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  • Dave The Editor
    Dave The Editor

    10:43 I make this

    • - Niha -
      - Niha -


    • ComicallyBadPun

      good job dave

    • HappyGamer 4ever
      HappyGamer 4ever

      This guy is freaking cool

    • Blue

      Great job Dave it’s a very nice video

    • MKDSFan

      thanks dave

  • Eric Cannady
    Eric Cannady

    1:23 the knight obviously bought a level in bard

  • crusader of the snazzel: treywebb
    crusader of the snazzel: treywebb

    They do

  • Why you lookin
    Why you lookin



    1:59 that looks like technoblade fanart

  • 182exe

    🏳️‍⚧️ ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Ash Beckman
    Ash Beckman

    lexi is very cool

  • HappyGamer 4ever
    HappyGamer 4ever

    4:10 Yes. Well, for me atleast. And no, not just a little bit. It's more than that

  • PizzaTime.

    I like the title picture. I love the rat called Ratatouille!!

  • Mr. Anønimø
    Mr. Anønimø

    step shark

  • Black Akita
    Black Akita

    Didn't know I needed this even if it is just memes and cartoons. I should really start telling myself some of these things 😅

  • Over_Seer

    The oppisite happend of my dog curing me My cat just fucking died My stupid ass husky bitch somehow how gotten to her and she was probley only 2 months old and the husky was chained up where he coulnt get to the cats

  • Violet and Grass!
    Violet and Grass!

    It says that there was 666 comments until I made this comment. :)

  • Nero Steel
    Nero Steel

    Nothing gets trough my armor! :3 How about my love? *Armored character proceeds to punch the non armored characters head off clean*

  • Spiritchase

    can someone give me a hint to what lexi looks like? I'm trying to draw her, and I don't want to assume her body type or hair style

  • 1Okoya1

    Never feel ashamed about the you too awkward reply , sure it may seem weird but in all honesty it's a reflex in which you express that you wish good things on another person " i hope you enjoy your food/you too= I also wish you have a fulfilling meal today "

  • glitchon

    0:46 are they going to feed him to the queen?

  • Tootle

    medic sharks have the same energy as medic bulldozers from payday

  • manav sharma
    manav sharma

    Don't you just love when jack robin or lexi go "awwww wnbduamsj * system crash becuz if cuteness * " It just feel so nice to see them happy becuz they make us happy

  • Diego Brando
    Diego Brando

    0:02 Bigfoot just starts fucking humans

  • vaibhav kumar
    vaibhav kumar

    6:41 you get used to it mate. Like imagine crushing your stomach because you can't do anything about your hunger. Not me. Anyways, it will take time. You wil fail many times. Even after you think you have mastered a dish, you might fail due to some unusual circumstances. But the thing is you gotta persevere and make food regardless. For your hunger and health or survival. Just get up and start doing it. Trust me even a failed dish tastes so much better if you are the one cooking it.

  • JamigFrig YT
    JamigFrig YT

    i don’t like lexi. his voice is annoying

    • JamigFrig YT
      JamigFrig YT

      @Zack Stephenson the fight is over so stfu

    • Zack Stephenson
      Zack Stephenson

      @JamigFrig YT People like you shouldn't exist smh. Is it that hard for you to use HER pronouns!!

    • JamigFrig YT
      JamigFrig YT

      youtube is stupid

    • PlumpkinPie:3

      @JamigFrig YT then why won't you answer?

    • JamigFrig YT
      JamigFrig YT


  • Dranlia

    I don't know how Lexi stays so positive all the time. But I am glad she does. Because it makes a lot of other people happy as well. Including me.

  • katie4799

    Medic sharks ..... More like nurse sharks ....Amiright or am I right?? :D

  • youtube chicken
    youtube chicken

    7:10 Can easily be repurposed for fathers day

  • Squirrel Girl
    Squirrel Girl

    4:18 *Gasp* I wasn't expecting the thing towards the end, love is so beautiful.

  • Aubree Dobson
    Aubree Dobson

    Lexi's voice is very calming

  • Teresa Pagan
    Teresa Pagan

    Lexi feeling attacked? Dont worth we do too lol

  • Kris_User7

    My mom doesn't like Lexi's voice :'(

  • N.O.P.E

    These videos make my day when I am depressed or when I am bullied at school

  • Spectre

    I don't have the energy for everything...some days it's hard to just move.

  • Random person
    Random person

    8:37 well with my name I must oblige Hey you. Yes, you. The shirt you're wearing right now really suits you, and I bet it's comfy

  • Ex Industries
    Ex Industries

    6:10 why do things like this always pop up right after you lose one...

  • Henry N. White
    Henry N. White

    2:05 im not in this and i dont like it


    d-d-d-did you say......HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST???!?!?!!?! My God Lexi-Kitty!!! *You and I are not so different* , because I like Horizon franchise too!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fridge

    That ant with the broken arm will likely be cannibalized


    i wish i had a friend who would love me for who i am :(

  • Remy Hartog
    Remy Hartog


  • Bem•ベム

    I sometimes forget these posts make me tear up 😦

  • Silver Lining
    Silver Lining

    5:40 is an ADHD thing.

