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  • GLaSSesNOlenses

    This Reddit has the wrong name...it should be; R/GivingFaithInHumanity 🥰 Spread the love people, you only live once

  • Ore

    T h I s Is why I'm gonna try and get a veterinary job when I'm older : ]

  • William afton
    William afton

    Why the hell is this in the Lexi narrated playlist?

  • Devin the1400
    Devin the1400

    Why is this in The Lexi-Narrated video Playlist

  • House with 100 names
    House with 100 names


  • pixelplayz yt 95
    pixelplayz yt 95

    “It’s amazing what a year and love can do” I am disappointed in you, it’s not a year it’s a day less then a year, sometimes people disappoint me with this kinda stuff

  • Justine Jeric
    Justine Jeric

    0:30 hmmmm

  • no one
    no one

    4:36 wait.. what, im from indonesia and i did not know that Note:if i wrote that wrong sorry im bad at english

  • Astral

    The tech support guy story - I had something similar like that a few years ago when I started working at my restaurant job. I was taking a phone call, helping this secretary lady get a lunch order ready and midway through ordering, she stopped and said, "I'm sorry, I just got a text messaged saying my uncle just passed away" and I immediately said, "it's okay, take your time." We managed to get through the order a few minutes later, despite how busy my restaurant was at the time. Once she came to pick it up, I helped her carry the food to her car and load it in the back, but before I went back in, I gave her a hug and told her "I'm so sorry for your loss." And she teared up, thanking me and blessing me for helping her and I just can't ever forget that day and hope she's doing alright now.

  • Azarbijamer

    Thank you guys at emkay when I feel like things aren't going my way I lisen to emkay

  • Aaaaaaaa

    Kinda weird that this is in lexi narrated vids.. Hmmmmmm.

  • Tzonic

    This is the only subreddit that revives my slim faith in humanity

  • leoe is here now
    leoe is here now

    why is this in the lexi narrated videos?

  • pr0xZen

    Thousands of people did and still do a lot to help those in need after the Miami collapse. The vast majority of deeds don't end up in your tiny cone of internet vision.

  • Rowan Langridge
    Rowan Langridge

    About a year or so ago, me and my dad were at a doctors appointment for me and as we were leaving my dad accidentally hit the car of the person parked in front of us. He stopped our car, got out some paper and a pen, and wrote an apology to the person along with his contact details so they could call/message him and he could pay for the damage. We were in a rush hence why we couldn't wait for them to come back from wherever they were.

  • Robert Toback-Wolf
    Robert Toback-Wolf

    12:14 You fool. You were her best friend.

  • Jean Roch
    Jean Roch

    A tombola is a basic lottery. As in "draw a paper from a hat full of papers".

  • no just no
    no just no

    Finally something to call it besides reverse mugging

  • PommeDeter

    Honestly it’s still WAY better to sell your pet when ur tired of em rather than just ending them or abandnning them.

  • theguineapig

    The guy with the parklett is b**ch for unnecessarily occupying the parking space. It's a nice gesture to pedestrians but a ahole move towards people who want to use the parking space.

  • ghostedkilljoy Memelord
    ghostedkilljoy Memelord

    8:30 correction - if you don't TRY to save a drowning kitten, something you get there too late or can't swim ect

  • Naziha Here
    Naziha Here

    Putpocketing sounds so fun

  • TFCoM

    Unfortunately the person from New Delhi probably got in trouble for that. Usually those calls are recorded and it would be considered "wasting company time" Different job, but I work customer service in the US. If I'm talking with a customer on the phone or in person for more than 5 minutes, I get scolded.

  • Pete Villhard
    Pete Villhard

    “Fella or lady” Bro are all fellas boys

  • mejton a malfoi
    mejton a malfoi

    Does some1 even know who is he always robing

  • I Cronch
    I Cronch

    kinda imagined this would get more views...

  • yoda

    Buddhist monk saves 80,000 dog (son) why (me) because that's what heroes do

  • Jamie Keene
    Jamie Keene

    Please,more of this.

  • JJ Valenta
    JJ Valenta

    So what happened at Downington West: I believe that there have been multiple student suicides. I hope things get better.

