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  • Sabian Griffin
    Sabian Griffin

    Hunting and fishing guides at 13:50: Am I cool and OG or unevolved?

  • Levaughn Curry
    Levaughn Curry

    uhh sir i think u mean arse

  • gamergoat27

    wtf is the economy in the US, here in the Netherlands you can get a house for 600,000 euros, mansions are about 3,000,000. your economy really sucks

  • Benjamin Fischer
    Benjamin Fischer

    Everyone knows you go to Menards first

  • herrington wolf
    herrington wolf

    Robin I agree man monster fursuits would be cool

  • Wolfia DarkAngel
    Wolfia DarkAngel

    10:06 Where are my fellow gachaTubers at?

  • Fizzy Disney
    Fizzy Disney

    Wait, your throbbing

  • Wolf_ Thing
    Wolf_ Thing

    i have a monster fursona :> its colored normally but its a mix between a ram and a wolf

  • Skyla&BlackMatter

    5:26 my fursona is a legit snake dragon hybrid. But I get it, non k9s are hard to find.

  • dragonhanyu

    2:15 That's Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume, it's cute but also sad. It's a post-apocalyptic visual novel that follows a junker, as the MC, and a planetarium robot worker. It's about 4-5 hours long.

  • Namjoon’s Lost AirPods
    Namjoon’s Lost AirPods

    You’re not throbbin’, but you rubbin’. I had to😅.

  • kayla bowden
    kayla bowden

    You’re Rob and you didn’t miss a beat it wasn’t even me and RL but it was there and they’re being coached and you called out good job I love you

  • Toby Hensley
    Toby Hensley

    My showers often consist of me sitting there with conditioner in my hair because I like silky smoothness

  • Evilen The Cookie Warrior
    Evilen The Cookie Warrior

    What’s poaching? Did I spell it correctly ?

  • devilsgamer666

    Lets go you like owl city my fav song of theirs is fireflies

  • Shadow's_ Whisper
    Shadow's_ Whisper

    Im here at 3am!! 😊

  • Chiho Kirigaya
    Chiho Kirigaya

    7:38 : "We can't all move to Kansas" As a kansan, I feel very called out by this

  • Maverick The Meme Channel
    Maverick The Meme Channel

    ight the poaching thing the scales on a pangolins shell are used in most traditional chinese medicines their scales can prevent a few things one of them being temporary paralasis not saying its good to poach them just saying thats why (also its proven they gave covid to bats)

  • Why you lookin
    Why you lookin


  • Why you lookin
    Why you lookin


  • The oceans Depp‘s
    The oceans Depp‘s

    Yeah my mum does the same thing with anyone that’s visiting the stuff from my household they don’t care but she’s not care that no one is going to be in my room and I’ll just shut the door clean your room ______ this guest and then I said to her I’m not gonna go in my room and then she said I don’t care just clean your room.

  • John Ramirez
    John Ramirez

    Me Watching at 3:38 in the morning and reading the title: Just For Me.

  • WackyWilly_the_spinny_boy

    Title: Memes for only 3AM Me:watching this at 4:29AM

  • enoughofyourkoicarp

    20 minutes after quitting smoking the heart rate and blood pressure go back to normal? Quitting? You realise that twenty minutes after "quitting" is ten minutes before "resuming the addiction" right?

  • SuperNova999

    5:33 robbin, be careful for what you ask for, also, this stuff you asked for already exists, you just have to look for it a bit in some sites

  • supernubforever

    is it ok if i watch at 2:18?

  • Grace Matushenko
    Grace Matushenko

    6:13 Did you know that the name gatorade actually comes from the california gators and it was to help the players to stay hydrated. I learned this in school.

  • Clarice

    w H e E z E I'm watching this at 3:26 AM

  • Not Enough Coffee
    Not Enough Coffee

    9:54 thats what everyone in my dreams look like

  • Ꚍ๏ᖇᕍ

    Someone please explain why I got so excited when Robin mentioned my state. Please.