  • aihtdikh

    Aww, you know Kevin!

  • Real Laurens
    Real Laurens

    You know what I hate? That don’t live in a country where people do this. The Netherlands is definitely not like this. I’d wish that I lived in England or something because the Netherlands sucks sometimes :(

  • UnAnonimoArraygada Boop
    UnAnonimoArraygada Boop

    The rat looks happy

  • Richard Spere
    Richard Spere

    1:10 Step one, cut a hole in the box.

  • Sorcha Mackay
    Sorcha Mackay


  • UngusBungusFilms

    You play horizon?

  • Michael Braman
    Michael Braman

    The picture of the ai and the guy playing chess the ai won because the guy only had a pawn left while the bot had a king and the pawn was directly in front of the king

  • Far M
    Far M

    Wait....Isn't the worker ants all female? Cmiiw

  • 𝖄𝖔𝖍𝖆𝖓𝖘 𝖈𝖔𝖈𝖐
    𝖄𝖔𝖍𝖆𝖓𝖘 𝖈𝖔𝖈𝖐

    Lexi is one of my favorite narrator's for Emkay. She's too pure for this world 😤

  • Bastian Budiman
    Bastian Budiman

    4:17 tell me im not the one who notice this....

  • Sammi Calhoun
    Sammi Calhoun

    Horizon! :D

  • Ceon

    "Medic sharks" It would be funnier if that was a nurse shark

  • Godofwar Shawn
    Godofwar Shawn

    4:17 Kind of gay

  • Hunnybee

    welp... 3am ✨mommy issues✨ activated 🙃

  • Nelson Muthra
    Nelson Muthra

    Me after wholesomememes: ( '\_/')


    Just wait till this dude discovers "Nurse Sharks"

  • bb._.doodles

    6:38 IDK bro I just throw in what I think will taste nice and boom 3 course meal

  • bb._.doodles

    5:47 Now you see that’s me except with my best friend 😌 I cannot wait to leave the house and not have to live with my insufferable parents anymore.

  • raptorking 2.0
    raptorking 2.0

    1:14 I wonder if Lexy knows that nurse sharks exist and would make this a good joke

  • duckie

    lexi is my favorite cus of the voices that she does and the wad she awwws at everything like i do i relate to her a ton :3

  • Aiden Powers
    Aiden Powers

    Hey, Lexi! I'm transmasc and just got my top surgery rescheduled from next month to next week! July 13, 2021. Can you react to some trans subreddits for me? I love it when I hear your voice on starting up an EmKay video. Transpride!

  • Billy Cundiff
    Billy Cundiff

    Lexi is the best narrator for r/wholesomememes

  • French Toast
    French Toast

    These videos make me realize the lack of love in my life

  • GrayscaleGuy

    I love how Lexi is the one viewing the wholesome memes... Most of the time

  • PaperBoatCanFloat

    The voices of Lexi: 🤵‍♂️-----👸🏼-----

  • Rogue Gamer
    Rogue Gamer

    You had a chance to say "nurse shark"

  • Elias Rease
    Elias Rease

    Wen you say you too your just trying to be polite

  • NewtNeil

    Thank you Michael Kucharski, Lexi, Lockie, Dave, Greg Zhao, Otto the Dog for this amazing video.

  • Jade Obsession
    Jade Obsession

    i like wholesome memes they cheer me up.

    • Jade Obsession
      Jade Obsession

      @GamingFae i fixed the comment, okay?

    • Jade Obsession
      Jade Obsession

      @GamingFae okay, like i said, withdrawn, drop it, i was not aware, k?

    • GamingFae

      @Jade Obsession She is trans. Also, why does having a deeper voice prevent her from being cute?

    • Jade Obsession
      Jade Obsession

      @GamingFae sounds like a guy to me, it's a girl? really? adorableness withdrawn then, my bad

    • GamingFae


  • Njdnxblaze #2
    Njdnxblaze #2

    1:59 is where all the miku stans risese

  • Thomas Hill
    Thomas Hill


  • Zkull

    1:27 that could have so easily been in another subreddit 😭

  • MaskedWolfDragoness

    "Brother"? But all soldier ants are female. Why is the world so damn male-centric?

  • Dizy Dino
    Dizy Dino

    I have big stuffed panda (size of my torso maybe?) I really love pandas and I nicknamed my gf panda because pandas are cute like her and I love her (even more than i love pandas) but anyways she lives a few states away so when I miss her I cuddle the stuffed panda. Also, my gf calls me kitty because I have the good qualities that a cat has, personality wise. People say my gf and I are a cute couple. I agree :3

  • Dizy Dino
    Dizy Dino

    Happy story! So, my family doesn't have a lot of money, we could hardly afford our samsung phones, but my grandparents bought me a pc, and I earned a bit of cash for Minecraft. I figured out how to get hypixel, a minigame server for multiplayer. To do a lot of the cool things, you need at least vip, which costs gold, which costs money. Since my parents need some money to take our dog to the vet and to fix a car issue, I thought I'd never get vip. But some random stranger gifted me vip! He has gifted over 90 people, most of which he gifted randomly. Dude's an angel. Didn't even ask for anything, just wanted to make some people's day. This happened a few days ago, when a tropical storm hit where I live. There was a tornado and maybe a hurricane. I was super scared but when the vip thing happened, I forgot it all. I cried tears of joy. There are some really great people out there. I hope someday I can pay it forward. I'm only a kid so i don't know what I can do, but I will do something someday.