  • Pokeboy 16
    Pokeboy 16

    I remember me and my family were leaving Dunkin’ Donuts and I saw a pebble on the ground, a big one. It was a fat bird that wasn’t breathing it probably died due to overheating :c. A saw another bird but it was flattened with organs out of its mouth. Under the shade I heard a *tweet* and it was an alive baby bird breathing but it couldn’t move so me and my family took it home and nurtured it for 3 days and we brought it to a bird place that put it in the incubator and I’m proud! For saving a tiny life

  • Barbara Hardy
    Barbara Hardy

    This is like an audiobook

  • Collin Summers
    Collin Summers

    I remember in elementary school instead of going to recess I would pick up trash for twenty minutes. It was worth it, at the end of the year I always got a few jolly ranchers.

  • Justarandomboi

    Ducc pog

  • Athena Promachos
    Athena Promachos

    One time when I was on a field trip for my school, 9th grade, with my girlfriend at the time and a friend I didn’t know too well at the time, we saw an injured goose. We had split up to work in groups, and it was just us three. But we wanted to help that goose. He had a missing leg that looked like frostbite or gangrene- like, really messed up. So we stayed out in Minnesota January, -10 degrees, for hours calling different numbers to help that dang goose. My friend apparently was from a farm and could handle animals well, so she caught it in her jacket and kept it warm. Eventually we had to go, but a pair of total strangers saw us and assured us they’d keep it safe until someone arrived to take care of it. The goose was a goose and didn’t appreciate the gesture much, but I had a blast and wound up bonding with my friend and GF, as well as helping an animal! 10/10. Had to stay inside for hours to warm up after lol.

  • Tristyn Jordan
    Tristyn Jordan

    I'd prefer soccer

  • Mushroom Animates
    Mushroom Animates

    And they say humans are monsters. This makes me so happy.

  • That one Person
    That one Person

    When I click on an emkay video I always try to guess the narrator today I was right

  • Brandon Kammer
    Brandon Kammer

    9:19 Without the image I thought it was going to involve the song by Dire Straits.

  • WindoV

    Bird in the box what will he do

  • Alicia Michaud
    Alicia Michaud

    The part about how a man has to make an appointment to see his wife has me unbelievably down. He has to make... an *appointment*... to see his *wife*

  • Merrick Bonnette
    Merrick Bonnette

    in the beginning of the video i didn't understand because i read it r/humanbeigggros until robin said r/humanbeingbros 😒

  • Cicero

    Seeing a lot of bird posts so here’s one Every year my family goes to Russia in the summer to vist relatives,apart from when a passport expires or a global pandemic arises and we got back from the trip to find a dove made a nest on my moms balcony we are now setting up seed and bread for the bird it may even have eggs

  • Momma Finny Boi
    Momma Finny Boi

    3:57 I’m so glad that dog found a loving home, I had seen that post everywhere so seeing this brings great relief!

  • carl does videos
    carl does videos

    That teacher story is genuinely heart warming

  • Taraka sultanindo
    Taraka sultanindo

    8:31,this is the 1st time i said this to the public,i drown a cat once,im sorry ok,i was like 4

  • Sam Miller
    Sam Miller

    Uhhhh... 8:31 t-technically d-didnt do that


    I don't have cold heart it have 37°C

  • ChipsAndDips

    3:57, I actually almost cried over this, it’s a god damn dog, why did you get one in the first place if you weren’t gonna take care of it, these people sicken me

  • DarkTruth

    This sounds so artificial

  • KevinDoesStuff

    8:30 no, instead of a bro, your a h@e

  • SRPSKI_Sn1p3r

    I wish i could meet shaq

  • Donovan James
    Donovan James

    Man the guy who donated bone marrow is a saint and a trooper

  • axlotl

    Me whos doing absolutely nothing productive in his life watching this "Sounds about right."

  • Norah Pines
    Norah Pines

    I'm boutta cry this is beautiful

  • Otisdogisking

    I live in McComb and you are super lucky to meat someone that nice 13:00

  • Rash Raccoon
    Rash Raccoon

    I found a dead moth,I did the same as the kid and buried em out front of my house along with a bird me and my mom befriended weird but I did it

  • Unknown Variable
    Unknown Variable

    "I sneaked $50 into a woman's purse upon overhearing her tell her child that they "couldn't afford peanut butter."" was this before or after stealing two 50 dollar bills?

  • Stinky boy
    Stinky boy

    I live near auburn that's cool

  • Lilly Wolfe
    Lilly Wolfe

    I found a dead bee on the playground so I decided to give her (most worker bees are female so I’m just gonna call it she) a funeral, I buried her in the dirt near the playground, my sister painted a rock as a tombstone and we both placed flowers on the grave

  • Silverstream101

    You won't believe how many times people will pay for the person behind them in McDonalds. When the person is told the person in front of them already paid for their order they always get super happy.

