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  • Brainrotic

    obsessed with prancer

  • TJ _
    TJ _

    Jack is best

  • Emma Drew
    Emma Drew

    And...now I no longer want to go to band camp this august.

  • katha

    Sometimes I imagne that the Emkay guys are just the different personalities of one schizophrenic person trying to make a wholesome all-together project to bond with one another in form of a yt channel. And that makes me happy because they seem to get along and its like one little summer party in one person at all times♡✋🏻😁😂❤

  • Alex


  • Scary Ivy
    Scary Ivy

    That is an scp

  • DisT0rted


  • Demi Milford
    Demi Milford

    This genuinely HILARIOUS episode almost made me cry. Thanks Jack and thanks eye-socket fan art person

  • mapelian button
    mapelian button

    Every time peppee peppee is mentioned I cracked so hard

  • moe fox
    moe fox

    1:50 best part

  • Rusty .Thebanite
    Rusty .Thebanite

    Nate dropped a sick beat for George to beat his buddies' asses to.

  • SeriaBJD

    Spilling iced coffee in your lap is fine, and can lead to some dirty jokes... Spilling hot coffee is what happened to the woman who sued McDonalds.

  • Anya Warrior
    Anya Warrior

    "That is the genuine voice of all plant people" *Looks at a version of me in one of my writing projects who loves plants but is still literally just me* *LOOKS AT THE VERSION OF ME THAT STEMMED FROM THAT WRITING PROJECT AND HAS PROJECTED INTO MY ACTUAL SELF* "Huh okay"

  • SniperOnSunday

    "Peepeepeepee" - Jack

  • Lana Jig-maker
    Lana Jig-maker

    That dog was like "I hate the very smell of your soul"

  • Mr_Glibb

    ga pi ng a nus

  • ShadeBlade 27
    ShadeBlade 27

    PP econemy

  • TheBrad1300

    Just because others have weird and terrible taste does not mean Nutella and tomato sauce is ok.

  • Nathaniel Carver
    Nathaniel Carver

    Yes, I will drop a sick beat

  • A La Thorpe
    A La Thorpe

    3:47 Schrodingers Cardinal?

  • Kyle Colden
    Kyle Colden

    it's more then just a pool of acid, it's a pool of acid and enzymes inside a muscle that constantly contracts and smashes up the food into fine paste before sending it through a weird tube that absorbs the nutrients of said food.

  • Lillian W.
    Lillian W.

    5:00 the pppp sent me and i shall now refer to it as so

  • Cookie-sama

    Emkay just casually reinventing Goatse

  • Alex Bowman
    Alex Bowman

    NASCAR in the title

  • Hirtis Randolph
    Hirtis Randolph

    1:45 I just choked on my bagel. Why are we always ready to throw hands, I don't understand!

  • Sarah lovee
    Sarah lovee

    Noon, happy hour, midnight, the witching hour, I'm sure there's more..?

  • MythBoy64

    As a Nathaniel (Nate) who was in band, I feel oddly called out

  • Clayton Green
    Clayton Green

    If the tape measure thing was real I feel like there would still be guys and girls who would complain about size for example "ewww you only pull out to 12 feet like a cheap walmart tape measure.... see what I'm looking for is more of a carpenter man 64 feet or nothing"

  • Dean Sullivan
    Dean Sullivan

    The post about dick capitalism made me think “hmmm, dickenomics”

  • Lu G
    Lu G

    Imagine being a girl, chillin, and you get a Snapchat from a guy and it’s his butt cheeks spread apart showing his angus

  • HappyGamer 4ever
    HappyGamer 4ever

    "imagine being born and you're literally just the door" "That gives 'slamming the door' a whole new meaning"

  • Septemberox

    This ep was so high quality; super appreciate Jack’s humour and the editing 🥰

  • XxCrystal PegasusxX
    XxCrystal PegasusxX

    5:51 my thoughts are in color fsr

  • Antonia Corrales
    Antonia Corrales

    6:33 Bro sounds like merged zamasu ☠

  • Metroplex

    9:19 me neither when mentioning my favorite cursed food: Tortilla bread filled with noodels and semi-warm hotdogs

  • Metroplex

    8:27 Interesting

  • Mugelbbub16

    This entire subreddit explains how one of my exes would talk and try to be funny, which end up winning and failing at the same time cuz me and my friends/siblings would be so confused but laugh cuz of how nonchalant my ex was about how he said it.. For example one time at my house my younger brother was climbing a railing that was like a railing/wall type thing to show off his skills to my ex, which resulted in my ex saying 'That makes me want to lose weight' We were all dumbfounded but laughed it off cuz like how else do respond to that. He also fit into the category of r/woosh sometimes, he was really just the definition of complete doof but is also very romantic... sigh** he changed tho, and he's weirder than he was before and it sucks cuz feels- but oh well

  • Aubrey Ayres
    Aubrey Ayres

    6:17 "You guys need *drinks* ?"

