living out the rest of he days in comfort.

  • Bluebird CP 1-4
    Bluebird CP 1-4

    "Wear this bikini, Steve.... Just do it."

  • BlackFox Studios
    BlackFox Studios

    I'm sorry Jack, I'm not a spectacular spatula. I identify as a those indestructible phones that are sometimes shit.

  • Tavia H or Duck
    Tavia H or Duck

    13:32 The wholesomeness of this rivals Isabelle herself. And she is so cute! Also thank you for some actual news today, Isabelle! ;)

  • Tavia H or Duck
    Tavia H or Duck

    13:23 The wholesomeness of this rivals Isabelle herself. And she is so nice. Also thank you for some actual news today, Isabelle! ;)

  • Tavia H or Duck
    Tavia H or Duck

    10:23 yes yes yes yes yes!

  • AnIdiot

    9:17 Now this goes two ways Either this is a gift with good intent Or a curse made by a an evil necromancer whose looking to complete the set

  • Jackson

    I Am Honored To Be A Spatula

  • Emperor Palprotein
    Emperor Palprotein

    Jack said i am a spectacular spatula and you can no longer change my mind >:)

  • The Violet Lion
    The Violet Lion

    Unfortunately, the thing about elephants finding us cute is a complete lie. :(

  • Kenzo Bacani
    Kenzo Bacani

    the president's dog smile kinda looks like me when i smile :)

  • Nakana


  • Darien B
    Darien B

    13:44 I love how the perosn took the time ti make little drawings as well. They're really good at a it too, whoever they might be.

  • Mha Fan
    Mha Fan

    3:09 Baxter is the name of my bunny that died when I was 6 🥺🥺🥺😔😔😔

  • talk to the pfp
    talk to the pfp

    Instead of Amy I heard Barney

  • Zachary Jeffrey
    Zachary Jeffrey

    This kid can tell the future.

  • 🍀 Clover Studios 🍀
    🍀 Clover Studios 🍀


  • Joshua Campbell
    Joshua Campbell

    Did anyone else shout "the fuck" when he said he didn't know who DMX was?

  • Rusty .Thebanite
    Rusty .Thebanite

    Okay Jack, don't call me a spatula again and we can be friends. XD

  • Papier-Mâché_Nicc

    *Do not disrespect DMX 💯 **#RestUpDMX*

  • Kuroni

    4:37 Glad to know it’s mutual

  • xandercraw

    Just trying out my new AirPods literally the first thing I watch and you lick in my ear ..... Thanks?

  • Cranberry CakeArt
    Cranberry CakeArt

    5:55 Lennu actually died recently :(

  • cl hinton
    cl hinton

    18:29 I'm still laughing at the "uncomfortable lick of approval." Very correctly named, good sir!! 😂

  • Brian Curtis
    Brian Curtis

    Sadly 4:37 is false, elephants don’t actually think we’re cute

  • Jasper Liker
    Jasper Liker

    I wish I could like googol times Also check out 10:23 as a very emotional boy, I completely agree

  • Nines Gaming
    Nines Gaming

    sometimes i think this subreddit should be changed to r/mademecry cause lord knows im not getting through a video without crying

  • Odoggo

    2:42 i can only imagine that muffin crumbling in his hand while eating it and muffin parts all over the floor

  • mangletangle

    5:24 I used to go that museum a lot when I was younger and I was scared when I saw the blood lol

  • KRBgirl

    The guy at 9:00 is true definition of a keeper.

  • Markku

    Lennu is dead

  • Pixeldonkey95

    Ok…sleeping cat made me actually smile

  • Reverb Vershem
    Reverb Vershem

    5:55 luckily Finnish is the happiest country