  • Barry B. Benson
    Barry B. Benson


  • Amber Kat
    Amber Kat

    I thought worker ants were female, like with bees?

  • Rebekah Brafford
    Rebekah Brafford


  • Low Budget Max
    Low Budget Max

    8:25 unfortunately no because that moment has not come yet

  • Kimiko Fox601
    Kimiko Fox601

    I’m 14 and when I’m stressed or sad and I’m going to bed I like to cuddle my fox plushie my mom gotten me for my 14th birthday knowing I love foxes and I would love it, she’s a really good mom and this fox plushie is my comfort plushie

  • Pringles

    I feel like Lexi is the only one that should cover wholesome memes or mademesmile

  • Dulaman

    6:35 go to culinary school. if you can't find or afford one, ask a friend for help. its best to start small with something like spaghetti and meat sauce or cookies before moving on to things like meat pies or pot roasts.

  • Cursed Cat
    Cursed Cat

    "Medic sharks" _you mean Nurse Sharks_

  • •Visayan Latte•
    •Visayan Latte•


  • Diamond_Ocelot6

    I have a question.... if I wanted to draw EmKay fanart but I don't have readit where can I post it for you to see?

  • wyatt

    4:12 Lexi you make me feel that way 🥰🥰

  • Diamond_Ocelot6

    EmKay: _Unintentionally corrects "himself" to "herself"_ (6:25) Me: Wait! Hold up a sec... let me read that again... Me after re-reading it and realising that it definitely says "himself": I'm not sure whether to be proud or disappointed... Also Me: Meh... * shrugs*

  • Diamond_Ocelot6

    5:26 was me the other day but the difference is, we're twins and different genders (he's still technically the older one I will admit) oh and it technically wasn't a level I was having a bit of difficulty with... I was playing Legend of Zelda and was having trouble with a mini game that would get me a heart piece so after hours of me trying to get it I handed the 3ds to my brother and said "I need at least 100 rupees to get a heart piece the most I can get is like 60 rupees, can you please do it?" and he did, in five minutes flat (I was playing a Link Between Worlds, the mini game was in Lorule and the point system was in rupees and I think the mini game was called Octoball Derby)

  • Cat Guy
    Cat Guy

    Another wholesome meme video tainted by the annoying voice of Lexi.

    • Journey Waitz
      Journey Waitz

      WHAT????????!!!! DID??????!!!!!!! YOU???????!!!!!! SAY?????????!!!!!!! LEXI'S VOICE IS BEAUTIFUL! at least she's not so into herself she thinks your voice is annoying. oh wait, everyone thinks that, right? you don't have to be into yourself to know that you had the absolute AUDACITY to say something like this. now, be a good annoying person and go back to your swamp, where you live under Shrek's house.

  • TJ436

    That ant meme is completely false. Since they are referred to as “Brother” they shouldnt be even there. They are just used to reproduce with the queen and die.

  • Kartoffell

    3:50 Oh no guys, I would have really liked to look up the artist of that one. You cut the name :/

  • laughing jack the lacking
    laughing jack the lacking

    Lexi I just came out as non binary and my best friend left me because of that what should I do I need some help

  • Sebforce 116
    Sebforce 116

    I've had a dumb thought, if I'm ever in a position where I'm serving food, I think I know how to make the "You too," situation lighter, EG: "Here you are, enjoy your meal." "You too." "Oh? Is that an invitation?" OR "Here you are, enjoy your meal." "You too." "Oh I _wish_ I could." :P

  • Aiden Randall
    Aiden Randall

    I think my dreams are impossible but I can't give up I want to be a scientist at NASA ok it's probably not impossible but I'm losing confidence because of my poor skill in physics. I'm not completely bad at it I'm just bad at converting units. I gave up on it a few years ago then a teacher gave me a note to stay confident and stay in the field of science it was my science teacher.

  • Mia Alyssum
    Mia Alyssum

    10:10. I heard The trick is to say enjoy your food and have a nice day so in case they say You too they’re good haha

  • How ya Bean
    How ya Bean

    see the stepmom one works for me because i know my biological mother and she is a huge ✨~ piece of shit ~✨

  • Dark Gamer116
    Dark Gamer116

    6:42 Yeah but my mom doesn't have patience Instead I learn patience from being that one sniper in online games xD

  • Andreski Ikhy
    Andreski Ikhy

    the only flaw about this video is how lexi pronounced tanya 2:36

  • iffy

    Yesterday had a complete mental breakdown, was screaming and crying the whole day. Thanks, Lexi

  • James King
    James King

    nurse shark