  • Luigicat11

    "So unfair that noon is the only time that gets a nickname." Midnight: Am I a joke to you?

  • awfuldynne

    Funny thing about 3:08 is that Lewis Carroll already gave 4:00 p.m. a nickname: "brillig".

  • Lilly Noname
    Lilly Noname

    eating is weird they say as I was eating and made me self conscious and momentarily forget how to eat like a person

  • your imagination's favorite figment to settle on
    your imagination's favorite figment to settle on


  • ThatGreenOne

    Pupeepupee is my new way of saying penis now.

  • Shyra Stacy
    Shyra Stacy

    Holy wack batman, I have narcolepsy and now know why people act so weird when I tell them... Till I explain it.

  • Dewani90

    "your landlord send me to fix the gas pumps" OP: but my landlord is a woman. "uh, ladylord then?" Me: lol, replaced the wrong word, old chump.

  • Raidok


  • herman bean
    herman bean

    As a nonbinary person, I would like to be called ladylord from now on.

  • Null


  • Jenova

    The start of the coffee drinker one leaned heavily to Winnie from Hocus Pocus. I can not be the only one who heard it

  • Th3 smal1 dvrk 0n3
    Th3 smal1 dvrk 0n3

    My boy Nate plays… *DA BABY*

  • BitterCritter

    This is my new favorite narrator

  • CrayvenMithras

    The "comic sans" line made me nose exhale too hard and I ended up breathing my coffee onto my face while attempting to take a sip

  • Anxious

    I don’t want a hot person, I want arson

  • Mindblown Studios
    Mindblown Studios

    Death is coming death is coming Pass me a hotdog

  • declan belton
    declan belton

    Fun fact: at the time of making this comment there were 911 comments

  • Deaft_shot

    what happens on the battlefield stays on the battlefield even the bombs.....too this day

  • Vincent Desacola
    Vincent Desacola

    Emkay videogame,. Hmmmmmm

  • Lemmingofdoom

    Makoto Yuki made the most of his destiny to be a door

  • T R I S T A N
    T R I S T A N


  • Meox_

    r9k loves this subreddit

  • Mr. Original
    Mr. Original

    9:31 This is... literally how I combatted the contemplation of ending it all several years ago.... 🙄

  • jacob

    10:06 I got scared for a second when I heard this

  • LamsShipper 4Life
    LamsShipper 4Life

    1:25 Nope. They mean exactly what they said. Trust me, I'm a Tumblr user. This is normal.

  • Meryl Stryfe
    Meryl Stryfe

    Can you send me a clip of when you say "death is coming, death is coming, pass me a hotdog" I need it to animate it.

  • Nunya Dambidness
    Nunya Dambidness

    Of we shaved our dead skin, would it be considered self mutilation? Or technically desecrating a corpse as it's dead tissue? Or would it be like a haircut? Leave your thoughts please. I'm eager to hear them.

    • awfuldynne

      "Shaving" all the dead skin at a spot would entail cutting a shallow enough wound to make the skin raw without causing bleeding. That maybe-probably rises to the level of self-harm. Classifying shaving (dead!) skin from a live person as desecrating a corpse feels like it stretches a few definitions. Normally removing dead skin is just exfoliation or peeling; ordinary shaving includes exfoliation as a side effect.

  • Bo Jangle
    Bo Jangle

    let me get a hell ya for the peanut butter, ham and bread n butter pickle slices..... sandwich lovers..