  • KatKat

    My mom rescued a bird from the street while I was at a friend's house. It seamed to have been hit by a car and could not fly. She usually dislikes birds and birds tend to have the same feeling but she still rescued him. The bird loved me and he was named Hank. My mom called a bird rescue and he was rehabilitated. My family still sees him flying or sitting with his mate. He was a morning dove and so he has a life long mate.

  • Lord of Muffins
    Lord of Muffins

    6:35 as soon as this part started I got a rise of kingdom ad about bullying

  • lithicgames 42
    lithicgames 42

    Its things like this that give me hope for the forever damned human race

  • no u
    no u

    my country has no hope. the only thing I can do is pick up trash in my city but ppl are gonna laugh at me for "touching" trash. I'm not lying there are a lot of emotionally deprived ppl who would laugh at me to feel better for theme selves or they might just look at me in a strange way

  • nia

    Actually, deer are impressive swimmers. The entire reason they are on long island is because they swam here from what is now Connecticut.

  • Sarah Lewis
    Sarah Lewis

    I like cats

  • KaijuKid 14
    KaijuKid 14

    4:01 That man is a lot better at saving animals than P.E.T.A

  • meme guy
    meme guy


  • Devon Zapatier
    Devon Zapatier

    I figured out how we can fix this world! We kill the half of the human population that are douchebags or just total cold hearted dicks not to mention people who are so dumb or think there REALLY important like Karen's and what not. Then we could save the Earth and not have to suffer with the overpopulation of idiots and assholes.


    This video warmed my heart.

  • bennuter

    Tombolas = Tom-bo-la-s

  • Kaela Finney
    Kaela Finney

    I think I’m tripping but are you the Robin who use to play gmod with Breezy? I use to fall asleep to those videos I loved you guys,

  • PHST

    4:18 😔

  • Rosequartz29

    Fun fact about the first one: When I was in fourth grade, me and a bunch of my friends made a burial for a bee, we wrote a sad song, and Penny ended up crying

  • Rory

    9:00 tw: su!c!de, story in replies

    • Rory

      My friend commited suicide the day this video was published. Needless to say I'm miserable even now, but this warms my heart. Thank you to everyone who put a message there.

  • Nada Does Random Stuff
    Nada Does Random Stuff

    So 2day like 7-10 kids had a puppy with them at my riding club. Sounds normal right?....... well u would be surprised what they where doing to the poor animal..... they kept on DRAGGING THE POOR PUP BY THE TAIL AND EAR I WAS ABOUT TO K!LL THEM BUT I WENT TO THE MOMS TOLLED THEM AND THEY DIDNT GIVE A FU*CK *(worst part I'm in jordan so animal control is non existent)*

  • D Hawthorne
    D Hawthorne

    Money for Nothing was originally started by The Dollars. There is an anime called Durarara!!! in which there is a colorless color gang known as The Dollars. Members connect through a forum and open chat site. Someone created the site in real life about 10 years ago and anyone who figures out the password by watching the show can join. In that forum is a Missions subforum where a very clever individual started a Dollars Pockets mission, leaving a dollar coin (or Euro, 100 Yen, etc) inside of a little pouch with a positive message for whoever happens to find it. You can sometimes find them in planter boxes in cities, under tables at restaurants, laying under a tree or by a pond at parks, etc. In the past 3-5 years it has grown to include leaving bento boxes, rare coins and even some higher denomination bills, particularly near overpasses, homeless shelters and college campuses. While I don't want to share any of my own stories for anonymity, I will share a story from a fellow member. This Dollar likes to leave the $1 coins but once left a $100 bill folded down into one of those 3cm x 3cm pockets and taped it to the wall behind a dumpster. When she went to check on it a few weeks later she found an envelope addressed to "my kindhearted benefactor". The note explained how the person had been dumpster diving for cans and other scrap metal to sell when they found the pocket and how they used half of it to buy x-mas presents for their kids and the other $50 went into starting a college fund for when their kids grew up. A few year later she happened to spot another envelope taped to the same building addressed the same. This one said how they found one of the $1 pockets with the mission cause explained inside. Since then, they always made sure to add at least $1 to that college fund every week. Eventually they found better employment and started making enough money to start adding $10 per week, then $20, then $50 and the fun was now enough to invest and should be enough to buy all or the books and dorm supplies for both of their kids to get bachelors degrees. In addition, they asked her to look under the bench at the nearby bus stop. When she did, she found a pocket of slightly different design with a $1 coin and a note saying "I hope you are having a nice day. If not, keep going, there is at least one person rooting for you". My fellow dollar put the pocket back then taped one of her own to that wall to let the person know she had gotten their letters.