  • izzie menius
    izzie menius

    "that's why they do it when you turn it off now" Me: well jokes on you I never turn it off

  • Your local Cheese man
    Your local Cheese man

    Robin after one chart on beat saber: let there be sweat Me after ten charts on beat saber: tis but a scratch

  • Dayton Kemp
    Dayton Kemp

    Hm, right time for it

  • Isabella Beckett
    Isabella Beckett

    Pangolins are the only scaled mammal, making them pretty neat little creatures already! they are a kind of ant-eater that curls up into a little scally ball. Some types of them even have long prehensile tails that allow them to climb around in trees when paired with their claws. Being a commonly poached animal is probably the worst thing about them, and I'm glad Jeremy is spreading awareness~

  • Isabella Beckett
    Isabella Beckett

    was just listening to some music on shuffle at 2:45 am before coming here, I guess I'm a bit early huh-


    There are actually a lot of really cool monster fursuits out there

  • Moonseyeproductions

    Haha it’s 2:26 not 3

  • Stormray

    Me: “Googles sickness, a harmless cough and how to prevent it” Google: “you have 7 different types of Internal sickness that can kill you” Me: 🤦‍♂️🧐

  • The legend Of Minecraft
    The legend Of Minecraft

    Ayo I got a black out to

  • Lunar Weirdo
    Lunar Weirdo

    12:53 Jokes on you... I CAN DO ALL THAT ON MY PHONE!!!!

  • RTV_MegaGlitch

    What gives people feelings of power: Money------- Status----------‐------ Watching this video at 5pm------------------------------------------------------

  • Vossk Ambassador • -100 years ago
    Vossk Ambassador • -100 years ago

    5:35 not a furry (not even one in denial) but where could I get a bug costume (but like a futuristic insectoid looking one for cosplaying as a Vossk or somethin') or should I make my own one.

  • Caden Breinholt
    Caden Breinholt

    Look up “Beauty of the base furry” and you will eat your words real fast.

  • Katrina Lindsey
    Katrina Lindsey

    I actually know why pangolins get poached bc I did a science project on them in 4th grade (which took a month to get approved bc my teacher kept thinking I was saying penguins and we weren't allowed to do projects on the same animal) their scales (they're also the only mammal with scales which are actually specialized evolutions of keratin) are considered an aphrodisiac and general cure-all for pretty much everything, and their meat is supposed to be a delicacy, probably not helped by how rare they are now bc they keep getting poached :( they walk like kangaroos and have prehensile tails when they're young

  • Kilo the Wolf
    Kilo the Wolf

    5:30 Because *No* Robin, *No*

  • Delta

    I am actually watching this at 3am like the title said

  • ☆:彡Monnarc:彡☆

    if i remember right, its because of their scales. They Are used in medicin. 0:58 and its also served as food.

  • 2icyy 4u
    2icyy 4u

    as soon as robin mentioned getting mad abt turning off fans i realized my fan had been turned off and i was beside myself

  • Cat

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • That Coconut
    That Coconut

    "We cant all move to Kansas" I live in kansas and trust me it isn't cheap here either

  • Rhymes 'nn: sky'
    Rhymes 'nn: sky'

    Almost every moms have candy crush-

  • CoastalCruzer

    I actually do know a few monster furries. They exist

  • andrew altonji
    andrew altonji

    frobin or throbbin

  • giuseppe galeotti
    giuseppe galeotti

    I'm waiting for r/2meirl42meirl4meirl

  • Lilleffa Ch.
    Lilleffa Ch.

    10:48 I wear a mask with a smile for hours at a time-

  • Dogeknight Thefirst
    Dogeknight Thefirst

    2:12 I think we know where this is going

  • Za soup
    Za soup

    Me 300 am

  • reggay_isay_oolcay

    Why does the thumbnail look like AJR’S OK Orchestra album.