  • Martina Hood Argandoña
    Martina Hood Argandoña

    This is the most crack headed narrator...I love it

  • Gregorius Daneli
    Gregorius Daneli

    _"Nate, we're not trying to seduce them; play something more intimidating."_ [FLUTE SOLO FROM "SACRED POWER OF RAGING WINDS" INTENSIFIES] fishows.info/post/hdljeJiTk3qyrLM/videot.html

  • Ordosan

    it was specified because using the one word 'lesbian' means no men and no children. (obviously adoptions are still a posability but dossnt fit the joke)

  • Erin Jackson
    Erin Jackson

    I was eating while watching this and the one that just described what eating was just made me stop and think about my place in the universe

  • ashen always
    ashen always

    I'm the 888th comment. If you're seeing this, you should probably look up any repeating numbers you've seen in succession-- your time has come. Your angels have been trying to communicate. Angel numbers sweetheart

  • シHellᴏ

    2:57 *SO YOU'RE TELLING ME, my dad and stepmom were PINTEREST GIRLS?! Wack.*

  • Tuna Steak
    Tuna Steak

    Pee pepee

  • Satriyo Wibisono
    Satriyo Wibisono


  • Michelle Casey
    Michelle Casey

    pa pee pa pee!! Is now forever in my vocab and its a term i shall use freely

  • Funny video guy
    Funny video guy

    Here's one from an xp to level 3 video: this version of big chungus has no idea what wheat thins are

  • Tim Damron
    Tim Damron

    Who else had to leave bc of the narrators voice? Annoying

  • ZRC

    2:37 This is The Ship of Theseus all over again

  • Dr. Enigma
    Dr. Enigma

    I read an article about human being less creative over the years but this proves otherwise.

  • Andrew Severance
    Andrew Severance

    Excuse me? Tomato sauce and nutella sandwiches? That is an abomination.

  • Jacob Bruesch
    Jacob Bruesch

    10:10 Omg, just let me keep it. Fun fact: I have a low-key creepy attraction to blood as well :)

  • Zokora von Yensloh
    Zokora von Yensloh

    iirc Prancer the chihuahua also hates men and small children

  • buranagel

    i use birth control (tren) because it gives me superpowers

  • Ace Aces
    Ace Aces


  • Big__Duck

    The vampire frat one is an idea that has partially already happened: Vampire Diaries season 7, ep 18, 7:09

  • ChaoticRyan

    Wow. My life is so sad that when he said girl or boy or person is the most nonbinary support I have ever gotten

  • Theodore Campbell
    Theodore Campbell

    9:00 .... why, my name sake? pour quoi?

  • calvin c
    calvin c

    he read the opening up a boy with the cold ones wrong sadly

  • Absbor Phamtusin
    Absbor Phamtusin

    I like the instrument sentences

  • KSDT SubFil
    KSDT SubFil


  • The Spy
    The Spy

    Am I too dumb to understand the title

  • Nick Ritcher
    Nick Ritcher

    The censorship is so annoying

  • sneaky squid
    sneaky squid

    we are and we did the sentence are do we the block and people do the are the me woah amazing

  • Xiao Luwan
    Xiao Luwan

    Terrific art at the end!!!

  • NerdoKiddo

    To make you even more unsecure, your stomach is constantly fighting for the acid to not tear it apart And also digestion is really painful but your brain just ignore it

  • ExactFiber

    1:35 Prometheus to those of you who are unintelligent in the mythology world was a Greek titan that litterally STOLE FIRE FROM THE KING OF GOD’S TO SAVE HUMANITY. And because Zeus got salty Prometheus was chained to a mountain and cursed to die every day for eternity. Well … that’s what I was taught at least. (while shrugging)

  • WolfZoo69

    Dude! STFU and just read! We don't need the unnecessary, OTP, crazy voice acting!

  • NCR Ranger
    NCR Ranger

    Are you tired of synths kidnapping your neighbors and ghouls turning your friends in to ghoulish fiends?. Well fear no more the brotherhood of steel is here and is now recruiting (; WHERE TO SIGN UP IN COMMENTS

    • NCR Ranger
      NCR Ranger

      1. California Leader:High Elder Jhon Maxson 2.Sanfransisco Leader: 3.Washington D.C. Leader:Elder Owyn Leons 4.Mohave dessert Leader: Elder Nolan McNamara 5. Boston Leader: Elder Arthur Maxson 6.West Virginia Leader. Paladin Leila Rahmani

  • Olivia

    Me a tuba player: 👁👄👁

  • Dexterian

    0:47 ....um....are you pent up... or like.... what? Just so you know, I was actually standing... and I subconsciously just sat down... >_>