  • GameSirLot

    My classmate and her family died in the Miami building collapse 7:53

  • Lazy_gxcha

    He is back when to world needed him most…

  • Espy the Kitsune
    Espy the Kitsune

    Back when I was still in college and the year before we were all subjected to quarantine, I had class on Halloween. This class was pretty late compared to my other classes (it started just as the sun was setting and usually ended at a little past 9). Our teacher was pretty cool and I knew a lot of peeps would be in the spooky month spirit, so I decided to do something small for everyone. After making sure it was alright with my grandma (I live with her and her husband), I went to my class with a big red bowl in hand, threw open the door, and announced "Happy Halloween everyone! I come baring a big bowl of candy!" The teacher came in a few minutes later and after I explained what I brought, we decided to pass around the candy and let everyone take some if they wanted any of it. Once that was done, I placed the bowl on the teacher's desk for if they wanted to get more. By the time class ended, I barely had any candy left. That was a good day. :>

  • Raphkole Morrison
    Raphkole Morrison

    2:38 I went berserk when I saw cape Breton (the place that I live and the place that almost nobody knows about)

  • oh hi there
    oh hi there

    For the neighbour one, I genuinely thought that the neighbour was Jesus in disguise. Consider my day brighter and better-

  • Slangenir

    I actually have two stories related to that bee grave 1. One time I was at ocean city at a condo and found a dead moth. So I buried it and put down a peace of mulch as a grave stone. 2. When I was in elementary school we hade a ditch by a skinny tree where the cool kids went to play. One day if found a dead bee and the other kids their helped me give it a proper funeral and buried it in the ditch.

  • Gogogaga Oogabooga
    Gogogaga Oogabooga

    4:53 you mentioned finland

  • pandarou

    r/Humansbeingbros and r/Mademesmile Are the same *change my mind*

  • Sophia Thelen
    Sophia Thelen

    Bob Ross is probably the best person this world has _ever_ seen, and we never deserved him

  • Fucc Beans
    Fucc Beans

    your voice is incredible for this kind of video

  • ZK 11
    ZK 11

    This episode has brought me hope in humanity, thank you. I will now add "R/HumansBeingBros" to my subreddits.

  • juggalo scrubs
    juggalo scrubs

    I have a friend in Florida and im in the Midwest he lives on a fixed income because he's disabled we play xbox together and when he messaged me on fb last year he told me his broke and basically itd take a long time to save for one I said bro whats your address I bought him a brand bew one s and a few games for himself and had it mailed to him guy sent me a vid of him crying and thanking me we've been friends few years now. He had a good Christmas last year.

  • GrayStoppedPlaying


  • Zhontac

    As human beings we have a near infinite potential. To use it to better others or to use it to harm others is a choice. Of course always keep in mind, you matter too.

  • Ryan Masa
    Ryan Masa

    Me: Wow humanity is not that fucked up. Also me: Only because a few gold hearted people exist never means the world is a good place.


    The dislikes are just miss clicked because the people had so much tears of joy that they wanted to go outside and help people

  • Truls Oven
    Truls Oven

    could you give r/bigrocks a shoutout

  • Dire The Western Wolf
    Dire The Western Wolf

    Civil engineers should always think about ducks. Me wanting to become a carpenter: Creates ramps for ducks at fountains with style.

  • Bombing Gamer
    Bombing Gamer

    I remember once EmKay reviewed a video of a kid in the Enemy school in my town who ran into the schools vending machine, and SMASHES the glass. He said, “I hope the glass cut your arm, it’ll serve a reminder of the dumb thing you did that day.” And he deleted the video in 3 days xD

  • Secret Slime
    Secret Slime

    This subreddit is the opposite of r/imapieceofshit

  • The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
    The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer

    3:09 Me: **King Dragon quest flashbacks** LYSANDEROTH NO!


    When sone kitten is drowning and I would jump after it what would I have: A) a kitten B) a great day that I saved a life Answer: None of those I would be drowning too 🤣🤣 (I can't swim and I'm too lazy to learn how to)

    • NOOB ÍK
      NOOB ÍK

      @Lushara Afton oh that's clever

    • Lushara Afton
      Lushara Afton

      Lift cat above head, others can grab it

  • tyler morgan
    tyler morgan

    I feel bad because as an old phone tech that guy may have gotten fired for something like that since call centers are like the CIA monitoring and recording and reviewing every call you make.