  • xolqoɹƃuᴉʎɐldǝʌol ̅ᴉᴉ
    xolqoɹƃuᴉʎɐldǝʌol ̅ᴉᴉ

    On twitter i only get notifications of porn in my reccomended. Deleting twitter is free therapy

  • name

    5:35 we arent monsters

  • Alex Dimitrov
    Alex Dimitrov

    10:55 I wear a mask with a smile

  • Gabe Reazin
    Gabe Reazin

    I’ve got a 7+

  • TheBritishDoggo

    It’s 5am.

  • itsflow.

    Who else is actually watching this at 3am

  • A Rock
    A Rock

    It’s literally 3:10 in the morning

  • Bryan Michael 64
    Bryan Michael 64

    1:03 r/imverybadass cmon damian edgey is not needed

  • BZ_Minecraft

    Is it acceptable that I'm watching this at 2:38 am?

  • Alexandar Hull-Richter
    Alexandar Hull-Richter

    Waking up when stuff turns off is something people do on ships too. I've read that sailors can sleep through parties, but if the ventilation fan switches off, they'll be at their station before they even know they woke up.

  • doggo

    3am right now

  • Ewet E
    Ewet E

    I wanna poch humans

  • Javier Jara Arenas
    Javier Jara Arenas

    Sorry, 4:30 here. I know, heavily ILLEGAL.

  • Wolf Guard
    Wolf Guard

    Me watching this right form 3:00 without being planed

  • patrick Farris
    patrick Farris

    wait robin are you in washington state??????? cause if you are im even more in love with u pnw for life!!!!!!!

  • Pix

    *sees "memes only for 3am"* hm. *checks clock, 2AM* *Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*-I'll watch it anyway

  • oBlep

    The only poaching I support is poaching g humans :)

  • Tony Meza
    Tony Meza

    The Gatorade joke had a croc instead of a gator

  • Legendary -Kereku
    Legendary -Kereku

    Emkay: 5:25 Me, a furry: because monsters aren’t as sexy. It’s simple! Think emkay think!

  • Dimitri Warchief
    Dimitri Warchief

    2;53 that same person when societ does break but their about to be eaten by cannibal clowns "i asked for this?!"

  • iSaltyTV

    Robin Da Bank lol

  • Autumn

    My friend had me watch a video from him but I watched it on a different account and suddenly it’s recommended to me… I don’t even watch these kind of videos….

  • megan The alien
    megan The alien

    The world is mine -The subtitles

  • Kevin Kartvick
    Kevin Kartvick

    8:09 true

  • Irish_EnderMan

    13:28 I relate to this but its 9yo fortnite sweats with 20,000 hours

  • Kenzy Richardson
    Kenzy Richardson

    It is 3am now...perfect timing

  • No-Guy

    Bro just think it is weekend and you'll get up early

  • RinIshtar PendragonEmiya
    RinIshtar PendragonEmiya

    9:33 is so accurate that it hurts this is me and my siblings mostly me and my sister

  • luckyaiden

    stop talkin facts bro its almost scary

  • •OwoAshes•

    14:06 As a Mormon I don't agree

  • TigerOnFire

    The scales are why they are poached

  • JBSTheGamer

    WAIT. You play beatsaber?? 3:45

  • Musical Theater
    Musical Theater

    14:17 Bo Burnham’s Inside (2020)

  • Thomas Curley
    Thomas Curley

    'Its my last brain cell' me as soon as I heard that: my head: fishows.info/post/hLKtkq-qiGrI2L8/videot.html

  • ChompChomp101

    5:12 wait…. (I’m not a stalker or anything, I’m just using my knowledge here) A big storm just swept through the Midwest of the US the other day, causing lots of people to lose power…. guys, I think he lives in the Midwest.

  • Hetagirl Gamer
    Hetagirl Gamer

    12:35 Okay, yeah, but the problem is I live with them. All four of them.

  • bakugo

    Pangolins are being poached for there armor for Chinese medicine

  • ThatOneKid

    are u mail or femail or gmail

  • Niop Tres
    Niop Tres

    I wouldnt call Zoom a multimillion dollar company

  • ThatOneKid

    cheems not ceems

  • scp 079
    scp 079

    im british

  • Appletundabest

    2:16 I think it might BB e angels of death